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Budget Built Twin Turbo LS 1980 Malibu

November 1, 2019

I’m Nick Taylor, we’re at LS Fest, Bowling
Green. Alright so this is a 1980 Malibu, we call
it the Maliboost, I got the original car when I was 15, it’s gone through some transitions,
upgrades, I actually went big block for a while, blew that up, and now we’re back to
a stock bottom end 5.3 with an aluminum 5.3 with twin 75’s on it, I actually just put
this intake on yesterday, not yesterday but Wednesday morning, we ordered this through
motor state since that’s where we get our stuff from, ordered it, it arrived there,
I own my own fab shop, he does all the Holley wiring, I do that fab, so we knocked out all
the fab work, getting her on there and fired it up, did a little bit of tuning and headed
down south. It’s got Holley HP ECU on it with just a standard
wiring harness, it’s got the two Holley 12 1800 pumps on it with the Holley Dominator
fuel regulator, just actually got the rail kit with the intake the other day, pretty
much anything electronic on it is Holley, I’m saving up to get some of the Holley spark
coils because those are awesome, we love those, they make a lot of power, we’ve talked to
a lot of guys who are making big power and they help when you start pushing the stock
stuff as far as we are, it can help a lot. I was actually running the no time shoot out,
yeah we actually even got a little shot of nitrous on here because these two turbos are
so big for this little 5.3, I was spraying it on the brake and we had just got a new
convertor in it and everything, ready to go take some 10K home and tested it on the brake
earlier and I put a little too much of nitrous to it, we got a little knocking, but it’s
a stock bottom end motor, man, it’s got a good cam in it but that’s it so we might find
another one and slap it in there for tomorrow. Back in drag week, we swapped a couple of
motors actually on the road so it’s nothing we haven’t done before. We had this motor out so many times, it’s
made to work on, we’re about functionality, for my car we’re about racing and functionality,
that’s why we use the Holley products, its functionality, it works great, and I made
it to work on so we can have the motor out in 20 minutes. We’ve got it set up to where it data logs
everything, every time I go full throttle we get a data log with the Holley, you know
it’s a great system to have, that’s why we are here. We own our own shop so we are a Holley dealer
so we push everybody towards Holley, every single one of these cars you see here has
got Holley on it, they’re great, they perform great, they work great, and they are a great
price, so we push all of our customers towards them because we work on a lot of stuff that’s
not Holley and we don’t like it because it’ so horrible, it’s just like man, do it right
the first time and we won’t have any issues. So the original car I got when I was 15, a
freshman, after that second year of drag week, I had a dent in my quarter panel, and I didn’t
know what it was from and then I kept running that year, I actually upgraded turbo, we were
leaving harder and it was going 8’s, I got a dent in the other quarter panel and that
winter I’m like, what’s wrong? The frame buckled and bent so I bought this
roller just that gray bar that you see, I bought a roller, it didn’t have a floor in
the back so I did all the bars, I learned how to tig weld, I started doing fabrication
on there and I took everything from my old car, we swapped it over, all of my buddies
came over one weekend and we basically built the whole car in a weekend after I had the
fab work done and it was gray and green, this green color was the color of my old car and
we just started going racing and we really like to bring an upbeat atmosphere everywhere
that we go, it doesn’t matter if I blow it up or not, I’m having a good time so we interact
with everybody, started letting people sign it, if a little kid gets to sign a cool car
and they get to see it go down the track, it gets them involved, you know, they remember
that kind of stuff so I just like being a part of the sport, getting involved, and it’s
just fun being able to work on something and try to go fast and not have to worry about
the paint and chipping it or bumping into something or even the no prep stuff, you may
may even bump a wall, I don’t care. Sometimes we joke around with guys, you start
messing with your buddies, you run a no-prep race or something, they’ll be like, hey you
better watch out, I may come in your lane. And I’m like, man, you better stay out of
my lane because I’ll drive right through your door and I’ll never let out! Yeah boy! I’ve been there, I’ve done the eBay stuff,
I’ve done the cheap stuff and now it’s worth the money to do it right the first time. We get a lot of cars in with different products
in our shop that we have to re-do with the right stuff, with Holley, and with the right
products because there are too many people that do it the wrong way. But yeah man, this is a great event and I
think I went down to Holley, they pointed me in the right direction this morning to
get my bottle filled, the guy hooked me up and helped me out. I had a leaky seal on my nitrous bottle and
he helped me out, I can’t even remember his name, but you know, filled it, fixed it, everything
that I needed so it was great man. Just having a great time, a lot of people
here, a lot of great cars. Yeah, should be a little crazy here on Saturday. Oh yeah, it’s only Friday, like yesterday
we got here, I thought we were the first ones in line, we stayed the night here Wednesday
night, thought we were the first ones in line out here, and it was 11 AM, registration doesn’t
open until 12 and there was a line 100 feet long.


  • Reply John Greer October 28, 2019 at 7:45 pm

    Awesome car man! Im hopen to buid something real similar soon. Love it!

  • Reply Darrell Pruden October 28, 2019 at 8:56 pm

    hard to believe this channel gets this little coverage. Good coverage and nice editing.

  • Reply Richard Harris October 30, 2019 at 11:41 am

    A competent, responsible shop owner would NEVER DISRESPECT another shop or a competitor's product! A poor craftsman always blames his tools and/or the product.

  • Reply Chase B October 31, 2019 at 2:06 pm

    Absolutely awesome, made with heart. Not bought. And damn that's alot on that 5.3 aluminum, holy crap! Got my gears really going on the sleeperado.

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