Caught in Providence: An Honest Boy

September 2, 2019

morning seen the chance was speeding sir have you been driving for three years no I’ve not been driving in the US for three years but I’ve been driving in in Africa before us so I just get my US license like six months ago no you celebrated by speeding no I I didn’t see no no his speed sign under on Harris Avenue and that was the way from Harris to Providence place like towards Providence Place Mall I didn’t see no science so I thought that was like 30 this bit limits and something like that but when the cop stopped me he told me that was pretty limit worth 25 and then he gave me a ticket and told me that I was driving 35 so but he brought 38 on the ticket no it was 35 oh okay I saw another 38 on the side I don’t know what it means yeah now you received the driver’s license similar Iowan right yes and you had to study the book right yes I did yeah and then in that book did you read that unless otherwise posted that the speed limit within the city limits is 25 you know there are some other places in there I was with my wife and my all of them and I didn’t feel like I was speeding because I was just following the cars in front of me and but when he when he stopped me I just pulled over I didn’t know why he stopped me but he told me that I was speeding yeah but I was not very looking at my speed when I was driving were you in the car with him yes in the passenger seat oh did you tell him to slow down well I didn’t feel like we were you know going exceeding too much over the limit not too much no just a little yeah just a little he wasn’t looking at the odometer she felt it who else was in the car now endangerment of a child as well yeah and he wouldn’t well I mean he wouldn’t go over the speed limit so excessively knowing that the family was in the car I got it so he endangered your wife the mother of the child right in the end the child said what he did know he didn’t know okay who’s this little guy what’s his name man Alec all right look up here say hi hi all right come up here bring him up here I want to ask my question now you stay there I’m gonna ask you two questions okay and you’re gonna say one of the other now we’re talking about your father right now you’re gonna say guilty or not guilty what do you say guilty guilty an honest boy it’s official you are guilty well you have a wonderful family I’m going to give you credit for your good driving record back in Africa okay just be careful down there and you have a very honest young man as well good luck to you

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