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BlackMilk: Tokyo Favourites!

November 22, 2019

Hey guys, James from Black Milk Clothing here. Coming to you with a fun little video. Where have I been you’re asking
yourself? Especially when you see my face and my beautiful lush lovely beard. The
reason is it’s full of secrets. Actually I’ve been traveling all
throughout Asia it’s been a lot of fun. I had a great time in Japan with the crew
and I thought, what is a gift that I could bring back from Japan? Is it simply an interesting flavoured KitKat? Can I give the people something more? So the gift I’m going to give to you guys today is the gift of where you can get amazing
coffee, where you can get amazing desserts and where you can get amazing gyoza in the
city of Tokyo. So check it out and let me know what you think in the comments
below! Okay so we’re here down at Takeshita Dori which is right in the middle of Harajuku, my favourite place to hang out, check it out. So this is where
we are right now. I’m gonna be looking at desserts, and I’m gonna be looking at
coffee, and just happiness in general. Let’s get into it!
ZakuZaku: it’s like a hot dog that instead of having a dog, it’s ice cream and it is actually flippin amazing. I got this limited-edition peach one, also amazing. So it’s called Hiyazaku and it’s right in the middle of Takeshita Dori here. I highly recommend it. All right the ultimate in kawaii culture is
a gelato with a pig and a chicken. So this is from Eiswelt Gelato, which I assume means “ice world” in German. Isn’t this adorable, so photographable. Delicious, really good
quality gelato and super kawaii. A lot of people get freaked out by Harajuku you because you hit Takeshita Dori and you just go this is insane. But the cool part of Harajuku is
the back streets, you’re gonna find street wear, sneakers, cool little food
boutiques, cool little desert boutiques and one of the best lattes you can get
in all of Japan and I’m gonna go there right now. This is absolutely the place
to come. It’s Roastery by Nozy Coffee and it’s on Cat Street in
Harajuku. Cat Street is fantastic, you’ll definitely go down Cat Street if you
come to Harajuku but definitely make sure you get to this place. They
actually roast right here as well. It’s a coffee lovers paradise and it is
absolutely amazing. Match it with a cronut, and just enjoy. It is stinking hot in Tokyo right now so
what do you need? Shaved ice. Which brings me to Homibing in Omotesando. The watermelon here one has this beautiful panna cotta stuff as
well which is a very refreshing dessert and what I’ve decided to match
it with is a Japanese pancake. It’s based on egg whites so it’s very fluffy and oh my goodness that is
amazing. So light, nice and sugary. So here I am outside Chavaty Tea with Milk. Clearly not, this is clearly an ice cream.
This is absolutely delicious It is an acquired taste, having tea ice cream, but it’s absolutely huge in Japan. Okay the next place I’m in is Lattest in Omotesando. It is amazing, beautiful flavoured coffee, the art is really good. A bit of a hangout, real kind of buzz going in here. Where else can you get an amazing latte beside an aluminium whale? Yep this is fantastic. Verve Coffee Roasters Shinjuku Station. 3.5 million people come through this place every single day and I’m one of them,
several times a day so I get one of these bad boys. I’m very well known in this place because I always come here several times a day whenever I’m in Shinjuku. Great drip coffee. It’s actually an American company from Santa Cruz California and I absolutely love it. Verve Coffee Roasters Shinjuku. Happy Pancake. Happiness and pancakes. So guys, I brought in reinforcements, Alex and Eden. They are world champion pancake eaters. Have you ever had one of these before? No I haven’t. Capture the expression on her face. Mind blown. Tell me what you think. We’re at Happy Pancake right now these are all over Tokyo. We’re
in the Omotesando one. They are all extremely popular. Desserts in Tokyo, you definitely have to make a stop in it: Happy Pancake. Look at this. Look at this fluffiness. What’s your favourite one? Banana and chocolate is my recommendation. One of the things you have to realise about eating in Tokyo is that what you can see on the streets is a tiny percentage of
what’s available. So what I typically do is when you go into a building
each floor will have something different on it. It could be fashion, it could be
massage, but in this example we have several
different several different food places on each floor. The food place we’re going to is actually just up here. Don’t get fooled into thinking what
you can see is everything. Go into the buildings and keep going up and you’ll find the most incredible hidden gems. It’s time for gyoza! Okay if you’re ever in Shibuya which you’re definitely gonna be if you come to Tokyo, you need to visit this place it is fantastic Shibuya Gyoza: my favourite gyoza place in all of Tokyo. Look at this delicious thing. You can buy
like plates of 36 here. Dip it in your little sauce. Traditional Japanese potatoes and some rice to go with it as well. . Definitely having a carb up today. Love
this place. There’s some huge gyoza on the sign
outside so you’ll know where it is. It is delicious. So this is a bottle of ramune. It is a very famous Japanese drink. Now it’s very complicated how you open it, so I have an expert here. So you peel this off. And there is this lid. You take it apart. Separate it into parts. And then place it on somewhere steady and then you just push, like this. That is delicious.
So that’s it guys, it’s sayonara from me. I really hope you get yourself on
a plane, get yourself to Tokyo, drink lots of coffee, eat lots of dessert and smash that gyoza. You know what else you can smash? Smash that like button, smash that subscribe button. Make it happen, make your dreams a reality, get yourself off to Tokyo and live your best life. See
you guys!


  • Reply Vixen Vendetta October 11, 2019 at 5:04 am

    I will have to try those! Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply Sophia Lillis October 11, 2019 at 6:59 am

    So good

  • Reply Tiffany Harrison October 28, 2019 at 11:09 pm

    I'll definitely try these food treats when I get to Tokyo ♥️ ♥️ Hope you can check out Phlanx influencer platform and check your Instagram account for fake followers and likes using our Influencer Auditor tool!

  • Reply Michael Zemek November 1, 2019 at 6:51 am

    Missed this video before I went to Tokyo. Just got back to Taipei after 3weeks there. Got to love Tokyo. You should try Taipei sometime.

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