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Bert and Ernie | 2019 Kennedy Center Honors Red Carpet

December 11, 2019

Ernie: It’s pretty exciting isn’t it Bert? Bert: Oh it’s terrific, yeah, it’s yeah- I can’t believe this is happening, Ernie. Ernie: Yeah you know
it’s uh it is a little unbelievable Bert: Yeah was it was just unbelievable that you dressed up, in a tux! Ernie: Yeah, he’s not wrong. Bert: He never dresses up. Paula: You guys look great tonight, how fun is it to be here with all your friends? Ernie: Oh you know it’s terrific- terrifically fun, isn’t it Bert? Bert was being very eloquent earlier. He was saying it was very fun. Weren’t you Bert? Bert: Yes. Well I- Yes. Yes. I do like to use, you know, qualifiers like that. You know, superlatives like very!
Extremely! Yeah. Ernie: Yeah. You’re a colorful character. Hey we’re uh- ooh- Big Bird’s getting away from us, we gotta go. you

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