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Boohoo Plus Size Fall Haul

January 17, 2020

hey everybody you might notice the
background is a little different behind me today and that’s because well let’s
just be real here the light outside is trash
I cannot film in front of the big window I have in my apartment so I was like
okay how do I make this work I’m filming in front of my vanity if it looks like
crap light that’s kind of kind of his crap light it’s 3:00 p.m. but it
literally looks like the middle of the night I’m doing the best I can people
but I gotta keep on track because I have to kind of film some stuff ahead of time
because I am going to China in like a week in some days and because China is a
tough country for internet access a lot of these sites aren’t available and I
have to have everything kind of ready to go before I go so that’s how I feel
right now and I got these two huge bags from
boohoo today I’m not even kidding huge bags and I just want to open them I
don’t have any patience I could film videos the don’t need opening of things
but I don’t have any patience I don’t know I’m like right now cuz I haven’t
done a boohoo haul in forever and I ordered some stuff but of course I
forgot what I ordered so it’s always like a big surprise and I’m okay so I’m
gonna open them in my spooky weird life I will do the try on later when it is
sunny out that window and it will look beautiful and everything will look great
but this this moment here this is a little spooky sorry I had to like
lean in okay let’s start with the first bag can we just talked about how I like
their bags their bags are pretty the first item velvet now how do I open this
how did they get this in the bag it’s like perfectly sealed there is no
opening sorcery okay this is oh this is so cute it’s a short
little velvet mini dress I will wear this over leggings but it’s long sleeved
so it’s like perfect or into fall and it’s this lovely mauvey crushed velvet
which I have two loves in life faux fur and velvet at least in my fall
life so I’m here for this I love the deep V I love this stretchy stretch and
it feels like that soft amazing inside it’s actually excuse me velour someone
kind of went off in the comments that I call velvet velour and velour velvet and
whatever it’s velour the difference is velour stretches velvet doesn’t this
stretches therefore it’s velour there’s more differences but if you wanted to
like be technically correct that’s the easiest way to tell so this looks super
fun again very short more like a tunic for me but I’m tall for people who keep
asking I’m five nine to five ten depending on the day yeah the yada yada
so this is cool and cute but definitely gonna need some leggings so this is
really cute I kind of feel like the proportions are a little off but I can’t
quite figure out what it is like maybe I want the bust just to be like a little
bit lower it’s just it’s off and off enough that it’s bugging me though I
love the color of the velvet so I might look for something else in this color I
bought a hat I don’t remember buying a hat but it’s definitely very Madonna
1980 wait for it you got to baby put
yourself to the test come on come on come on and vogue okay I actually really
like it I’m into beggar boy hats I think they look cute on me they’re comfortable
and this fits really well I have a bigger head and I thought maybe it would
be too small but it’s actually really cute I love this little chain detail I
look hip I look cool you might invite me to get a drink sometime for a casual
conversation because I am both hip but not too intimidating
ah you know I was wondering where”s the mustard yellow cause it’s not a
mustard yellow haul I mean cuz it’s not a haul for me unless I have
something it’s mustard yellow it’s like an addiction I don’t care I like it it
looks good on me this has a little collared dress which I
love comes down ties at the waist here’s our tie and
it’s about like knee length this I got for layering I’m not gonna lie Here I am
excited about the fact that this has sleeveless Ness to it but it’s
sleeveless has sleevelessness to it this I blame the mirror I blame the filming
situation but I thought it’d be so fun to put like a turtleneck underneath it I
wear all kinds of different like ways of shaping and styling it so I thought it
would be a really fun piece to play around with and something I didn’t have
in this color so why not why not play around it’s in that stretchy fabric that
a lot of their body con dresses are in which is mostly a polyester mix with a
little bit of elastastane I love the color I love that it’s body con I feel
very sexy in this but I love that it’s collared and has like a little bit of
like classy lady feel to it overall I just really like it I think it’s really
alluring on my shape and the color is like my favorite so what’s not to love
this is a lace skirt coord I brought it because bought it because
it came in orange and for those of you new to my channel orange is my favorite
color it’s basically like the easy way to get me to buy something is is it
available in a cute shade of orange and this was I was like I need it the top
is a fun little crop top with like a mesh lining and then a bigger mesh over
top kind of like caution I’m wearing a crop top the bigger kind of open area
continues here I like this cuz got a lot of stretch for my big ol arms which I’m
into and again it’s just cute little crop top
nothing too fancy it goes with a skirt of the exact same pattern and style same
lining but it’s just a little circle skirt that comes out so you can see like
it’s a circle skirt it’s actually probably pretty long it looks like it’s
gonna be just below the knee it’s got a zipper to the back and it feels like again has a little give to it a little stretch and it looks like really true to
size I’m super excited about this because this is like my jam this is like
my ideal color scheme wardrobe like look I’m made to wear orange, I’m made to boogie
I’m made to wear orange and boogie yeah into it I absolutely love this set it’s
my favorite color it’s a little bit different it’s very comfortable this is
by far my favorite thing in the haul I feel like I don’t see stuff like this a
lot especially not in this color because like I feel like orange is one of those
colors a lot of people are afraid to wear not this girl this girl loves it
and I love that it’s so like in-your-face orange it’s not shy it’s
not demure and it’s bam bam bam bam bam bam so weird like the lighting
is so different than I’m just like and whenever that sound is I don’t know more
velvet because a girl cannot resist a dress with a velvet twist she might
try but it’s a lie she’ll give in velvet always wins then has been a poetry improv by one Anna O’Brien it is the blue Velvets just standard like midi-length dress
bodycon I got this because I thought okay I don’t have anything in
this royal blue that’s velvet so it’s like a new color of velvet for me
stepping out of my zone and then also I got it because I thought it might be fun
to layer over like some dress shirts and stuff and kind of like try some new
styles so I got this to kind of play around with and that’s one thing I do
really like about Boohoo is since the items
are so incredibly inexpensive you can buy things kind of guilt free to play
around with and test and and try new styles before you might invest in pieces
that might be more expensive but again they’re not gonna last or be as durable
as some other things so I have had some things from Boohoo hold up for like ages
and like refuse to die so it’s kind of hit or miss in that regard it’s very
soft it’s velour not velvet for that for you you know who you are I’m doing this
for you it’s velour and I love it I love how velvet looks on camera do you just
see the lines like you just feel a little bit and you get that all that
ripple is so sexy I just got turned on a little by that dress so it’s a pretty
basic garment but it is blue velvet so I feel like anything makes it slightly imperfect is made perfect by the color that I love so much and the fabric that I love to touch I’m so
do the mans let’s be real here I like don’t date so the only one who’s gonna
be like touching this fabric is my friend after they’ve had too many
cocktails they’re like it’s so soft Iknow right that’s why I wear velvet can’t
stand me plastic bag I own you this is ooh a midi dress with a fun little belt
detail here straight up this belt detail which you could not see
in the camera now you can it’s sewn on crappy like there’s like two stitches
randomly holding it on it’s either gonna look really cute on or like a real bad
home craft project one of the two I’m really feeling this eggplant color I
didn’t ever really get into this purple but now I’ve decided I like it so I’ve
been looking at a lot of stuff in egg plant the plant of eggs which is a
weird name for that fruit anyway cuz it does not look like eggs at all like how
did it get named eggplant and it’s not even shaped like it makes no sense
does anyone else ever think of this why are eggplants called eggplants I don’t
know this is ribbed and then it’s got a lettuce hem at the bottom that’s where
you have the ribbing and it’s just like freeform
sewed it’s not like tucked under that’s called a lettuce hem new vocabulary word
because the 90s are coming back that same lettuce hem is here down at the
bottom too of the sleeve so I absolutely adore the color but this
annoys me just as it annoyed me when I was trying it on like this belt okay I’m
gonna go wherever I want and it’s not really sewn on so I can literally like I
just know that this isn’t gonna hold up and it makes me disappointed because if
it was just a plain rib net dress in this color I actually probably would
love it but it’s this addition that actually makes it meh for me this is a
dress that’s red it is Oh a tie waist dress it’s in a slightly stretchy fabric
but it’s got dem big ol arms which I love it’s still not the most ideal fabric
from a comfort perspective this one’s like middle ground is a little bit of a
thicker fabric but I do really love the shape of the sleeves the styling on this
and I like that it’s one solid color so I was soso on this when I opened it up
but putting it on I’m in love with it I feel like it’s such a unique look it’s
actually more comfortable than I thought it would be I love the high neckline I
think it’s like you know sometimes we just don’t want to show things off you
just want to like feel elegant and I feel very elegant I also like the way
this skims my curves and the kind of split in the front and a tulip shape
actually accentuates them I just think it looks super awesome I’m very pleased
with this purchase and I’m excited to wear it which is like totally 180 from
what I thought when I was actually like taking it out of the bag and my thought
here is like try stuff on cuz you never know until you put it on your body this
is another color I’ve been really digging this season which is this like
evergreen green I guess this is always a fall color but I just I don’t know I’m
just into it so this is an acrylic oversized sweater or at least it’s
supposed to be it has a balloon sleeve a balloon sleeve is when you come down
into a tiny cuff from a big arm tiny cuff for a big arm this is
like shaped like my hips look haha funny um this feels like a normal sweater
feels like an acrylic mix it’s very comfortable here’s what’s interesting
sacré bleu I am really curious in this it says brave soul London now as far as
I knew boohoo only carried boohoo stuff but this is a non boohoo brand that they
are now carrying in their store which means boohoo has changed their retail
strategy to now include external brands I don’t know how pervasive it is but
this is the first item I’ve ever gotten from boohoo
that doesn’t say boohoo on the label it’s very interesting to me especially
since we’re starting to see a lot of brands do that so I’m gonna keep my eye
out for the rest of this package to see if there’s other brands that they’re
carrying now that I have not seen before so I actually really like this it’s not
as big and baggy as I thought it would be it’s definitely like tight just at my
hips but everywhere else it’s pretty loose I think it’s just really comfy
it’s a little bit more comfy than I thought it would be I like the big
sleeves this okay I know what this is and this is a wild card I just thought
it kind of looked cool it might be awesome so then I was like I’ll take a
chance if you change your mind I’m the first in line baby can’t you see
take a chance on me but I was having a moment there there’s always time for
ABBA there’s always time for Abba okay
so this is weird I don’t know how to describe it
it is a pleated oh what is this called it’s that stretchy pleated fabric it’s
unfinished here it’s like you can’t see it very close plisse
plisse fabric plisse fabric it’s a normal shirt in front
batwing cropped and then in back it’s like hello my whole body I’m not against
it I just have just like unsettled feelings about it will I like it will I
not like it I don’t know this is a lot this is a lot of ties I am annoyed
because this tie is not the same size as this tie
little things like that bother me I feel like they should be symmetrical so we’ll
give it a shot we’ll give it a shot but I have feelings this plisse top may
not please me and again plisse is just the this style of pleating of fabric
to add like a little stretch and movement to it okay I was really unsure
about this top but on I think it looks really stunning the color is a little
unusual it’s something I don’t really have it’s like a peach but I’m really
liking it on we’ve learned two new terms today a lettuce hem plisse what changing
it up increasing your knowledge so you can shop whatever that is I hope it
never comes out again because this situation this filming situation is
making me weird and I was already weird enough
oh I Spy something silver I guess that’s my third prong of my holiday like life
metallic velvet fur yeah that’s pretty much it if I could live in all of
those things okay again okay it is just glitter threw up on me and it’s glitter
all over my body just from opening the bag and it’s like look I don’t know if
you could see it on the camera but do you see like watch doo doo doo doo doo
doo doo doo did I don’t know if you can see it falling but it’s all falling
down on me so disappointing that I can’t cover that for you on the camera these
are going back because I’ve already destroyed my whole apartment there is
literally like a puddle of like sparkle on my floor from these pants and we all
know that that’s never going to leave I will be finding that sparkle on myself
for like the next six months so thanks pants and they’re just a wide-leg pants
that wants to crush your dreams in theory these are fantastic and I’m
excited about them well my midwestern came out there my they’re fantastic but in
reality they are a hot mess I think turning everything you
touch into a sparkle bomb it’s like you know when they have those things where
you could like mail glitter to someone yeah that’s like clothing form of
this you hate someone you just mail them these pants and watch them cry as their
entire house gets covered with like stray glitter like did they even glue
the glitter on the pants or is it just here that so when you shake it it
falls everywhere I’m afraid to try them on because that’s gonna be more glitter
everywhere I’m also gonna say they’re scratchy and I don’t like scratchy
we’ve talked about this before I’m gonna put them in their own spot so they don’t
ruin everything else with their glitter hell I’m mad about that why you have to
destroy my house what did I do to you I spent money on you and here you are just
chunking it up not impressed let’s go into something happier like a
cardigan everybody loves the cozy sweater this is
a standard cardigan it’s in a herringbone print which is that
up-and-down print here in a light pink and why I got this is I just loved how
the ends were finished in what we would call like a rickrack style so that up
and down and here at the bottom you can see it as well a nice little rickrack
finish it’s your standard acrylic sweater it’s not as comfy and soft as
some of the other sweaters that are a little bit more higher price point just to
be honest but it is fairly nice for the cost point and it is really cute it
looks pretty well made and you know I like the color a lot I like the design
it’s a little bit different for me it’s also a little surprising for boohoo
because this feels very like mature and that’s not what I think of when I think of boohoo but you know hey hey people and brands can change moving on so mad at those glitter pants so I think this
sweater is really cute but because of my hips like I just feel like I have to
stretch it out quite a lot to close it at the bottom at the top it’s totally
fine but as you can see so it’s just not a good fit for me different
body shapes might have better experiences with it but this is defo not
cut for me Oh I know why I got this so I wanted I
just wanted something that says this for a really long time which is nothing to
wear it’s just uh it’s more of a tunic than a dress but it’s sold as a dress I’ll
wear with leggings and I just thought it was funny it is a very very soft t-shirt
it is very lightweight it is not a thick t-shirt but it is very soft in fact I
might wear this to fly in because it’s just very comfortable I can already tell
that we’re gonna have a good relationship me and this dress um I just
really always wanted a shirt that says nothing to wear so I saw this and
I got it but that was basically it it’s comfortable though it’s more like a
sleep shirt than a dress I would say I feel like it’s a little like unshapely
to be worn as a dress but I guess like with a cute cardigan over it it would be
okay final thing it’s the final countdown oh this is cute
so know how this is gonna work but it’s a cowl dress cowl-neck dress I
love the print I actually I mean it looks see-through to me but I don’t know
if you can actually see through it or if it’s just like my eyes are so close that
I can see through it I’ll have to like to see it on me but I think the fabric
and the print is super fun like super fun yeah I mean that’s all I have to say
about it I don’t know how much I’m gonna really like it until I find out if it’s
actually see through or not cuz if it is see through I’m gonna be like meh and
if it’s not see-through it could be like a championship dress and I believe I
have $8 for it so that would make it like the steal of the beyond
century whatever Oh we’ll see we’ll see won’t we all feel like it is a little
see-through and it’s definitely a very low cut in this area
well everybody that was my very weird filmed in an unusual location boohoo haul
I will not probably be filming from this location again unless
the weather decides to continue to be meh it would be a perfect time to film
like a vampire movie or a zombie movie or any type of movie where you need like
a dusk setting but also enough light to film that would be what it’s like
outside the problem is when it’s like that outside it’s like super dark in my
apartment and pretty much everyone’s apartment even data’s depressed he’s
like sitting on the couch over there being like I don’t want to go out in
that nope so we just made it work I’m MacGyvered
this situation so I know it’s not ideal but I did my best with that there are
links to everything down below in the description box as per usual if you have
any questions comments concerns you can leave them down below and if you haven’t
subscribed do that cuz I like it I like it every time I get a subscribe it
makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside with that I will check you later have an
amazing rest of your day and peace


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