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Camila Cabello… FAKE Guitarist?

October 13, 2019

Hey so today we’re settling a debate for who wrote an article about Camila Camila Cabello and her life performance on Ellen DeGeneres and a lot of people accused her of being a fake guitarist but then her fans retaliated by saying oh actually Camila Camila is a really really good guitarist so I think it’s up to us to settle this debate who have seen some guitar fails before sorry I’ve had a lot of caffeine today you know you don’t want too much blood in your caffeine stream oh and if you don’t know who Camila Cabello is she’s the girl that sings [Applause] [Music] okay how do you actually pronounce that Camila Cabello Kamiya Cabello Cobell well Camila Kabila come on come on Marlene McMartins and Kamiya Quebec Kabir maybe it’s kibale oh my god why’s her name that okay since it’s Spanish will go with Kamiya Kibeho settled that’s what we’re going with okay okay do you know what her name sounds like you know when you’re on a roller coaster and the chain is pulling you up the first Hill communicative vehicle communica be okay okay I’m getting sidetracked let’s just watch the frickin video don’t mess up that’s really high singing oh there’s the guitar okay here we go here we go [Music] you’re gonna need you to zoom in there tramp I can’t okay [Music] that looks like a D minor chord maybe an F chord K she’s definitely playing legit chords [Music] that’s a G chord okay hmm so she might not be as fake as we think oh I love how at the end she turns down the guitar volume like oh my god the guitar was way too loud there better turn that down so first off I really dig her delicate picking like she like a dainty young woman you know almost like she was picking a harp it’s kind of got this whole thing going here I’m a delicate woman I have feelings on shoes and I do have hope for her here because she was clearly playing chords hopefully they were the correct chords and her strumming was fine but they did have her guitar off why did a stage director not trust her guitar playing I told her not to bring the guitar out it’s not gonna block 10:03 here I need you and your stage crew to go on the stage and grab the guitar from her but it’s dark out there then feel around until you rabbit [Music] okay for real though what is up with all those hands trying to grope her if I were hired to be one of those hands I would have definitely acted like an idiot and probably got fired like super quick it’s you babe I’m a sucker for the way and I could try to run below [Music] my way that we would babe and I could try to run [Music] I never be the same [Applause] never be the sour Oh No Oh No yeah this is this oh that’s bad oh my god okay so I studied her guitar playing down to every note and every strum and this is what it would have sounded like if she was plugged in oh my god just just just run the footage [Music] turn that guitar down [Music] kidding you totally fell for it didn’t ya this is what it would have sounded like if she was plugged in [Music] [Music] well there you go billboard comm we have determined that Kamiya can in fact play guitar which you know I’m super bummed out about cuz it’s like how am I supposed to do an entertaining video if she doesn’t fail miserably well in reality it is kinda refreshing to see a pop star who can play guitar whose name isn’t John Mayer you know what I think Camila Cabello should actually date me that’s not gonna happen nope cuz I can’t even say her name correctly we’d probably be out on the first date and I’d be like oh so did you like your dinner Susan I mean I mean I mean I know it just happened there I did mention I had a lot of caffeine today unfortunately though all Kamiya really did was just go on stage and place some basic chords like so this song is in need of a shred redemption so here’s the shred emption of communica bail can be a quebec via Quebec America bail [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank you everyone for watching I appreciate you guys so much so please hit subscribe and the notification belt communicable communicable and you know please do watch one of my other guitar videos you know stay sexy [Music] [Applause] [Music]


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