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Beginner’s Guitar Lesson in hindi | 01 | Introduction to Guitar – Guitar Parts

December 2, 2019

Hello friends this is Pravin. Today we’ll see basics of guitars.This will be the first lesson for Guitar in which I’ll cover, position of hand, sitting position, how to hold the pic, parts of the guitar, and a simple exercise Ok now first we’ll see how to hold the Guitar, you must be seeing this curve, hopefully you’ve purchased a new guitar and its similar to this or you might have some other model but this curve which you see, is like this, & if you are right handed person, you should fit this curve in your right thigh like this, what we call as orthodox position, like this, will give you more comfort. I use this footstool at my place, so that my leg is slightly up while I am sitting, this is my foot stool, I kee my foot like this… my back is straight, now this curve is fitted in my right thigh & I am balancing this guitar with my shoulder like this actually there is no need of your left hand just to balance the guitar now will see, which part is called what.. this big part you see is called body of the guitar from this point onwards we call it neck of the guitar these are the keys you can call this machine head, this white thing is called nut and this part is called bridge this is sound hole these box look alike are called frets and this whole part is called fretboard if you see carefully, you’ll observe markers placed on your guitar its on 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th you have two, 15th, 17th and 19th these are marks, it tells us position, we call it position markers, Total strings are 6, we count strings from the bottom this is first, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th names of strings we’ll see later we will call this a plectrum short form is pick now I am using 0.80 mm pick, this is my personal favorite some times I use 1.0 mm also, it depends on what I am playing now I am going to explain a simple exercise to you this will be our first exercise first of all you’ll seat like this your guitar should be like this for time being, we are not going to use left hand I am holding this pick in two fingers index finger & thumb I hold it like this I am going to use two terms here one is down stroke and one is upstroke this action is down and this action is up I use my little finger like this, now I am habitual to this, u can also practice like this I get judgement on where I am , by doing this I hold it approximately in this area like this then I am going to pluck this 1st string 4 times down, up, down, up you can count also 1..2..3..4 when you are doing this… you have to be careful, you make sure that you are plucking only one string at a time don’t pluck other strings accidentally in this first exercise I am going from down to up and again from up to bottom I will do it slowly first like this… if this speed is fast for you you can do slower than this now you pause this video at this point when you will return back, that time you will do it with me, I’ll give count, you will do it with me 1..2..3..4.. you do this exercise at least 10 to 20 times if you can do this successfully… then you are ready for next lesson Thanks for watching, if you like this video then please subscribe to my channel.


  • Reply MauriatOttolink July 29, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Hi. Don't know why or how you chose to send this to ME but it's interesting.

    As I have no Hindi (but I do teach beginner's guitar!) , I wondered about your various positions of holding the instrument . However, I understood when you settled on the classical footstool method.
    I guess the other positions were 'how not to hold it!'
    Another real puzzle is why it was not ENTIRELY in Hindi?
    So many English words and expressions were used!
    'Actually', 'left hand', 'simple exercise', numbering frets, etc.
    There must surely be Hindi words for these English ones.

    I can't follow the Hindi so it must be just as difficult for someone who speaks ONLY Hindi to understand the many English words.
    Otherwise…Sukria. I did follow the guitar playing and the lesson which is virtually the same as I do it.

  • Reply Pravin Jadhav January 23, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Best lesson on youtube!

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    cool 🙂 sir 🙂

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    Nice one sir! 🙂

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    Thanks! Understand how to play Guitar….

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    Very good!

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    u were also "bewakoof" at the initial stage…..Hahahahahaha

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