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BTS ON 衝撃のタイトル曲! [한글자막 / Eng Subs]

February 23, 2020

hello Youtube~ I am TOODO and this is “Person next to TOODO” New album’s title song “ON” has been released couple of hours ago! They say it is “Kinetic Manifesto film” I though this film would be slimier with the black swan’s art film, there would be no BTS members, but only professional performers appear in the film. So I thought I won’t shoot a reaction movie for this film. But it was not what you thought? yes, When I was checking Twitter, there were posts of this kinetic manifesto film, it has the faces of BTS members!! like a 3 sec GIF of members face in it! I realized that BTS members ARE IN THIS FILM!! So I ended up shooting reaction movie now. well let’s check it out! Ye…Yes, O.. OK… Clapping! (It is starting~~~~) lol (Deep breath…) They’re lined up as if they start the mass game. This lady’s energy! Wow!! Their moves look very unique! Jimin-chan ♥ Oh he says “Shadow” Is it V? Something is written on his neck! WOW this is quite a KILLING PART! R M ♥♥♥♥♥ He is taking along everyone behind him. That’s how king behaves! You do like RM, huh? Of course! RM’s hair color makes him look mysterious! So handsome! Jimin-chan’s part! hey Nanana~~~~~ MY JIN~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥ here he is… He always come back looking younger and younger! (Wild animal roar lol) What is this moves! What a Eh wait a sec! (Panic) Did you witness it? Just now, Didn’t KOOK’s nipple expose? Jimin looks so sexy…! Jimin’s sexyness has reached critical level..! Deep gratitude J-hope’s precious smile ♥ It’s Hope! Seems like some members wears black outfit. Oh, rappers wear black outfit, aren’t they? Suga and j-hope, no? hum… Awww Suga looks…(gorgeous)! This song has a certain amount of part for rappers! Nice! Aha Oh! Other members are also playing drum behind it! (imitating V’s hand moves…kkk) Even the shadows that dropped on his face look so artistic. masterpiece of art=V Ohhh Jimi’s hair is just so outstanding! Jimin’s shoulder ♥ Looks awesome (Their moves make me trying to follow but impossible ) !!!!!!!!!!! Choreography this time looks so unique and new. yeah, it is Very powerful but smooth at the same time! Huh??????????? What is this sanctity atmosphere? ↗ ( ㅡ,.ㅡ) ↖ ( ㅡㅡ) ↗ ( ㅡ ○ㅡ ) ↖ ↗ ( ㅡ 0ㅡ ) ↖ LOL WOOOW (eye contact) the conversion is amazing! I didn’t know KOOK can sing like that. YAAAAS! This film focus on each member so nicely. OMG! It’s not done yet!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOW! They look so cool! It’s Totally the next level!! They are evolving. What is it!?? We are facing something not existed before! holy cow ( my sweetie JIN is keeping the center♥♥♥) Here he is again So cute♥♥♥ (ㅡㅡ ) ( ㅡㅡ) (ㅡㅡ ) (  ̄  ̄ ) ( __ __ ) (  ̄  ̄ ) OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a sec!!!!! Oh my!! Did you notice it? ver.2 I am so sorry for being such a dirty‐minded fan… ON! So how was it? . .. … No words! You can’t even put your feeling in words? That was so much information in one vid, the capacity of my brain’s information processing speed is not enough for this! Just can’t do it? Yes, When I thought one member killed me and another tsunami coming toward me It’s a continuous big wave torture, for God’s sake! No one can remain normal but
being in a state of shock after watching this! Well, to be honest, after watching “black swan” Since It shows am excellent quality I was afraid of putting too much high expectation for the title song I had this feeling of protecting myself protecting from not to disappointed Too high expectation on someone sometime kills you, you know So I tried to brake my mind But I realized such try is mean less for BTS! after watching this vid! another thing I supersized was Within this one film, there were so many converts of mood Right, When I thought I got how this song is about the part where KOOK’s pure voice is stunning suddenly appears. When I thought the tension of the song has been loose a bit Two rappers appear and show swag rapping! It totally changes the tone. Then I thought I am fully full and satisfied, again, the different type of dance performance starts! I was like “how many times are they gonna entertain me!” And also….kinda hesitate to say but Did they do that on purpose??? KOOK and Jimin’s that part That… Oh~ Yeah THAT!!! You know… a little opened… ..kinda exposed…. Sparks are happening in my brain now Am I the only one ??!! You guys felt the same way right?? (trying to get an agreement kkk) Why those two? aha Their stylist knew what’s ganna happen, right? I guess, the TV regulation in South Korea This tank-top yeah, in South Korea, by the TV regulation it is forbidden to show both nipples on the stage. for real? Yeah, showing one side is ok one nipple is safe! Are they planning to do the same performance on stage..? is that what they intend??! Oh… so one by one Yes right..! One side…kkk I can’t understand why one nipple is safe and two is not kkk Well may be they consider there is unintentional exposure in a big moves on stage… Is that what it is..? should be it is. They try to wear the outfits best fit to the song and it happen to end up sexy one. It should be unintentional exposure during the performance It was shocking clip! You look so HAPPY, huh? No, No I’m not happy because of THAT! Not for that (Liar) Talking about their hairstyle, they all dyed in ash-ish colors this time. They have shown rather vivid and
primary colors so far This time, colorful but High brightness but low vividness It is finished in a more sophisticated style Especially, RM and Jimin-chan! He looks so sexy in stylish way. Those two really match well with ash color, I think. Every time Jimin makes moves and his hair moves too in micro unit shaggy hair moves really beautifully That moves must be perfectly calculated, huh? Must be I was really curious how to styling that hair as well Right~! Not looks sticky at all. fluffy and perfectly styled. RM was also super sexy this time! He was like
“Mr. Sophisticated” is walking down the street! ♥ I thought RM was the one who wears make-up most Really? His circle lens look very unique a bit blue-sh? brightness was quite high almost looked white that added mysterious mood even more And Jimin-chan Jimin was “I am Mr. Sexiness!” It was like an object embodying sexiness. V was like…..a little bit… Devil-sh? I thought so too! yeah, yeah, darkness! Demon-like Bad boy style! Such a character often appears in comic. like a “Sephiroth” in a Final Fantasy series. He is devil but damn good looking! yes, yes, has a ruthless personality. On the other hand, JIN was like a innocent girl without any dirt girl… I mean, boy, A complete pure high-school boy. remains me a sentimental story of a boy in a summer. a saintly image. with straighten black hair. I want to check the lyric again. Yeah, I could’t hear the lyric neither. RM kindly told us the meaning of this song in the press conference. It embraces the story of this full 7 years. There were suffering and challenges but we accept our destiny. It is about their determination. I am overloaded with the information of visual and dances I could’t have a space to pay attention to the lyric. I really want understand the lyric as well! Precisely! All right! The important thing is that the official MV is not out yet!! I will be waiting for that! Next week? Yes, its next week! OK, OK! See you next time!!! See you~~~!!! Bye Bye! Thank you so much for watching us! Please press the subscribe bottom! Thank you for your support ♥ See you next week ^^


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