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Bay News Rising Presents: The Busking Life

August 30, 2019

-Hi, I’m Tamera Chance I’m a musician and a deadbeat And I lost my job. I used to have a job I felt scared, paranoid You know, ‘Where’s the money coming from?’ But, uh, also, too You know, you can’t feel more free And I’ve only been ripped off once where some kid comes in and grabs five bucks And then I go into my old people routine: ‘Damn you kids!’ -My name is Velo I dance on BART I street show I do it as a job It even feeds some people, you know? People live off of street shows People live off dancing in general I’ve never had any regular nine to five UPS, FedEx, store clerk I’ve never had any of those jobs -My name is Carmu I always wanted to dance When I BART performed, I was never the person to be out there, you know, to expose myself and now its: “Oh yeah,” in front of 50 people or 20 people on the train So it kind of broke me out of that shell So in a way, it was kind of like practice for me It helped me prep to do bigger and better things with my dancing -My name is Melody Yan. I come from China I play Chinese Harp Since I came to the USA, I wanted to try the different culture Since I’ve been busking, I saw a lot of people who liked my music and now our group makes very special music I’m Andrew and I’m a guitar player I busk to make money to make people dance to have fun. It’s a good place to work things out I wouldn’t say I’m struggling But You know, I’m living in a converted garage. – My name is Barry. I’m from Chicago. I play percussion I go in and out of jobs I get bored easily But right now I’m freelancing Sound design Although I would love to make music as a career I don’t think busking should be my job -My name is Starla and I’m a cellist -My name is Valery and I’m a violinist. My name is Dustin Breshears and I’m a violinist We live in Chico, California. -We perform in the BART stations so we can have lessons at the SF Conservatory People try to steal stuff out of the [instrument] cases Now that I’ve been doing this busking for a while I can’t trust anyone in San Francisco *Clapping* *BART train roaring*

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