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October 10, 2019

(upbeat music) – What’s up everyone, we are Live At Five. It’s Friday, October 4th. We are in the heart of Times
Square here at I’m Paul Wontorek. – And I’m Ryan Lee Gilbert. – And we’re joined by Caitlin Moynihan. – Hello. – [Paul] Promoting the
very closed “Ferryman”. – [Ryan] Yes. – You didn’t have to say very! – [Ryan] But soon to be
a film hopefully, right? – Soon to be, sure.
– Yeah, absolutely. – We’re all becoming movies. [Caitlin] We’ll put it out into the world. – Coming to a really ambitious community theater near you.
– Absolutely. – In five years.
(Caitlin laughs) Could you imagine the
community theater person? – No.
– No (laughing). – Hey, a repeat guest is here today. – Yes, absolutely. – Who’s here? – We have Cory Jeacoma here with us. – [Caitlin] Woo! – He is in “Beautiful”. – Yeah, he was in “Jersey Boys”, you interviewed him.
– He was in “Jersey Boys”. – And now I’m gonna interview
him and he has a special guest with him too. You’ll find out.
– It’s exciting. – But first, today’s top five. (upbeat music) – And we’re starting off today with a little bit of sad news. – Yes, Diahann Carroll, a historic actress for so many reasons, she
recently passed away. She passed away today as a
matter of fact, in Los Angeles. The cause of death was cancer. She was 84 years old, but
she was revolutionary. She rose to fame early in studio films with all-black casts, “Carmen
Jones” and “Porgy and Bess”. She made Broadway history
when she won a Tony for playing Barbara
Woodruff in “No Strings”. She was the very first black actress to win a Tony for leading actress. – I love that cast album. – It’s so good.
– Great. – She broke similar ground on screen. She was in the series
“Julia” and became the first black woman to play a
non-stereotypical role on television and she was also the first black actress to play Norma Desmond
in “Sunset Boulevard”. Of course, that was in 2001,
it was the Canadian production. So many firsts, so many historic
moments Diahann Carroll, she will of course be missed
by her family and friends in this community. – Also, a lot of people
know her from “Dynasty”. – Yes, of course. – She was an 80s fashion
icon on “Dynasty”. – Absolutely. – She was always glamorous,
always fantastic. – And this upcoming musical got
a little title change today. – [Paul] So this is interesting. – [Ryan] It is interesting. (all laugh) – So a few years ago there
was a lot of buzz about “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” The Michael Jackson musical. – Which Christopher
Wheeldon, who of course, Tony winner Christopher Wheeldon who directed and choreographed
“An American In Paris” had been developing, and there were some high profile readings
of it in workshops, and then it kinda got stalled. – Sure. – A little bit. Google it if you need to. So now, but it’s back on track. – Yes, yeah, yeah.
– So producers are sort of getting behind this,
they’re saying that the show will come to Broadway in summer of 2020 which is pretty soon, but most importantly it has a new title. It is no longer called, ♪ Don’t stop ’til you get enough ♪ – Which is a great song. – Now it’s called “MJ”. – It is, yeah. – Starring Mj Rodriguez, no.
– No, no. – So it’s called “MJ”. They said that, we just felt
it was a better and stronger choice than relying on any one
song, the title of one song because you would have to really know the “Off The Wall” album as I
do know every word of it. Anyway, it’s being written
by Lynn Nottage who’s a very fancy playwright. – Incredible, two Pulitzer’s. – Really curious to see what this is. – Yeah. – We don’t casting. There were some cool names
attached to the workshop. We don’t know who will
be in it on Broadway, but it’s gonna be called “MJ”. – And that “Sing Street”
casting is officially here. – [Ryan] Yes, so if you’ve
seen the movie “Sing Street”– – [Paul] Oh my God. – [Ryan] Then you know why so
many people love it so much. – [Paul] Have you seen it? – Oh my gosh, of course, yeah. So we found out some casting. So it’s going to be having its premiere at the New York Theater Workshop. It’ll begin previews on November 25th. It’ll officially open
in December on the 16th. Brenock O’Connor, who you may
know from “Game of Thrones”. – Did he have a big role on that? – It wasn’t a very big role. – I don’t know, I don’t know
my “Game of Thrones” sorry. – No, but it’s just like when you’ve been on that show,
– “Mad Men”, I know “Mad Men”. – that’s what you lead. Yeah, so Brenock O’Connor
will be leading the cast. He’ll be starring alongside
Zara Devlin, Anne L. Nathan, who you would know from “Once”. – [Caitlin] Yes.
– Yeah. – And there’s a little tied all in here. Martin Moran, Max William Bartos and more, and features a book by Edna Walsh who earned a Tony for
penning the book for “Once.” – Yep. – The music and lyrics are
by Carney and Gary Clark. Carney whose “Once” also became a musical. It’ll feature direction
by Rebecca Taichman, which is super exciting, and choreography by Sonya Tayeh from “Moulin Rouge!”. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(Caitlin gasps) – So I mean, this is an
all-star top-notch team bringing “Sing Street”. – This is also New York Theater Workshop where “Once” started. – Yes, exactly. – Not only is a lot of the “Once” people–
– Repeating a lot of these. – But it’s the same place
where “Once” was born. – Exactly. So I can’t wait to see this. It’s a heart-breaker but
it’s beautiful and the music is so good. – It’s 80s-ish.
– I believe it is the 80s. – But it’s like, yeah it’s great. I’m excited.
– Check it out. – And this star powered duo is getting back together
for one night only. – I was busy all day so
I didn’t know this news until I just read it. (Caitlin gasps and laughs) – [Caitlin] There you go. It’s been a day. – But let me tell you something. When I was 15 years old I bought
tickets to the off-Broadway “Driving Miss Daisy” and I saw
Dana Ivey and Morgan Freeman do it and now they’re doing, oh I’m sorry, Morgan Freeman wasn’t in it on Broadway. – No, he was in the movie. – You know who was? The guy who played the
grandfather on the Cosby show. – Oh, okay, yes. – He was great, too. Anyway the movie cast is coming together to do a a one-night only benefit at the Kaye Playhouse, Hunter
College, November 11th. This is for the acting company. The acting company gets very fancy, – They do, yeah. – Every once in a while, they just drop in – Yeah, they get stars.
– And have a hot ticket. Walter Bobbie will direct, and I guess he played
Boolie, is that true? – I think he was an understudy. – Understudy, Boolie’s the son. – Okay, yeah.
– Right, the son role. – That Dan Akroyd–
– Will Patti LuPone be in it? ‘Cause Patti LuPone
played his wife, remember? – That’s right!
– In the movie. – Oh my goodness!
– She won’t be, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get you excited. – No, she’s busy.
– [Caitlin] She’s busy. – But, you know, it’s about Miss Daisy, and her driver Hoke, – Who takes her to the Piggly Wiggly. – They go to the Piggly Wiggly, and they fall in love, as friends. – They do.
– And it’s a beautiful story. – Oscar winning picture. – That’s right, it did win an Oscar. – It did win the Oscar.
– Best picture. So now you can see it on stage again. – With Morgan. – And we’re gonna be tapping on the glass, and going behind the
stripes for eight weeks, in this special vlog. – Those are “Dear Evan Hanson” references? – Those are “Dear Evan Hanson” ref– – I wanted to make sure
– Guys, it’s happening! – you knew that.
– You’ve wanted it, it’s here, Andrew Barth Feldman is’s newest vlogger, – Youngest? – Is he?
– Oh, no, Lilla, Lilla. – That’s Lilla Crawford.
– Sorry. – Sorry, but Andrew is right–
– I didn’t mean to get you excited. – So he will be hosting his own vlog, it is called “Behind The Stripes.” – Get it? – You know, the polo stripes– – What’s behind them, though? – [Caitlin] His heart.
– His skin? – Yes, well, you know,
– That’s his shirt. – In his heart, you know, and all of that. – He will be leading the vlog, the very first episode will premier on October 8th, that’s next week, – Yeah! – And it’ll run every Tuesday,
of course, for eight weeks. It’s very exciting–
– Well, you could have told us sooner, how are
we supposed to get ready? – Prep, prep! Set up your YouTube alerts,
(laughs) for “Behind The Stripes”, yeah, subscribe. – [Caitlin] Hit that bell.
– You know what you’re doing. – Also, you know we’re doing
this “Search for Roxie,” with “Chicago,” you could
– Yes, are you the next Roxie? – actually, this is not a joke, by the way – [Caitlin] No, seriously.
– You could actually win the role of Roxie Hart
– Be Roxie! – in “Chicago”, on Broadway. – [Caitlin] Cory’s gonna do it! – We’re gonna tape Cory’s
audition after this. – Cory’s entering. – And so, we have some
news, let’s announce it. – [Caitlin] Okay.
– Go ahead. – So the original deadline was Monday, – [Caitlin] It was Monday.
– but they’ve extended it a week, so you have until the 14th, right? – [Caitlin] 14th.
– You have until the 14th now, to, you have to do a bunch of things, you have to do the monologue,
– We need to see. – the dance, it’s not–
– [Caitlin] It’s real. – We’re not just giving it to anyone. – [Caitlin] Yeah, this is legit. – And there’s a whole process to it, and we’re doing a behind
the scenes series, following the whole process, and the first episode of that
is going live any minute. – [Caitlin] Any minute. – There are enough people
– Not for, like, an hour. – On Broadway right now,
– Not any minute. – where this is how they got here. I mean, you can do this. – [Caitlin] Seriously, yeah. – You can do it. And there’s no
– You could be, – age restriction,
– you could sit right here, – they want all kinds of people. – [Caitlin] All kinds of people. – So, Cory’s gonna be fantastic. – Yeah, it’s Cory’s. – What happened last night? – “Freestyle Love Supreme”.
– Wait, that was not last night, that was before.
– [Caitlin] Two nights ago. – It was the night before, yes, but– – But we just put up some of the, – All the gifs.
– Jifs. – All the, yeah,
– Jifs! – [Caitlin] Gif, no, gifs.
– We had a whole discussion. The creator said it’s “jif.” – [Caitlin] I don’t believe him. – Yeah, no. There’s tons of coverage,
video, red carpet challenge, the jif/gifs, photos, all sorts of wonderful, wonderful things. Also, “Tina”, “Tina”‘s coming to Broadway. – That’s the Tina Turner musical. – The Tina Turner musical.
– I just walked by the front of house, it’s very awesome. – It looks amazing, yeah. So Caitlin, you went to the press event? – I did.
– You got to talk to all those – [Paul] How was Adrienne
Warren, how’s she holding up? – Not a single person didn’t say that she is titanic in that role, that’s a direct quote from the director. They said she is, this
is a titanic performance, and people are gonna be like “I saw Adrienne Warren as Tina.” – [Ryan] I have chills just hearing that. – She’s titanic, but
she doesn’t sink, ever. – [Caitlin] No, she doesn’t
– No, she does not. – [Caitlin] Put that on the marquee! – No.
– Put it up! – She’s fantastic.
– She’s the best. – I’m so excited, so excited
– I’m so excited for her. – to see her do it again. – Is that it? – That’s it, yeah.
– [Caitlin] Yeah. – Hope you have a lovely weekend. – Thank you, Paul, you too. – Thank you for stopping by. – My pleasure. – Caitlin, tell everyone
about today’s guest. – Gladly, yes, we’ve got Mr. Cory Jeacoma here with us in the studio today, ’cause he is currently in “Beautiful: the Carole King Musical”,
which is unfortunately closing this month, but we’re gonna talk all about the amazing run
that the show has had, and what it’s like,
making his Broadway debut. He was previously here on “Live at Five” when he was in the “Jersey Boys”. There’s no “the” in there,
I don’t know why I said it. But he did that on the national tour, he did a off-Broadway run, he was in, he was on stage in “My
Very Own British Invasion,” make sure you follow him on
social media @cocojeacoco I said it right, I had
to practice beforehand. Make sure you leave all of your questions in the comments below, and everyone, please welcome Cory and Paul. – [Paul] Thank you, Caitlin,
how are you doing, sir? Thank you for coming in, how’s it going? – Can’t complain, what’s the sense in it? – [Paul] How do you feel
about the change of season? – I’m loving it.
– Chilly day time. – Oh, it’s perfect, though, it’s perfect. – Put away the shorts,
get out the light jacket, then it’s gonna snow
in, like, three weeks. (laughs) So, you are new to “Beautiful”, – I am. – You’ve just started your run, – And just about to finish it
– and you’re just about to fill out your run. (laughs) – So you’ve been there,
what, about a month? – About a month now, yeah, and
I’ve got about a month left. And I just wish it was
longer, because not only am I loving the company so, so
much, I love the show so much, and I’m also really,
really proud of this role. It’s a lot of fun to play,
he’s an interesting guy to get to dig into. – If you really love it, I’m sure, and you don’t care about
it being on Broadway, you could actually do
it anywhere of the world for the next, like,
– Oh, I’m sure. – rest of your life. This show is going to be done everywhere. – I can imagine. – More than “The Ferryman”
in community theater. (laughs)
“Beautiful” will be– – I’d be very interested to
see “The Ferryman” regionally. – It would be interesting,
all the local people, all the locals, everyone can have a role. So you play Gerry Goffin,
– I do, I do. – He is Carole King’s husband, – Yes, that’s right. – in the show, sort of an interesting guy, – Yeah. – quite an interesting history. I remember when this show
opened, he was still with us, He died a few months after it opened, so it’s interesting that at that time, I thought of him as someone
who was still with us, and now you’re actually not
playing someone with us. – Which is, ’cause I got
to, I was very fortunate to play Bob Gaudio, who is still living, and I got to meet him,
– You just finished “Jersey Boys”, off-Broadway. – But getting to play
someone like Gerry Goffin, sort of honoring his story, he dealt with mental illness
throughout his entire life, and getting the
opportunity to shed a light on mental illness, he was bipolar before bipolar was really a thing. And had electroshock therapy throughout the last few years of his life, and so to get to shed a light on that, and bring some truth to
that, is a huge undertaking but I’m proud to be able to do it. – Cool, and you went in with Sarah, – Sarah Bockel, yeah,
– as Carole. – who is incredible,
she’s just unreal, unreal. And she had done it for a
couple of years on tour, did it for a few months on Broadway, and then they’re having
her close it out with me, which has been a blast, she’s just lovely. – So how does this show,
I remember when it opened, I don’t think anyone expected it to, everyone knew these songs
were gonna be fantastic, but it’s turned into such
a huge run on Broadway. – It’s incredible, I
mean, to see what Carole went through, and the years leading up to “Tapestry,” which is one
of the greatest albums ever written, to see sort of the story that wove the tapestry. – Sure, that works.
(laughs) – Yeah, can we cut that out? (laughs)
– Nope, we’re live. – Just to see that story,
it’s really incredible and to see sort of the
hardships that she went through, that amounted to such an incredible album. She was a force to be
reckoned with, and still is. – Now you know, when you’re
doing a live interview, I try not to swear, you have
to try not to be cheesy. – Exactly, yeah, that’s really my problem. – Darren Criss was just here,
and he just swore up a storm. – Oh, well.
– [Caitlin] It’s true. – He’s rock ‘n’ roll. – What if I just laid ’em
all out, just all the curses. – [Caitlin] Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep! – Probably not. So, you’ve had a steady
three years, right? – I have.
– You did the “Jersey Boys” – I’ve been very fortunate,
– tour, knock on this, and you did it off-Broadway,
this is your Broadway debut, – Sure is.
– How’d you celebrate your actual Broadway debut,
your first time on Broadway? – You know, I had a ton of
friends and family there, which was just, I told everyone
not to come, I was like “I’m gonna be so nervous,”
and no-one listened, everyone was there, which was
– Not listening to that. – it ended up being, yeah absolutely not. But it ended up being great. It was really, really nice, and, you know, it was sort of that moment of, like, looking out into the audience during bows, it was that moment of like
“You did it, Cory, you did it” It’s really, really cool. And so I’m pretty proud to be doing it, even if it’s only for two months. – Now, you know, when “Beautiful” opened, actually we just had the original
star of “Beautiful” here, Jessie Mueller,
– Never heard of her. – she was just here, (laughs) She’s playing Loretta Lynn
now, right, in that movie, and you have your own Jessie in your life. – I do. Can we meet, can we meet Jessie? – Can I hop out real quick?
– We don’t know how this is gonna go, – [Caitlin] We’re just
gonna see what happens, he’s going, he’s going,
– but we’re gonna bring Jessie on camera.
– [Caitlin] I’m so excited! – It’s not Jessie Mueller. It is this cutie! – Jessie girl.
– What, what? Aw, Jessie!
– This is Jessie. She’s not named after Jessie Mueller, – I know.
– everyone assumes that’s what it is, I’m like “no!” – Hi, Jessie, so how old is Jessie? – Jessie is six months, say hi, who that? – And how did, tell me about how Jessie came into your life. – Well, Jessie came into
my life because we– – Who’s “we”? – My girlfriend, Bethany
Tesarck, right behind the camera, we always wanted a dog, and we met Jessie and just absolutely fell in love. And then I found out about
“Beautiful” and I was like “You know what? That’s how
I’m gonna reward myself.” And I’m a big “Toy Story” nerd, so if we got a boy dog we
would have named him Woody, but since we fell in love
with this little one, we name her Jessie. – [Paul] She seems like beyond sweet. – She’s the best. – [Paul] Like, my Henry
does not behave like this. She seems just kind of happy to be here, – She’s made for the cameras. – in your arms, and I love the big paws, is she gonna get bigger? – Yeah, she’s gonna be
about, I’m thinking about 10 to 15 pounds.
– Okay. She’s just chill. – [Caitlin] This is the best. – So, is it, you’re a Daddy now, – Yeah, I’m a Daddy. – You’re a doggy Daddy, what’s it like, you’re building quite
a life now in the city. Where’d you grow up, you
grew up in, like, Florida? – Florida, yeah, I was
born in Long island, but raised in Florida, and
then I moved to New York to go to school, and I’ve
been here ever since. Oh, now you’re camera-shy, huh? But yeah, you know, building a life, I always have to pinch myself. Recently especially, because
I’ve got a dream job, a dream girl, a dream
dog, it’s been incredible. – [Paul] That’s amazing. – It’s not lost on me,
that’s for damned sure. – So what’s the next thing
you need, what’s like, what are your goals? – Oh god, oh my god.
– Because, you know, the show’s, when’s it end, October? – [Caitlin] 27th, 27th.
– October 27th, check it out. – October 27th. – I’ve always said that I
just wanna be a working actor, I’ve always said that. Obviously, the sky’s the limit, but I would love to get
into some TV and film, a little bit of everything, I
just wanna get my hands dirty. – Cool, get your hands dirty. – Yeah, baby. – Yeah.
– My hands are full right now. – Are there any favorite
moments in “Beautiful”, I mean personally, I
would just sit backstage and enjoy all that music. – That’s actually my
favorite moment, there. So the most popular
song of the 20th Century which is “You’ve Lost
That Loving Feeling”, by the Righteous Brothers, – That is the most popular song? – The most played song
in the 20th Century. – Most played.
– Yeah, sorry, the most– – So what’s the most
played of the 21st yet, do we know?
– I don’t know, probably “Happy” by
Pharrell, or something, like, oh my god, played
over and over again. – [Paul] Or Idina Menzel,
singing “Let It Go”. – Something like that.
– [Paul] Every time I go to Target. – Of course, Adele Dazeem. But you know, there’s this
moment where during that show, the entire ensemble is,
they line up stage left, and so Carole, Cynthia,
Barry, and my character all enter form stage
left, and so we have to walk through this, this just epic sound of the ensemble just wailing
the background vocals of that song, and it is
just, sends goosebumps down my spine. Yeah, it’s incredible. On stage, I love, there’s a song called “Take Good Care Of My Baby”
which is just a blast to sing, I get to be a little goofy on
stage, which is always fun, ’cause I don’t get to show
that side of myself very often. Besides now.
(laughs) But yeah, you know, I’m really, really, yeah, that’s a microphone,
just speak into the microphone – [Paul] You can speak into the mic. (laughs) – I’m just loving the
show, every moment of it. – Cool, hey Caitlin,
– [Caitlin] Yes? – What are the people online asking? – Yes, we got, I love this
question, so Jane wants to know, if you were gonna get a
tattoo of Carole King lyrics, what would you get? (laughs) – Oh, Jane! – Ooh. – [Paul] The question was which lyrics? – [Caitlin] Yeah. – [Paul] I’m gonna add “I’m aware of”. – Oh man, what, I really love, oh man, there’s so many! – [Paul] You have a lot of
body, though, you can cover– – [Caitlin] Make it the
whole verse on the back! – I think the entire Tapesty album, just– – Can you imagine, if
somebody had like, head to toe Carole King lyrics,
that would be really weird. – I’m trying to think,
’cause the first song that pops into my head is “Far Away”, but maybe just ’cause
it’s the top of the show, but a lot of her lyrics are about love and the pain of love, and I
don’t have any pain from love. – So you’re gonna have to say, like, “Doesn’t anyone stay
in one place any more?” – Yeah, right? – It would make no sense. – Yeah, I can’t really
think of that, Jane, I’m gonna have to think
about maybe as we go. I’ll come back to it. – [Caitlin] And if you think of it– – The whole cast is getting
tattoos on the 28th, (laughs)
closes on the 27th, so you still have a couple of weeks. – Just suggest some tattoo poems. – [Caitlin] Great, love it.
– Girlfriend’s like, “no, “No Carole King tattoos.” – Please, no.
– [Caitlin] With Carole King, she’s actually going to be
the one tattooing you guys, that’s what’s gonna happen. – That would be cool,
that I would actually do. – [Caitlin] If Carole
King gave you a tattoo, – Yeah, even if she doesn’t
know what she’s doing, I’d be like “go ahead!”. – Love that, so Mike wants to know if there was one piece
of the set or costume you could steal from the
show, what would it be? Not that you’re going to steal anything. – No, I, I–
– [Paul] Do you like period clothes? – Oh, I love, especially the 1960s, with “Jersey Boys”, – Yeah, you’ve been doing a lot of it. – I love that style, so
there’s a ton of clothes in this show that I would love to have. Not steal. – [Paul] Be given.
– Be given, there you go. I always ask my dresser, I’m like, “Can I have these jeans?” cause
I hate shopping for jeans, and these jeans fit me
really well, so I want these, there’s also a shirt,
the last shirt I wear before my final scene,
second to last scene, it’s just this sweet,
like, I don’t even know how to describe it,
it’s like a ruby color, but it’s not like bedazzled,
it’s just so nice. And it fits well, and it’s
comfy, I like it a lot. – Okay, so it there’s
an extra one of those, people over at Theater
Sondheim can, like… – Come on guys, come on. – [Caitlin] If one goes
missing, you’ll know where it– – Exactly, yeah, now they’ve got evidence. – [Caitlin] I love that. All right, so Jeremy wants to know what was your first
experience with “Beautiful”, the Carole King musical? – Oh, man, my first
experience was this audition. – [Paul] It was while you
were in “Jersey Boys”? – No, actually, that
was done by this point. Oh, she’s curious. Jessie’s going on over my shoulder. “Beautiful” was always
the show that I was like “Eh, I’ll get around to it,
it’s not going anywhere” And so then I got this
audition, and I was like “All right, I’ll go see it”
and my girlfriend had seen it, many times, and she was
like “It is so good, “you need to see it” and I was
like “All right, I’ll see it” And everyone had always
said, they were like, “Gerry Goffin would be
such a great role for you” and so then when I went to see it, I saw Evan Todd as Gerry, who
is just incredible in the role and I also saw Nathan
Sherich, who’s the understudy, and he is just incredible in the role too, so those were my first
experiences with the show. And I saw Chilina Kennedy as Carole, and she is just sensational. But yeah, I fell in love
with the show right away. What’s up, girl? – [Paul] I love the tongue. – You wanna get up on the
desk, is that what it is? – So you got to see a good
group of people doing it. – Sure did, and this company,
especially right now, is just, now is the time to see it. The company is phenomenal. – Are there any other, so everyone was telling you
you should play that role, are there any other roles people always tell you you should play, or
that you really tell yourself you keep saying you wanna play? – I would have loved to
play Pomatter at some point, because like I said, I don’t
get to show my goofy side very often, but I would love to. – Everybody wants to be the OBGYN. (laughs) So that’s your, time
is limited on that one, – I guess so, man. – Anything not closing? You wanna be the Phantom?
That’s not going anywhere. – I would love to be the Phantom, yeah. Fiyero in “Wicked” would be fun, – Sure.
– Yeah, why not? – Why not? – Trying to think, there’s just so much. I would love to be in “Come From Away”, even though I haven’t seen it, but just the energy of
that show seems like something I wanna be a part of – All the chairography? – Yeah, right? Come on. I’ve been very fortunate,
I’ve gotten to play a lot of my dream roles. I would love to, uh, if
“Once” ever gets revived, I would love to play Guy,
– [Paul] Sure, – In “Once”, you know, right? – [Paul] I know you said
Steve Kazeem was like, – Oh, god.
– [Paul] That performance in “Once” sort of inspired you, – That was where I was
like “Oh, this is really, “really cool!” So that definitely molded
how passionate I am about this industry. Which, I would just like
to brag for a second, I did win Playbill, their
trivia game yesterday. – Congratulations, brag away. – I won–
– “Waitress”, Roxie Hart? (laughs) What they give you? – Yeah, I’m gonna be Roxie Hart now guys, so just cancel the competition. No, I got a golden Playbill. Not real gold. – [Caitlin] Not made of solid gold? – No, not made of solid gold.
– [[Caitlin] Bummer. – It’s okay, but I got bragging rights, which is why I’m pulling it out now. (laughs) Because that’s about all I got. – Well, congratulations. – Well, thank you very much.
– It’s a big honor, something to put in your Playbill bio. – Absolutely, Playbill Trivia Champion. – Oh, you are so cute. Hi, hi, yeah, lick the table, clean it up. Any other questions, Caitlin? – Sure, we can do one more question. Jared wants to know,
what are you just gonna miss the most about the show? You kinda covered it, but
a good final question. – Yeah, what I’m gonna
miss, I’m definitely gonna miss the company. The company is just phenomenal. The energy, everyone sort of, hyped me up. They were like “All right, you’re joining “one of the most warm
companies on Broadway.” And I was like “All right, all
right, everyone says that.” But there’s something
in the Stephen Sondheim, that the people there are just, the energy’s palpable,
and the love in the room is overwhelming. Joining the company was my first time replacing without a long
period of rehearsal. And so stepping in, I was terrified. I had seven days of rehearsal. And so to step into that, but you know, the company made it seem
so normal, and so easy, and they were there to shower with love, and lift me up in any way that I needed. And they also love this one. – I’m sure.
– Cause she hangs out in the dressing rooms. – Jessie just goes everywhere. – Yeah, truly.
– Okay. Except on stage, during the show. – Exactly, exactly. – You went to Pace, right, is that right? – I did. – What advice, you seem
to be doing really well, – Thank you very much.
– to people like, you know, young actors, what advice do you have, what is your, what knowledge can you give to the people out there
who wanna see a career put together like yours is? – What do you think, Jessie? – Get a dog.
– Yeah, get a dog, Get a dog, absolutely, just in life. But I would say, put the work in. Everyone’s talented, everyone
in this industry is talented, everyone who wants to be in
this industry is talented, put the work in, and
also be a good person. Because no-one wants to work with a jerk. I’ll censor myself. I’ll censor myself. – [Paul] That’s not what
Darren Criss would say. (laughs) – That’s exactly what went
through my head, I was like “do I wanna do it?” Yeah, just be a good
person, because ultimately we’re spending months at a time rehearsing for a show, and if you
are fortunate enough to do a long run of a show, you’re in a room, or in a show with people for long periods of
time, and so these people are taking time out of their life. Life is long, but ultimately, a month, that’s a lot of time to
spend with the same people over and over again. So you wanna spend it with good people. Good energy, and people
that you can hang out with outside of rehearsal, outside of the show. So be a good person,
– Be a good person. – Put the work in, and also, – [Caitlin] Get a dog. – Get a dog, yeah, that’s it, there it is. Oh, you found your spot, is that it? She loves the leg on the lower level, and then just entire body
sprawled out across, that’s it. – I’m in love with you, Jessie. – Jessie, girl. – Yeah, it’s slippery. – Yeah, I made the mistake
of, whenever I say, I’m like, “Jessie, girl”, and then “Jessie’s Girl” is instantly playing. And I’m like, no! – Thank you for this, Cory,
– It’ my pleasure. – Mostly just thank you for Jessie coming. You’re secondary. (all laugh) – That’s always how it
is, I walk in the room and people are like “Cool, Jessie!” – Yeah, no-one cares about you. Hey, everyone, you should
go and see “Beautiful: “The Carole King Musical” It’s playing at the
Stephen Sondheim Theater, through October 27th, any
great Halloween costumes planned after that? – I’ll probably dress
up as Woody, and have– – Oh! Into it.
– [Caitlin] Done. – That’s it.
– Okay, cool. I can’t wait to see your social media– – Done.
– documentation of that. – @cocojeacoco. – Thank you so much for being here, – It’s my pleasure.
– Have a great weekend, you’re gonna be very busy this weekend. – Absolutely.
– We’re gonna be off, and we’ll be back on Monday.
– Boom, baby, – Caitlin, why don’t you take us out? – Thank you guys so much
for tuning in today, we are “Live At Five”,
every single weekday, here on Facebook, and you can listen to us wherever you get your
podcasts, by searching for #liveatfive and hitting
that subscribe button. Be sure to tune in next
week, when we continue to talk to more of your
favorite Broadway stars.


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