Billet Specialties Tru Trac Front Drive System LS Engine LS3 StreetLegalTV Install Tutorial How-To

September 11, 2019

Brought to you by Jegs! When it comes to upgrading your muscle car
with a blend of show and go fast parts, it becomes a bit of a juggling act. Most companies’
car show parts aren’t looked upon as performance pieces, unless their name is Billet Specialties.
This innovative company builds components that look equally the part on race cars and
award winning car show queens. Today, we’re taking a look at Billet Specialties True Track
front drive system for LS based engines, as we install one on our project LS3 crate engine. Let’s take a look at what comes included in
the True Track top mount kit we selected. An ATI super dampener dampens the engine’s
harmonics better than the OEM counterpart. The Edelbrock water pump is a high flow unit
that increases the cooling power of your engine. A Power Master 105 amp one wire alternator
helps simplify wiring while supplying enough power to run all of the components in your
vehicle. A Maval power steering pump helps reduce steering effort and also it come with
AM outputs. Since our kit is designed for AC, we also received the standard AC compressor
that comes with a Billet Specialties clutch cover and patented Billet compressor manifold
that will supply superior cooling. For the bracket system itself, Billet Specialties
has gone to great lengths to design their front drive system to utilize perfect placement
of these accessories. These parts include all precision-machined Billet brackets that
are super thick, with rounded edges and are polished to perfection. And even better, pumping
out the brackets in all the factory locations are 12 point ARP stainless steel bolts. Topping
off the brackets are the Billet Specialties pulleys. Every single one is one piece Billet
and includes the air conditioning, water pump, alternator, power steering, crank, and idler
pulleys. The belt of choice in the True Track kit is a Goodyear Gatorback six rib serpentine
belt. As you can see, we opted for the polished kit but Billet Specialties also offers a black
anodized finish, for a more aggressive look. Now let’s take a look at the installation.
We laid out all of the components and made sure to carefully read the Billet Specialties
instructions. First to be installed was the ATI super dampener and the Edelbrock water
pump. The ATI dampener required an OEM installation tool that was the correct diameter of the
crank. The inner bracket installs first, which is followed by the dampener itself, and is
held on by Allen bolts. From there, we moved to installing the Billet Specialties Billet
brackets, which come separately packaged and labeled. Given that our engine was sitting
on an engine stand, this was super easy to accomplish. If your engine is installed already,
don’t worry. Just expect to spend a little more time carefully placing the brackets in
the correct positions. Next, we installed the polished one wire Power
Master alternator that comes with a Billet pulley and alternator fan, followed by the
polished sand and AC compressor, clutch cover, and compressor manifold, with the final accessory
being the Maval power steering pump that includes AM fittings. Having built mostly race cars
in the Power TV garage, installing these components was different than what we mostly do but anyone
with a good handle on wrenching can perform this, install thanks to Billet Specialties’
step by step instructions. Wrapping up the installation, we move to the
Gatorback six rib pulley and tensioner. Billet Specialties’ tensioner is manufactured proprietorially
for the True Track systems, machined out of Billet aluminum and extremely easy to set.
Simply rotate the tensioner nut from the 12 o’clock position, clockwise. Install the tensioner
pulley and return the tensioner bolt to the 12:00 position, and you’re done. In a matter of two hours, we were able to
install the Billet Specialties True Track front drive system with ease. The directions
are straightforward, and Billet Specialties included all the right hardware to make it
happen. With the performance of the included accessories matched with Billet Specialties’
precision made components, we knew we would have a winner on our hands. Now, all we need
to do is get the old project swinger closer to rolling down the highway, and we’ll be
ready to show or go at a moment’s notice. Brought to you by Jegs! Lifetime support,
complete customer satisfaction. Delivering performance since 1960.

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