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BEST Magic Show in The World 2017 | Comedic Magician Britain’s Got Talent

November 15, 2019

Nicely done! How are you? Nice to meet you. [give] me your next Mark Yeah, brilliant, because it’s all spectacle mouth swelling today. The chattering Alma will stray on. Yes That’s it. Okay. I’m going to do good luck all yours. I’ve gone Good luck Hello. what’s your name? My name is Matt Edwards. Hi, matt. Hello. Where’re you from? I am from a Suffolk. Great, How old are you? I’m 34. Do you have a day job? Do I look young? Um yeah! I’m a magician is what I do for my day job. Lovely, so tell us something about you that makes you different from other magicians that we may have seen on show. I think the what makes me difference from other magicians is the type of magic that I perform isn’t necessarily the sleight of hand it’s a little bit crazy a little bit variety, I would say. Mm. Like the sound of that. All right, we look forward to your act. Good luck! So do it now? Yeah. It’s lovely to meet you all, my name is Matt. What’s your name? Brilliant [laughs] that’s enough. now, I’ve only got like a minute to show you what I can do so ladies and gentlemen I’d like to perform a trick But before we do my trick, I’m going to propose a post I want to say cheers to everybody. So when I say cheers everybody in the audience shouts Cheers Perfect, Amazing! Now, because I’ve only got a minute I’m going to give this a big buildup in the hope that everyone claps really loudly and then all the ladies take off their bras And throw them in my face. Look at it, {Ear, Alicia} Ladies and Gentlemen {senor Si senor Es. De Medeiros elaborate on Gaetano definitely Pavarotti Kira} {creature Haji} Baba Baba Baba simply Evans and Magic I like him. I do I forgot the salt. Gotta have a salt. I forgot the salt I’m fine. I’m fine. That’s enough salt. It’s gone Sorry Do you have a broom? a broom Sorry Wait, Wait. Watch this. Ladies and gentlemen everybody cheers Cheers!!! Thank you. Thanks David. What a brilliant way to present a magic trick I love when people push jokes as far as they possibly they can go until they almost break It was very funny very entertaining. It was Brilliant. Well done. Thank you. Amanda? Yeah, I really loved it. It was sort of silly how tommy cooper used to do. You know you’re so distracted by you clowning and messing about that We’re not paying attention to what you’re actually doing so therefore. It’s even more magical. I really love you I think you’re charming. I think you’re funny, and you’re kind of old-school with a twist. Which is absolutely perfect Britain’s got talent Well done! I gotta be honest with you, Matthew. You know when you start with that voice. I thought it’s going to be really annoying But actually you are brilliant. I mean really really funny. And how are you? 34. you says. okay. I’m surprised you haven’t had a break yet, Matthew. Because you’re really likable and nuts You’ve just got something about you your energy. This is what we look for on these shows people who’ve got star quality I’ve just got beaten about you I agree, Matthew. Love your passion enthusiasm. we’re going to take a vote. David? Oh, they are going for the vote. I’m going to say ‘Yes’. Hold on He is too good. Ready? Take a bow Well done. Very good I wasn’t expending that. Honestly, we were laugh so much. I thought was going to be — Really funny. Honestly, we loved that act and Simon, you said it. He’s 34 years old and for some reason he hasn’t been given the break until now. Yeah. and so we just wanted to be Really good really good really good. Love it. Yes, that’s a good one! Yeah I gotta tell you Matt. They were absolutely on the money. This is what it’s all about dreams comes true. Good for you Look at that. Thank you so much. Love it. Honestly. That was just.. I haven’t seen any getting a routine up for years please Pick a song is it so much. I’m ready to show the world. Thank you so much for the opportunity of working I’ve got your live stream Fine, sorry Clever [Maya] Tony I’m coming. Thanks. Mate. Sorry. I’m on my way Laurie this picture spread my legs rubber legs It’s lonely to see [y’all]. Hi. My name is matt. You know because it’s in big lights. Hello everyone meow Sorry, I love that noise. I collect them you see I’ve got loads of them I’ll give you an example and I [can] do this one By Dario Gobble, and I can do this one because this one bit, huh ladies and gents include evening and welcome to the BBC Long plastic Tube that you get at Christmas. You know the one will you turn outside down, then it goes it goes there? goes I Know what you’re all thinking or thinking why is this crazy man being up to suzy’s audition well ladies and gentlemen I have just started My own company and tonight. I’m releasing my first product. I’m so excited about it. I brought [it] along [here] it is now this may just look like a little silver ball, but ladies and gentlemen [I] call this the sexy detector I’ll explain [how] it works what you do, right? If you pass the ball between these two fingers, and then [you] place your thumb against your nose And you drop it and however high it bounces tells me how sexy. I am I give an exact already be sure service tonight ladies and gentlemen I and that sexy Knowledge would you like to go and you’re a petty man coming out? [it’s] really easy all you do is hold against two fingers your thumb against your nose and drop it right go [good] in it. I should have used their kits listen and Very special present for you. I’ve got something I want to give to you about with it I need you to follow me come up the stairs for a second come and stand on this step. Just there [cook] excellent [you’re] left a tiny bit Perfect. [they] [don’t] and I have a very [ball] turning on I have a very special present view but you have to choose it for this ladies and gentleman over here on this table I have a little black cup inside this cup and I have something I want you to have a look at hold [out] your [hand] [first]. It’s a dice whoa check it out Just make sure it’s an ordinary guys make sure the numbers are [different] if you’re happy safe now [nil] [by] me I’ll [pave] it guys have another cup make sure there’s no holes in the carpet of the dice colorful fruits if you’re happy safe Worked very carefully. [I’m] going to take this site I’m going to place a dice inside the cup when I do and will take his hand and place your hand on [top] of the cup it works every time for six Oh good now my shadow is going to shake back up like a crazy lady Then whenever he gets the urge this is he’s gonna start shaking He’s going to take your hand off the top of the cup look down and see your number He’s going to tell you what that number is and then he’s going to collect his prize From one of these they even just went over on the table. I have what I like to [call] the stick of do only six Optimistic are six different playing cards ladies and gentlemen and Written on the backs of all of these cards [and] some things that [I’m] going to do To you okay Just shake the cup oh It stopped great tell everybody what number of you. Go [five] five oh, no I’m never [big] exercise before quick put the top on the floor grab handle number five and show everybody what? have you won [hog] [a] la a hogan you want a [house] Dress come on in okay of you. I love you [ah] thank you Someone who [cleans] are you looking at me? Yeah, [bit] of a lazy eye tonight [nah], that was that I love kind of you know I grew up watching More grown wiser than [though] these guys did their huge fans as well, tommy cooper, so I love this all-star. Comedy really family friendly You are a brilliant entertainer. I [wished] you’d have had a bit more time because I mean you were cramming walk [thin] But it was really inventive and you covered so many angles there physical comedy You know interaction with members of the public which it really was A joke [too], so I think [you] did [really] well tonight, Matt well done Here are very very likeable and your mind you jim Carrey in a really good way, and I love your physical comedy I think like David said very family-friendly. I could imagine you at the Royal variety [aside] yeah, and I [think] [I] think you know might need more time, but I would like to see more of you. You’re wonderful Yeah, you reminded me the kind of programs that I have to stay off from watch when I was a kid [I] think he looks like a cross between lee Evans and Robbie Williams. It was going Yeah, I honestly you make it look a lot easier than it actually is because there is so much you were doing there You’re very funny. You’re very charming. It was very slick The boys did a great job in [helping] you I would love to see something like this in the final cause of the guy said This is perfect variety Travel parents, [are] you you too well come on you you have proud Lopez We are tell you I think I said this earlier on about one of the things about you know what can you what can you? Hope to achieve on the back of one of these shows the one you managed to do but boy you crammed a lot in there Is that you showed me and everyone else that you’ve got this force of personality? where you can carry a show, so Fortunately there are one or two people up in the gallery now who work for ITV [I]? Would be thinking if I was there when I was launching a new game show or something I would put you to [process] Because what’s important on this show is where do you go? What do you use this time for [when] you’re in front of [ten] million people? And I think this is a perfect as you’ve [attained] combined [Dunnock] [Consolidator] 12 I think God, I’m watching but no this is a great audition for you, and I think people they’re going to get you guys great choice Welcome very proud to be The Lobster father [would] all right leave a while to get to the final call for any tears, okay? Thank you so much the opportunity to know to come and fall in front of you It’s be logical when you guys are amazing. [I] love you things yeah [a] quick disclaimer we do get first dibs on all new ITV game shows so I thought nothing could top my first audition prove to the life final that’s crazy Matthew on Earth I Started [funny] Magic when I was [5] years old my dad bought me a silly trick I practiced and practiced in it the only job I’ve ever had sin thought for years and years and years about entering Britain’s got talent and I guess I was really scared to do it because I didn’t know what people were going to think of me, but The best decision I’ve ever made it was so important for me to make and Dec proud. They’re the ones that gave me this opportunity During my [semi] [final] [performance] Simon cowell turned round and said if I was launching a new game show I would look to you for [profit] It’s always been a dream [of] mine of course I’d love to present a TV show who would and you never know after this somebody might snap me up Tonight Simon is one of the most important moments of my [life] I’ve built up my entire career looking for this break and now it’s been given to me. I want it more than ever Hello, so for my final [boss] [this] evening. [I] wanted to make a really big entrance oh So I don’t have much time ladies and gentlemen please welcome live to the stage my beautiful wonderful assistant You have a very important job. [I] need you to take this box and these pieces of paper and this pencil And I want you to run over there and get everybody in the audience to write down names of famous people and put them in the Box cheers, [babe] okay, so I can call him babe my pet name sir and anyway, so ladies in German the last time of year during my semi final performance the judges said I didn’t really have [enough] time and that they Wanted to see more would you like to see more? Written if it’s written it through would you like to see more? Well, they only give you a couple of minutes. All you have to do this really quickly, so ladies And an end up with David Williams pants inside my pocket. Are you ready? Then please watch carefully because this ladies and gentlemen is called finger manipulation Go, honey. It is distributed it Superfood another pot and [a] pop pop go away for [a] [little] [up] did it in and it blasted in it in and if I can And if I spin it in it called it on Three legs now what you do this? And I [think] of anything Oh man, what you doing me decide this one looks disgusting I thought we had a neon wanna go pitch and resin. [oh] my gosh, not really Everybody does no worry. I’ll fix it I’m at the end of that. Thanks, so Start hearing that misdirection. I would like to say ladies and gentlemen I now have David’s pants inside my pocket All [they’re] nice one [Java] matter this bend David because I’ve taken your pants It’s only fair that I show you a quick trick bit learn Quick one of the few savings and David what I want you to do is take a piece of paper out of the box Inside that box you’ll see the name of a celebrity you have a look at it Remember [who] that’s delivered to you and don’t tell anybody you’re on the Saturday. Yes, I do. Thanks I love you, too ladies and gentlemen I’m about to attempt to Read David’s mind And then I’m going to paint you a picture [all] your celebrities on this evil stuff using something very bizarre ladies and gentlemen [didn’t] Check this out What? – fire Or he will Looking good is looking. Good save it kid culture trying on my famous person next one Oh, you know, I think I know me ladies and [gentlemen] I think I know It’s not one person imitated if it takes a toll yeah I got it [may] [be] a judgment. [that’s] [right] think I’ve got it perfect So I’m going to go for it I’m going to go for it ladies and gentlemen boys and girls the lovely [named] it for [the] first time can you tell everybody here? Who is the celebrity David so you are thinking of? an tinder and Dead Ladies and gentlemen I present to you a [very] terrible picture, but nonetheless the picture of the very beautiful Well, let me show us. All ooh wow That was an entrance and a half I have to say I just love your laugh It’s amazing the trick was brilliant, but I much prefer [you] and you’ll just being you and silly because you’re so charming I think children are [absolutely] going to love you.thank today. If you think eyes I mean Energy about you are very funny look very [likely] [I] think I said it to you [before] but it’s that kind [of] old school Variety which I was allowed to stay up from what you really remind me of that but with a kind of modern silly twist, and I absolutely understand why I’m Mad you know what we’ve seen from you from the minute We’ve met you is is that I can kind of see what you’ve done throughout your career [over] the years That you do an awful lot of things I think what I would take away from from your performances on the show and the final tonight is is that it’s your personality Which is your usP? [and] what I hope is going to happen [and] they said this earlier Is that someone [on] the back of this is going to take a shot with you and a raven of risk actually to say? very very likeable I’m going to get a judge really why I thought tonight because I want to remember you over the three performances We’ve seen you which for me is Someone who actually needs a break probably will get the break [off] the back of this And I hope that the public vote for you because you deserve I really love silly humor reminded me a little bit of Harry Hill awhile of Lee Evans Who I love um you know what you are a very funny, man. I hope he will vote tonight Thank you Gregory Walton if you want oh


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