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BREAKDANCE LESSON by Silviu Caraba ( basic ) and +

September 13, 2019

hello guys my name is Silvia Carrabba
and I’m a dance instructor I am a professional ballet classic dancer with
a school in Romania this kind of school is very very professional is more like
hardly know there you can do whatever you like because you paint in essence so
you need to the teacher must stand up like this in front of you you need to be
like that because the school is for free what is the government is this free that
is the government you need to be good to graduate school I have a knowledge also
about streets house a street dance star hip-hop R&B breakdance robotics punk old
school and new school what I want to tell you that is to be a profession to
be a good dancer to be accepted in any time of evolution you need to do all you
meet me you must know all type of tanks anything is surrounding you in the world
like ballet classic contemporary jazz dance this will help it to be put on the
stage to use them to do if you fuel because of backgrounds like you know
singles in the front and if they have a background they are like Michael Jackson
or Madonna you need to have knowledge about jazz dance about hip hop
breakdance anything and how I call this style my own style is universal its
universal style dance ,and what that means is more like Universal Soldier you have
knowledge about everything so you can be just like a Bruce Lee says be water my
friend it’s an empty bottom of the bottle so
you need to be just like a water to be able to do anything any type of dance to
follow any type of choreographer if you want to know more about me you
can contact me just search for s i– l v ru this is the first name the second
name will be C they are a B a then also can find me on the YouTube on manikin
challenge originator some of you
it’s a job I don’t know but I am the true creator of a mannequin challenge in
the world I am copyrighted by UK and international
law I start this kind of frozen into action in 2007 and streets because I was
not able in that time to have a work permit to be a teacher and once I did
this street performance frozen into action because starting to love and like
and share so little by little become popular in the world this record first
and the name calls an action for torso so if you want to find me you can find
my youtube channel which is called mannequin challenge originator or also
you can search the name frozen action photo show separate words then you can
find me again I have also another channel is in two
bits called Romania 3d CG and that would be more like a graphic animations 3d
computer designing animation softwares things I done you can also visit our
channels to learn some how to create the animation and things I done but I don’t
want to talk about that at this time but more about that now how I want to start
today I want to start from the base all the parts in my body and what you need
to have knowledge of it from the base yeah first time we need to have a
knowledge about this type of mode or between names or the other side
you see my my move now it’s a I say it’s short move first time
when you start you need to try to block large just try to be made like I told
you before I kid I like to give examples to make you memorize we have here is
drawing in the back which I love it it’s very good for what I want to do and
it at home maybe you can do something like this from the safe or chalk white
chalk or something like that which can be easily removed draw some circles yeah
and I have already this now what you need to do on the inside to make this in
the circle then you try to go in behind the line of the circle go back go back it’s exactly the first is illegal
different like you see here the first time you need to keep in your mind to go
circle you see I have here already it’s like I’m having a circle in my life
right hand yeah of course you will start for something
in the bingo so you see this time of wait
yeah I going to finger first you see their hand doesn’t go over over the
simple sound like a minute that circle I tried to follow that waits perfectly and
to go back right go back from the first part of fingers and apart
from the finger the end the 528 the well-born
and then the shoulder we seen of the shoulder then review now the other side
when the end of the move to must be made just like birds flying birds flank so
the other part when is finished will be like this birds are flying right out to
sea very simple just with image I think any child any person in the world can
image how the birds fly like this yeah you will never see a fly line work like
like that because that will be her birth almost of birds they fly like this from
the money you see first time is a well bone up then after is well go down when
you deep down the wellbore then is coming the funny one year then after up
then go down see just like a bird we’ll decide to another son now first
part in the ending will be like this we go in this way like the hugging we have
lift up the first shoulder and instantly changed with another shoulder then go
older like a bird one more there happen we live and change
their shoulder where it’s flat one more so to change the shoulders we see my
home is now bigger and why I figured the gamma to make her I want you to
understand exactly what is about changes all girls but when you will dance returns you must
not in time you must learn not to do a big move like this but to try to erase
from that the movement big smaller right is the same so now this time only you
get the illusion it so first time we compete and every
Lord see ya on the other side become bigger when it won boom so the
best ways to our chocolate shop and somewhere in work which can remove then make your money to decide who
painted the walls let’s find something removable to talk the most – one small
circle like this white then the bigger one like this then first time you try to and also backwards I can wear that go to the other side
there another one here let’s say ending on the part that sentiment the power
summit will be more difficult upon the planet and we go toward us with someone
without well more the not alone disorder we change the shoulders then we go to
tundra here then we go over here over the over then from the 20 the picture
I will say fine everyone can be naughty
so now we go down five for five the other side goes so we need to go this example that will help you also in
the break dance in the break dance in the hip-hop yeah or anything like that
so you need to acknowledge about its shoulder movements after this shoulder
we will go for the we’ll go for the head no we will go for this part understand
and the later on I will do with the head so we go from here
is the same like certain view is I will take this off about this part yet
but you I want you to perform moving forwards and backwards forwards
backwards forwards backwards yes also you need to do side this part here
is part of one side now I will be done otherwise ready to lift up your hands like this
and try to go on the side the new may learn is part for all this part must be
what people you a need to drive left side the right side from my back get to
go side side side side leave the hand down forward backward
forward backward sighs sorry see sometime you find in the
hip-hop also this move which is the basic movement HIPAA in some tangent and
inta some some some pimping city is the basic upon the Impa
also recite green sometimes sometimes you see this is the simple if I try to fun yeah
also here you can do the same but that would be more in there in the hits of
time I want you to keep in your mind about this movements here down you need
to breathe the circle or exercise to be able to circle moon so that will be
first and forward side back side forward side back side forward back see back
side side so face left back right with you in your path they are watching my
video will be mirror Y will be not comfortable for you turn my back and to
teach you will be so ugly so that way I prefer to have a face with face with you
and you may do mirror if I do right to the left or other side depend on how
each other so we have forward side back side forward back you see this is broken
the move is broken top so so so so so so so so so it’s up top no we
go more slowly for one two three four one two three four one two three four
one two three four forget about my hands think about only
about this part yeah so face side back side face side back side
doing this cross at the one time you need to come to the circle so be like
this bam bam you see front side back side front side back side
and you may can they find it in the breakdance or school this move say this movie so this is the simple one
I go for one with my name but this is the base here because without that move
doesn’t come that illusion of presence yeah so then you need to do also in the
other side fuck
Sarge but sorry say sorry I guess to understand about
this part we will go or so with the town will be the same this will be more
simple for many of you likes or knows default will be from joy backward don’t
watch that work in fast one two three four five six seven eight now the action
the accent of the movies Ephraim yeah one two three four
sometime you get the or evening the packages one two three four the counts
coming in back one two three four four front one one two three four in the high
tempo did one two three four five six seven eight one more again one two three
four five six seven eight yeah also get this move this part in the
sides one two three four open your leg well one two three four five six seven
one two three four many of you know this move Andy from the fitness lesson will
something right up then go faster 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6
it was blow 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 yeah and fast
you may need this move also and also learn how to wave and encircle from it
safe on one side backward side forward side forward side like this how the
circle is big this big circle may help you in the hip hop the kind of move
image like this this is one move in the hip hop I will not show you now this
move but you may need this kind of move there but in the breakdance you may need
shorts short like say was before your shoulder what I talked to you about
which is based then was this over part and also is coming this part down from there you can wave the first time
will be difficult maybe reduce its pace what I’m talking about but doing doing
every day we become your body will be part of you that’s the more difficult
base enough to become part of you then you may feel very confortable to just
hearing the news so keeping your mind about circle big circle right and after
when you get when you learn it when you have you handle try to do fast and small
this is more smaller than Spartan small side the circle let me show you on the
touch the circle like the nothing can do segment right now what you need to have
also to practice is the knees knees food that will be the same on the circle you
see now is stretched sight my right side of you may be left from side but but now we have a without in time it becomes smaller now
is already from the knee we see if I like this I can dance
looks like dancing I just next circle from my knee to my knees
see also on this before move what I show you was the same from receive from the
mean and go go back inside fetch having another one inside open in
the side yeah together with a part which I told you before jump some or the knees
also you may know it even this move for example say I will show you more about
legs but this is called through the trans record in the old school
breakdance we go to the trans like this it’s simple for me for you make too
difficult but you may learn this is about cross so when you get knowledge
about this waving well the need with no problem and short and long short long then even in the twisting come some time
you’re using the Rumba will cha cha cha or any other side what you have in your
mind also is about the movements from the legs the foods will be on the side
side side side side how I do that one side together
nothing legs together rather let you see my knees up down now why because from
here I can have a good balance or maybe this move see my body balance is right
now not depressed or like a micro jig so you see the move it’s wrong the down
from the from the folds here you see from the food from the food then after
is coming what I showed you before that yeah was I showed you before forward but
we’re done Franz the doctor is coming this right well written about my
projects are now so you have this side boom which is very important or sides
you see we are together now then we go other time stop this or under you
this is under you you see I keep the knees down under me
when I do this also you can do this move forwards because you don’t know when you
may need for example in the gesture they say it’s a little bit more about things
for dance but we will not do that today so I think what you need to enter from
your foot will be from together come together come together come together
faster would be like one two one one two you see my skills are down there by
yourself down down down down put on your heel on one two three four
this move may look simple for you’ve been in the robotic star dance you may
need I will show you a move let’s say we do a moonwalk what you call good walk is
not the real moonwalk the Michael J star do ducks will walk in backwards
that’s not the original one the moonwalk which we call in the old school
breakdance or like this it’s like a you are on the level fencing
antique educational or anti-gravitational percent one
what what what then that step which I will show you before about changing the
food here when you do the moonwalk stop change change you know for other yeah
this I will show a little bit robotic now for example start to do the moonwalk
yeah say something like that or it is little
bit about the truth and what is very important also in my move and this many
people moved is a they are good ones they need to handle the head move this
will be like sides you see here like I’m putting my head on the wall side side
side side so don’t you like side side this is wrong which will I will show you
so this but later on what you need to do think about the Jo Jo on the side going
on the side keep the war jo side yeah then after later on you can watch and this you may need every time in the
move see why not oh right sorry sorry so also you need to do and those boards
forward backward forth back forth also this you may be useful for you in
the hip-hop think sometime you need to move the head on one part one /so we have sides
forward that another side back side side more fire technique and now we need to
try to handle a full suit of the head on the same position Lodi all right more pasta Wow long enough to be film did you do too much don’t do tonight
because you’ll see maybe some problem with your muscle on the neck don’t try
to force some movements only one only in one part of your body because you’ll get
a masters people the NAFTA would be like are you uncomfortable to do so this
would be circle right and you see in dance when atoms like breakdance
robotics wherever I use militant confirm is also the hills like this for example you see nuts the big loser
yeah one short move this one you see is on the SEC men’s remember the
birds when I told you before work yeah sorry sick man yeah so how I did that I
go down like that but I didn’t show you this part code I will show you now what
I want to show you is this also very very very smooth or pregnant or stop now
into the tower return but I forget to to take something with me just wait a
moment this will be very useful you may lack
now because you don’t know how I can use this on the gradients but for the
beginners very useful this is my world now because I can save my battery I will
use this instead of the wall so try to image that you are at home and this is
your wall oh right on the kitchen or anywhere in between your room or well
this will be the world so I will put the other wall more restraint so I will show this move yep
you know this was very very popular in Britain the other side so when you do
that every time you stand it is it that so this would be the war upon
certain majors go go from the world one two sides of your foot you see
that’s on my phone can I go back right here trying to be made into your food
right there in the side of the food go backwards try this and you try the touch
one by one the segment on your body in this wall so will be like this
first time in top with this power a little bit too far maybe I missed a
before not the full size of the step but maybe touch of food
go away from the world they are trying to touch the segments of your body on
the wall like this first on this the noise change make these parts first the
belly this part also and the need one region have nose chin neck belly
down one more one two three four five one two oh now I do more fun but for you I’m
holding you to come very slowly because you need to go from all your body parts
touch the wall little part with the little all the segments on your body six
seven eight you see so this part of my body touch one by one but after the one
touch retreat so you see now is here but don’t go with all body you grow
backwards you see the part of the head is going
back to allows another part to go next is going back and after the head is
going back and is coming this part and after this form yoga and is coming this
part this part go back and is coming this part let’s go back and is coming
the knees part one more one two three four five six
you can do up to eight counts one four five six seven eight five six seven
eight full for right now the wave is coming
backwards would be from the knees without two companies one for right so
slowly knees are down now three two knees backwards and push forward is part
of your failing right like this you see the knees now are in the backwards
you see our stretch on the back then I have only this part to the wall but then
after to retrieve this part and is coming stomach ache on the wall
retrieve the stomachache then will come the first on the wall with river gate
and the chin and nose also did you see every time you use this
even in the deeper even in the chance or even you can see the classic ways that
were quite good but finally also I saw this this kind of way now little bit
about this part what you need to handle also will be on the sides move their
sides besides socks of course sometime you
helped him to break them like I did before and it
this is time yeah sequence
yeah oh you can handle that the first image this is some kind of okay this is
kind of this thing here but it’s like this like a bar then you try to go under
it under it how you do that first and you go right
side for vents in your side there you go like this and try so that’s the other side white the first
time is there food in the other side because if you go just to the head so first underneath make sure you have a
balance on your legs but you can go inside yeah so I have a hint of the
balance in my name then my hand on my leg I go on yeah when you go under this
you must not touch the other parts of the body just like one by one scene
first time is going like this try to remain this is a very very electric
stranger thing you must not touch or maybe something like a laser or
something like that and use the imagination
can you come under it he showed you don’t touch then little by little your
shoulder we show you both touch you on top and again out to show you though such and you are
all this is it for fun did you learn this move see don’t first time with
again but if you go together with the head will be like fun no good so you
need to go under range be a little bit uncomfortable for me down will be like
this you have something like that you can keep it would be more easy for you
to hand out to go like that yeah but because nobody helped me by my barracks
5 500 by myself that way I can go to for the so one more again six seven eight
this type of move you may find also in breakdancing hip-hop many things in the
hip-hop will be like one two three four you see is the same one I get here
one two but here is more slowly because I need I need to pay attention to don’t
get right and also in breakdance like I told you before OB you see this
convenient also you can use another skyline Arabic style you know like Oh
so I guess to understand about this kind of science moves the end of this DVD to
understand to make it proper to get the base the most important thing is
practice every day watch every day repeat again and again
and again and I promise you in two weeks maybe one week if you watch everyday if
you try to do every day to our Faraday in the professional bodies committed to
one work Saturday and the nighttime we go in opera to practice five-hour so
every day near is seven hour Faraday that why professionals can be compared
with AdWords which learn in the simple stores like from the school pay twenty
pounds to ballet in our school is like like army soldiers deadlines like nearly
in seven hours Saturday even eight hours of time ready
is the mother which is why they go like this first start to create a solution
don’t know like they DeMarco description this is Mike Michael in Seville and I
just I only touched until down the not sure it’s coming and then the moment you
will like you step on the moon like also you can go like I showed you before
combined one more slow down ching-ching fuck
go for niggas next pic or one like a revolt expand 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 2 m and K
change to see how I changed from this last move yeah I I have my foot on the
floor in the heel and change between the heel my food is in the same position but
boots on the side the heel then I change with another here then change this one
this one this one this one like this like see its side time so thank you very
useful in any move like this one see suck suck suck up to me more surface more streams will be more
nice will be more easy so I did that I just change my legs in cross between
points of the cross which are four points from the right side or left in
your part there you see my he’ll adapt then I just go like this to the floor
and I lift up another hill from left one and then I change another one more put
your heel up and force and then put again this part of cross change cross
change with this part of cross change with this part of close so front rows
corner of the close here let – side yeah that this point you can even put on the
floor with a toe people talking with the chop is very very useful you can sign
four points like a cross on the floor then you can put your foot there and in
this part of the leg then you move from there on this you see my kill it off
then you people here the numbers from this point you go in that point yeah
down change then you see when I move from one point to another point I push
but my only the heel is on the floor the not fair is coming down from here on
the floor which is on the floor or you to hear another part of the foot is down
and you change change your change you can fight this room when
you need to more fun you will use the cross and you see now is normal cause
now it helps me only the waves of my body’s going automatically but first
time you need to learn it’s closed position which is from here to here you
go here in the last moment with rebounder you stop shop shop shop
jump on the trough stop stop when you try to do more faster by this up from
the start if I listen you will lose the cross before yeah then from that move
when you already handle this move from cross which is called to the forest from
there you can also sneaks with this one more again from here ok tips fill up see
how I move my Kim is live on the floor I get fucked it up yeah so I go what I go
see first time I have this move like I show you the code from the hip-hop from this movie coming also one whose
disease now we don’t fall like before you should disclose but we do on the
side sometime michael jakes also use this
step to go on side so if you are doing something like this I told you very
difficult a lot of trash yes I try to treat here was a lot of rubbish and a
lot of things on the floor pay for everything I try to remove but I didn’t
have any device or something order to make it proper feel just the time so
this is on the side I go from here side keep it here then you go home : cause
like I told you Kosovo you go inside then you come another one go inside for
another one inside yeah one more again side side side side one more again side side side side side side side yeah
the left side side side side side you don’t need to handle your plans like I’m
doing now but I’m doing this kind of thing keep like this a bunch because I
wanted to see my legs movement okay remind you about the clothes they move
the clothes those move are very important on the protocol so there you
can go many things okay very very base about let’s say about we change little
bit the subject but it’s very good and important intense it’s kind of a trick
from Valley classic for example how I do this or it or that yeah if the help of
head and it’s just like I want to let me
close and go for them so I’m back what I want to tell you is about the head of
the the the head move very important in all type of friends even break them even
ballet just anything you need to have this knowledge how to speak I show you a
little bit kind of a few right now I’m doing looks like a ballet how I do not
you see to be more professional look would be like preparation yeah it down
then yeah I can go it twice for example and this is the help of my head which
will be like one one two down right one more again one to continue there or you
can finish in the position fits or not fit or a fourth position certified but
not more about what I want to talk to you important is about head movements
the head movements and this pier will help you to have the balance in any type
of move you do pirouettes turning or even anything to do those type of
spinning or turning yeah so what you need to do to have the base that you
need to get to choose one point in front of you then watching that point and just
turn your body and keep watching until the last moment
when you feel the eyes can no more watch that point need to skim the other side
and to keep watching that point then turn again your body keep watching the
point on the same side now why is very helpful this move because you don’t get
dizzy by trying out to spin I don’t know I think I will get to see me but you can
see how it looks when you don’t in the head I can see everything around of me
and will it lead easy done why I need to fix one point and to keep watching that
point and spinning all the my body until I find the point again this will help
you also in karate or martial arts you just watch the guy right or as another
let’s say not the girl in order to fight it girl
but the guide the bad guy watch him watch again I only game to be surety is
between the same position then from there is coming the leg or the punch or
just watch a bunch for and I don’t wanna go deep on the martial our martial heart
perfect now I am just a dancer but this is the base the base don’t get peace
watch the points you see what’s the point if I do this thing
watch this point this is so I can never go this please
if you follows if you if you get my move before and so that I was down on the
lock down and why I went down because calm down I can keep my balance and I
can’t follow over once you are down you can keep your balance very very well
yeah so when you spin go down down you see my head is the same position I’m
watching that location Thomas the head then I finish on down why I should
finish on down if I finish ah you see I will follow I
will go right or left or whatever so you see no good sometimes when you will be
so professional you can also finish like up but that
would be more in tears Monica at the beginning of any type of dance jazz
hip-hop ballet this is more this is all appear this
will help you also in the carotid like you when you finish one move the heat
the finishing with the air which should help you to hand out the next move
if I do this move this keeps her on the side yeah the people decide
and you don’t have to have the pre end this part of yet because from then is
coming the power for the next move and from there is handling my balance you
see the balance I can never follow over for a hunter well the balance from here
if I would be here my needs are stretched I will lose the balance that
white good to be on the rear and from there you can handle every time every
type of loop so one more thing what you need to know Windows when you go
spinning keep the same point same location many times how many times you
can this would be a very good price and after the other side yeah turn this we
live in the palace good a lot of times but before we be able to jump on the air
wise or to spin in the period we need to handle this head movement but from this
the head it’s coming the power for the spin you see when I did before that
period Sotiris I moved ahead to time that’s why I can
handle two periods right what the head is helping me if I don’t move
the head only once enough but I will finish like this will not be good so I
need to make sure I handle two times move of the head and in the search when
I want to finish the pivot or determine I should be yet not very important yeah
so what I will do now will be superior finishing the area starting in the free
radicals from there is down the power although left side with my hands and
coming the right side why they came the games are also helping me to spin you
see for 10 second hand and up at the head
one two now I finish it free at the big show I can paint that position and I
told you to follow over so what when you’re going back yeah you don’t know
control yeah so slow motor gear only one yeah oh it’s right
now Oh No if I try to jump on that yeah maybe
everything is your own movie night movie or something like that but will not be
perfectly what is the perfect is this you may be very useful in dance like a
toad funny when you spin don’t spin like this but like nighttime you can’t stick
well maybe you need to make sure the screen perfect this is about an
electrical circuit oh hello what you do for what you must do many times before
you do any any type of time stretching the stretching to make sure you have all
super lines and things like that first and you can go in here – you see I push
with my hands I lift up my shoulder then I go like this slowly and I have very
very relaxed my muscle and my tendons then I keep standing right there and
balancing little by little until I can go until I feel relaxed when it first
time a little bit pain then after you will feel more
like with your hands inside non-space different babies go down and
every luck my one advantage the limos and go back
again like that see also we need to stretch before you
do any jumping those things I got it right
you cannot do this exercise first time to touch your heels when you feel enough
for your legs you can put your hands on row then you put fun to listen on the floor
your Hill one two one two but I was supposed to keep it down the
hill to go down and you’ll feel the stretch very much here and that’s very
important you also might do this move very important also from here come on
the back on the road circles you can put your giving you your funnel
on the floor every time before you jump you must do this
why if you jump directly sometimes we can have a problem with attendance the
next day you can’t walk things right up so not going to need to make sure you
warm up very much your body after that you go for the next step

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