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Best Shredding Guitar – Satisfying Experiment | Ah Fantastic Ep02

November 18, 2019

Op, it’s the hand. OMG! it’s cause fire. Hey, Youtube.
I’m Sipheng and today I’m doing try not to satisfying challenge by watching this satisfying video. Now lat’s roll. First item is the light bulb. Putting it in. Wow … This really get in very easy. What is that?
Cream. Remote control. What is that?
Toy car. OMG. It’s shredding in. Candy, a lot candy. OMG, look at it jumping. Oh, a lot of candy.
Can I have one? I really want it now. What is that?
Shampoo? Op, Ah! OMG! It’s looking like your Ch* off. It’s iPhone. OMG. It’s shaving blade.
Oh it’s too easy. Xbox controller … OMG, the FIFA 10. The CD for the play station. It’s just too easy. What is that? Ooh, It’s a toilet seat. OMG. It’s too big. Is it too big? It’s still eating it. Shredding it in right now. OMG, This is almost satisfying. Look, Do you hear the sound? Ah the sound is … OMG! The metal. Basket ball. OMG, this machine can shredding anything. And what is that ball? it’s too fast. Oh no, it’s a drone. Why? Why you destroy the drone? I want a drone. I don’t know what is that. It’s an Axe spry. Oh, OMG… Ooh… It just pop. The big Pepsi. Wow. OMG, This machine is very cool. Corn! I like corn and I like eating corn. Look at it. Loot at this machine, it’s eating it. Oh this one is Fanta can. Op! I thought it was an empty Fanta can. It is full. Lego! Why he destroy a lot toy stuff. It’s a ball. The new color pencil? All gone… Oh it’s a brush. It doesn’t make me satisfying. Toothpaste. bye bye toothpaste. Nutella. It’s a glass one. This isn’t the plastic Nutella. It’s a glass Nutella. Oh it a lot Nutella. I’m not satisfying. What is that thing? OMG. The leather bag.
What……? It doesn’t seem like any difficult for this machine at all. What is that?
It’s the light. It’s pop out the battery and shredding it. This is other light. OMG, oh no. it’s gone. Oh! it’s a hand. Oh! Oh I thought it’s a read hand. I was shock at the moment. I thought it was a real hand. OMG, It a toy snake. A scratching man. OMG, look at it scratching. Bye bye scratching man. bye, OMG. Lighter. Will it explode? Op oh! Oh! Tic Tok!
Bye bye tic tok. This is the best thing I always brought along
with me when I was in the high school I like eating it. Oh, what are these?
it’s a lot. Champaign bottle. 1 2 3 bottles and the wooden board. What is that stuff for? It seemed like for New Year Eve stuff. This machine is really can eat anything and shredding anything. Oh, look at the Champaign bottle. Gone for the half bottle already. OMG, Can you imaging now dangerous this machine is? And what is this? It just going … Do you hear the sound? So satisfying. But i’m not satisfying yet. A coke. bye bye Another remote control. This one look like car remote control. Spiderman, a lot of Spiderman. A lot of Spiderman get shredding in to that machine. Why he have to put a lot of Spiderman? Some are jumping off. Yes, go. Spiderman goes. Don’t stay there, it’s not safe. You’re going to get shredding. Oh no, bye bye Spiderman, bye. What is that? OMG, it’s almost shocking me again.
It’s a fake hand inside the pumpkin. Hello Halloween. Pumpkin Halloween. Bye bye Halloween. Bye bye Pumpkin. It’s the lighter and it’s a lot of lighter. Not ever a minute, all gone very fast. Other phone and other fake toy gun. Coconut. Look how this machine eating coconut. OMG, It’s the coconut meat. Aw, It’s all gone. The tennis ball. OMG, is it the computer mother board? Oh, OMG. It’s shredding anything and It won’t stop at all. Nothing can stop this machine. Wow. This is amazing. This one really satisfying. OMG! A mug. Wow… Woow, I’m really satisfying with this one. A plate. Bye bye plate. Look at it jumping. It doesn’t want to shredding in at all. Do you hear that sound? The sound of the plate jumping. Oh, what is that? It look like a cup of cream. Other toy car. OMG, It just pop out. And what is this stuff? Do you know what is that? I don’t know what is that.
If you know, please leave your comment below. Other frozen Pepsi can. The ping-pong ball.
Yeah it is a lot ping-pong ball. Is it shaving cream? It just explode and a lot stuff over here. What is that? Is it chocolate? This is the chocolate with milk. Aw, It look disgusting. wow. It doesn’t look satisfying at all. Oh bye bye chocolate milk. Bye bye the dirt. Bye bye the chocolate milk, bye bye. Oh, Xbox controller. How many of Xbox controller does he has? He just shredding one and now is other one. My favorite toy Scooby Doo. Oh no… Oh it gone. The football. Oh what is that? Do you know what is that? Okay, how many time that you satisfying? And which item that made you satisfying the most? Leave your thought in the comment below and give me a thumb up if you like this video. And now let keep rolling. Pineapple. Bye bye pineapple. Look like this machine eating it very delicious. Emm. wow… Oh is it a fan? Spider. Bye bye fake spider. A toy bus. Toy bus bye bye. Oh no, it doesn’t want to go. Oh… oh bye bye. Do you hear the sound? What is this? it’s too fast and I can’t see it. What is that? Potato chip. I always have it. Drum. This is the kid drum. Bye bye. Plastic case. wow. Watermelon, my favorite. I always keep it in the fridge and I cold and I like to eat it when it cold. Emm. I think this machine also like it. Look at it. OMG. Aw. Do you hear the sound? it is like when you eating watermelon. Emm ah, I can’t control it. Almost satisfying with that. Ah oh no, watermelon. Probably, I will have watermelon after watching this video. Hamburger. Wow. it doesn’t wait at all. the wrap of the hamburger. Is it a wooden box?
It look like a wooden box. Wood box. Okay, bye bye wood box. Other ball shredding in. Oh another scratching man. Op! OMG, it just cut half of it. Oh, he’s putting the head go first. Oh, he still wants to scratch it. Ahhhh! bye bye scratchy man. ahhhhh OMG Okay! Spiderman’s homework book. Bye Bye Oh, what is that? Is that the light,
ohhh it’s the matchbox. OMG, it causes fire. Oh, this is the fake leg. Why? he always put
some fake hand and leg in there. It’s scary. Okay, this is Minecraft Knight. Bye bye Minecraft Bye Bye Ohhh… It’s iPad 3. He’s just put iPad 3 in there. Oh, another Nutella ! Wow, he has a lot of Nutella. Shredding it in now I like a lot of Nutella with the bread. But this one doesn’t look delicious at all. This is another shampoo.
“Head and Shoulders” Ohhh, look at the shampoos coming out.
Ooh… Oh Oh!!!! hmm, it’s car plate. Oh, bye bye car plate.
bye bye… It’s another phone. It’s two phones. Oh and what is this?
I don’t know what it’s called. It’s another toy car.
He has a lot of toy cars. Coke with menthol !
Will it explode there? Nooo, it’s not. Okay PENs Football! This is another football. Yellow football, Bye bye Nothing can stop that shredding machine. What is that? I can’t see it. What is that? It seems like… Ohhhh Look… the yellow melon
It’s the melon. The sound so delicious.
You know, I like fruit a lot. Eat it… He has a lot of fruit in here.
Pine Apple, Water Melon… And now it’s melon.
Another yellow melon I like eating fruit. Pepsi…. This is the small Pepsi
Not the big one noooo What is that?
Is that microphone? Ohhhh… It’s microphone. Bye Bye
it’s toy microphone. It’s not the real microphone. Another ball…
Wow… Police toy car! Okay the police toy car oh you destroy the police toy car Are you hating the police?
[laughing…] Why do you hate police? Don’t hate police, okay? They just doing their job.
They’re making us safe. Oh oh it’s not getting in. The car is too big, I guess.
Bye Bye Oh, he’s trying to put it in again. The police toy car doesn’t want to go. Oh bye bye Come on! Come on
you have to get in If not, these guys will push you in you have to go,
if’s not, this guy will push you in Oh it’s the Halloween head
the pumpkin hat Oh bye bye pumpkin Bye bye Halloween
See you next year Bye Bye Pumpkin OMG A laptop This is an old laptop right now. Oh, it’s getting in. OHHHHHH, OMG
this laptop can STOP the machine. He’s just reversed it. And make it in again. Oh, can this machine shredding
the laptop? I don’t think it can go in. OMG, this is so satisfying. Oh oh yeah
Oh it stuck again Oh this laptop is very cool. It can stop the machine. He reverse the machine now. And come back again, And it eats all the laptop even the CD room. Oh bye bye laptop But you make a very well done job, laptop We will remember you. Alright, if you enjoy this video
don’t forget to subscribe and click on the bell icon so you don’t miss my update
video anytime soon thank you for watching and see you in the next video
bye bye


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