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Boots Haul April 2017 | Fashioneyesta

November 21, 2019

[Intro music – Descending piano slide] Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel. So the other day I went to Boots to get a
couple of things. And… well… yeah… I might have bought a tad more than a couple of
things. But I thought that I would do a Boots haul today, because I haven’t done a Boots drugstore
makeup haul in a while. And I fancied doing one. I bought a few different things that
I thought I’d put them together in a haul and show you what I got. So that’s what I’m
gonna do today. So, I will delve into this bag of goodies.
I haven’t actually looked into this bag since I bought the stuff last week, so it’s gonna
be a bit of a surprise revisiting what I bought. And kind of like reliving the whole shopping
thing again. So let’s get started. So the first place that I went to in Boots
was the Soap & Glory section. And the reason for that was because I’ve heard so many good
things about the Sugar Crush range. And what I hadn’t realised about the Sugar
Crush fragrance before was that it’s made with lime. And, as you guys might know if
you’ve followed my channel for a while, I love the scent of limes. I think it’s such
a nice, fresh, fragrant scent. And when I found out this, I was like “I need to go and
give this a smell. I’m missing out. If it’s got limes in it, I’m missing out here.” I went over, gave it a sniff and, lo and behold
I fell in love. This just smells like a drink. It kind of reminds me of the fragrance of
the lime lollies I used to eat when I was a child from the ice cream van. And it just
brings back so many memories, because it just smells like my childhood. And it’s just such
a nice smell. And it also smells like the ice poles as well
I used to get, the green ones, the lime ones. I always used to want those ones. Those ones
or the red ones, but I never used to get them at sports day. I always used to get the yellow
ones, and I hated the yellow ones. So I got the big body scrub. The Soap & Glory
body scrubs last for ages. And then I also got the shower gel. And the shower gel actually
smells more stronger than the actual scrub does. Ahh, it’s just lime heaven,
it smells so good! The Sugar Crush fragrance is made with lime
oil, capsule I think that is, kiwi juice water and a skin-softening omega rich veggie oil.
It just makes me want summer to be here though, because it just smells
so much like summer. I got a new loofah. I look like a cheer…
well, I can’t be a cheerleader because I’ve only got one pom-pom. Whoever heard of a cheerleader
with one pom-pom? It doesn’t work very well, does it? But I got a new loofah for my shower,
because my other one is absolutely manky, it’s disgusting. And I just wanted to get
a new one, just because it looks like it’s getting a little bit yucky. I also got a new cleanser, because I’m also
running out of my current facial cleanser. And I decided to get the Yes To Cucumber Facial
Cleanser. Now I’ve actually had this before, and I do really like it. But I changed to
a different cleanser to see if I liked that one more. Turns out I don’t, so I thought
I would go back to this one. This is made with cucumber, which is really
soothing on the skin, it’s very refreshing. And it’s also got green tea extract in it
as well, which is very anti-oxidising for the skin. This range is amazing, and I just
love the way this feels on my skin. It’s a gel cleanser, so it firms up very well. And I tend to use this in the morning. I use
a cleansing oil or cleansing butter in the evening. But in the daytime, like in the morning,
I like a gel cleanser. So I got that because I haven’t used this range in a while,
and I fancied going back to it. I got some new nail glue. I got the Kiss Power
Flex Nail Glue, it’s the brush on one. I do use the Primark stick on nails and I love
them, but I don’t like the glue it comes with. I’m sorry Primark, but it’s just not up to
scratch. It doesn’t do much, it doesn’t stay on for very long, and it’s really messy to use.
But I do like the brush on glues because they’re a lot easier to use, and they are
a lot more hard-wearing. The next thing I got was the Eylure Lash Fix
Clear Finish Long Lasting Strip Lash Glue. I had been using a different glue before,
but that one had gone off. I opened it to smell it to see if it was off, and my nose
burnt. I was gagging and coughing on the floor because I was so off, and I was like
“I need to get a new lash glue.” So I thought I’d get this one, because I’m
trying to get back into false eyelashes, and using eyelashes. So I needed to get a new
glue so I could experiment with that. And it’s great. Because it’s clear finish, it
doesn’t go all white and clumpy on the lashes, so you won’t be able to detect it. So I just thought
I’d get that, because it was on offer I believe. I got a new nail polish. I haven’t treated
myself to any new springtime nail polishes in ages, and I fancied getting a couple of
new ones. So I first of all went to the Essie stand,
and this shade took my fancy. It’s in the shade Tart Deco. And it’s a really nice light
peachy pink colour. It’s got more peach tones in it than it has pink, but it just looks
like it will be really pretty and nice and fresh for spring. It’s a lovely colour, it’s
very vibrant. And I’m getting into more peachy tone colours now. And I thought I would get
a nail varnish to match. And I love Essie nail varnishes, because they stay on very well,
they’re long lasting, and they dry pretty quickly too. Then I went to the Barry M stand. And I saw
that they have brought out a new range of Molten Metal nail varnishes. And this one took
my fancy. And it’s in the shade Copper Mine. This is a really pretty iridescent copper
colour with flecks of glitter in there. But it does have a little bit of a rose gold hue
to it. And you know me, I love rose gold, anything rose gold. So I thought “Ooh, this
looks really pretty.” And I just thought I’d get it, because I don’t have anything this
colour, it’s quite unique. And then sticking with the theme of Barry
M actually, I have seen, all over Twitter, beauty bloggers talking about these new Matte
Me Up Lip Kits. And they just look so, so good. I think all the drugstore brands are now getting
on the bandwagon with the lip kits. Because after Kylie Jenner brought out her lip kits,
I think everybody’s been trying to bring out something similar, or their own kind of take
on it, which I love. Because I love liquid lipsticks, I love lip kits, and I think they’re
great. Because you have an exact match to lip liner to your liquid lipstick. So I got 3 shades in the end. I got one in
the shade Runway, which is like a berry colour. I got one in the shade Pose, which is more
of a nude pink. And then I got the shade Go To, which is a proper true nude, with a slight
hint of pink to it. But it’s very, very much a nude shade. And I’m gonna try these out and see what I
think of them. I might do a review of them on my blog, or maybe on here if I like them.
Probably on my blog though, so do go over to my blog, which is
I’ll leave the link in the description box if you’re interested. Because I probably will
do a review on these once I’ve tried them out, to let you know what I think of them. Next I went to the Bourjois stand. And I’ve
noticed that Bourjois have kind of revamped and repackaged and designed their original
Healthy Mix, which is one of their cult classics. They do it in a concealer, and they do it
in a foundation, and everybody loves that product. It’s one of my favourite drugstore
foundations too. But they’ve redone it a little bit. They’ve redone the packaging and
the formulation slightly. And I saw that they had done that with the
concealer. And I’ve never tried out the Healthy Mix Concealer. So I wanted to give this a
go, because I love so many Bourjois products anyway, like the Radiance Reveal Concealer.
And this looked like it would be really good, very full coverage. And I am in the shade
51, which is in Light. So the next place I went to was of course
the NYX stand. Whenever I go into Boots, now that we have a NYX finally in Boots, in my
local Boots where I am, I always go over there and try the new products. And I usually come
out having bought something from NYX, because it’s becoming a bit of an obsession. And I have seen these Prismatic Eyeshadows.
I’ve already got one in the shade Mermaid, which is a lovely light blue, greenish, sea
blue colour, which I love. But this one took my fancy, and it’s in the shade Fireball,
which is like a really beautiful rust colour. It’s so, so pretty. I love my rust shades. Oh my god, that is stunning, that’s so pigmented.
That’s just like a really true beautiful rust. And I think that would look lovely over the
top of some burnt oranges, or even maybe some peach tones as well. And I love the colour,
and it’s super pigmented. Very buttery, but they don’t have much fallout with these. I also got a new lip liner, which is in the
shade Bed Rose. This is like a really pretty, fleshy toned, dark pink colour. So it’s kind
of like a natural dark pink. But it looks so pretty, and I really love lip liners. And
I wanted to get some more pinky tone colours. So I thought I’d get that whilst I was there. I got another soft matte lip cream. I am obsessed
with these things. I love the formulation of them, I love the pigmentation. And they
just look so beautiful and even on the lips, and they’ve got a really good colour range.
So I thought I would get more of a nudey colour one this time, and I got one in the shade
Zurich, which is a nudey pink colour. But it’s got more pink than it has nude, so it’s
a little bit more wearable for spring. It’s like a springtime nude I would say. Next I got a NYX Butter Gloss, which I love.
I do really like the NYX lip glosses as well. And I thought I’d get one in more of a red
colour. So I got this one, which is in the shade Red Wine Truffle. And this is a really
beautiful red burgundy tone colour. Probably a little bit more appropriate for autumn.
But if I like a colour, I will wear it whatever time of the year it is. I’m not someone who’s
a slave to makeup fashion and makeup trends, because I will wear it if I want to wear it. Last, but by no means least, I did splurge
on a new Benefit product. Which is not quite drugstore but, hey, you do get benefits in
Boots, so I think you’ll let me off. And I’d seen this new range of products by Benefit.
And one of them was the Benefit Galifornia Blush, which just looks so pretty. And the
packaging sold me straight away. Because the packaging is like a really cute sixties hippy
kind of girl. And she’s got really big shades on, she’s got flowers in her hair. So very much
flower power love child kind of thing going on. And the colour of this is so pretty. It’s
like this really beautiful peachy pink colour. More like a corally peach colour. And it’s
got gold flecks in it, because it’s got this big sun on it, which has got gold glitter
on the top. So it gives this really beautiful iridescent colour. So the shade ever so slightly reminds me of
the NARS Orgasm Blusher, mixed in with a little bit of the Coralista one from Benefit. It’s
more like a luminous, vibrant, corally pink, gold colour. Perfect for the summer, and it
will look amazing with a tan I imagine. So that’s the end of my massive Boots haul
today guys. I really hope you enjoyed it. Do be sure to like, comment and subscribe
to my channel if you are new. And I will see you guys in my next video.
Bye! [Outro music]


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