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“Butterfly Fly Away” – Miley Cyrus EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords

October 27, 2019

Hey guys I’m going to do a guitar tutorial on how to play butterfly fly away by Miley cyrus as popularly of question and Um this may not be exactly the way [she] does it But this is the way I went about it in my cover of it. So if you like the way, I did it then here’s the [tutorial] for it, so Yeah, let’s get [started] [um] for sure then one put your capo on the fourth fret one two three four and um I wanted to quickly show you guys the course that you’ll be using [there’s] only six in the whole song so it’s not that hard and I’ll quickly just show you how they look So you’re going to want you to start your song off by playing the C [ad] nine chord which looks like this? Okay, and so it’ll sound like this Remember not to play any of the notes that have the x on the string so you’re only going to play the last five Okay, and then you’re going to go to from that – E minor seven which looks very familiar to this But you [just] take your second finger off, and then with your first finger up one string, so it’ll sound like this And then a sustained for is pretty much the same thing just move your first finger from here down one string Okay, and you free mention her in the whole song all you to do now is the D chord which should be pretty familiar for Those of you who know to play guitar? But in this case we’re going to add a sustain so d sustain would look just like Dx like you add your [pinkie] on the last string Okay, and then the only other [cord] you have to learn is g which looks a lot like C at night except what you’re going To do is take your first two fingers and move them up one string All right, and that’s all the cords. So hopefully you guys can get [that] down pretty fast All right so let’s move on to the right-hand part of the song and you can either play it by plucking or Strumming but I’ll show you plucking first because that’s what I prefer, but um they’re both cool. So okay [so] go ahead and put your C at 9 position on And the way, I did it is I [plucked] the bottom string first and in the middle and then the top So together it would be like and then from there, you just plug every string every other string in between so Okay, so that’s the same pattern for the entire song so from here You would just move to e minor [seven] Okay, cool So for those of you who find plucking a little bit more challenging you can also strum the chords and it sounds [just] as good So I’ll go ahead and give you that pattern right now um The way I would do it is just go so again it sounds really good, so And it’s that easy so pick plucking or strumming either one sounds really awesome Okay, so now that you guys know the chords the strumming pattern and the plucking pattern let’s go ahead and play the song oh And I’m gonna pluck it. Just because I like it better, so Yeah, [and] just one more thing. There’s also another part you can hear in this song looks like a little higher part I’m not sure if it’s another guitar or the same one if it is the same one that’s really hard to play I don’t know how they would do that but um I thought I would go ahead and show you guys how to do it just in [case] you want to know so Go ahead and get on the 12th fret And then you’re going to go from the 12th to [the] 14th, but on the top two strings And it just goes so yeah, just [in] case you guys want to know and that completes this tutorial So I hope it helped and I hope you guys learned how to play it And I hope you guys will post them videos of you guys [singing] it because that’d be really awesome And I love this song and I love listening to people sing it so um yeah, thanks so much for watching bye


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