Blackjac SCHOOL MAGIC || Ep.3 || Two Card Monte

September 8, 2019

Right okay Have you heard “Two Card Monte Before?” No. This is the ace of diamonds, but we are going to call it the diamond instead. Hold the card like this, yeah like that. Okay show to the camera what the card is card. To the camera. lol, sorry. So what is the card? Ace of diamonds. No, just diamonds okay. Okay, I’m going to take the ace of hearts. Im going to show you the move the secret that these street performers or magicians would do. I’m going to take the Diamonds (not the hearts). I’m going to switch the card so fast none of you would see it. Hold tight. (Teacher walks in) Right Jac keep the cards now, oh are you filming. Okay you can have another 2 minutes then. Check the card. (Changed the two black queens from the two red aces) WTF!!!. ?????!!!!!?!?!?!?!. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!!. What the fuck?

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