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Catman – the short story of a street performer in Covent Garden

September 9, 2019

It’s not easy to be [a] cat. It’s very difficult for somebody to copy me but everybody can copy everybody else on the street Just take one paint – gold or silver or white and paint your face and you are somebody but this is very difficult – it’s even better
than Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats And so the cat is ready Every day is better I’m just the best – a supreme being Are you real? Can we touch you? Oh, kiss my hand! Where are you from? Oh – London? No? Yugoslavia? Venezualia (sic)?! Czechoslovakia? Croatia? Poland? The street gives me a lot This is some kind of stage But my idea is that if I turn my family house into a Disneyland with a lot of shows and a main park and characters from Disneyland this can give me unlimited possibilities to
realize myself The must change the name of the James Street
where I am performing to Nasco Street I am so long on this street that I don’t think this ‘James’ deserves this street to take his name Drinking beer instead of milk, it’s OK. It’s
work! [Haryun] “What do you think on the stage?” Lately, I’m thinking how to accomplish my
Disneyland. There I can do everything what I can do On the street now they have restrictions You must have some short show And you can make nothing better than this There, there will be no limit I will be the boss I will be the director I will be the designer I can accomplish all my ideas there Thank you That’s enough! [girl screams] [babies crying] Thank you [Haryun] “Are you happy today?” Happy? Strong word, but… I’m still alive Nobody killed me on the street I’m lucky to be alive I have so much coins that I must bring them to the bank Monkey business… this is 1p [Haryun] “Do you feel home when you come here”? Yeah – I’m tired and I’m just looking forward
to sleeping It’s home A bed is a home Better than to sleep on the street To sleep in the street is not nice And I know what it is to sleep outside This is like a hotel [Haryun] “Don’t you feel sometimes very sad
to live like this?” Well… it’s worth [it], sometimes it’s worth [Haryun] “Worth for what?” Worth to accomplish what you like you must sacrifice something [Haryun] “Do you think you can get enough
money from performing as a cat to accomplish your Disneyland?” Yes [Haryun] “How? Just fifteen pounds per day?” Somedays maybe ten somedays maybe five somedays if I am off maybe nothing Everything will go alright I don’t need too much money – this is the
whole story I can make maybe ten thousand, or twelve… but I don’t like to force myself too much I’m not a fantasist I’m just telling you I will make it if… if I say, so!


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    What an incredible person.

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