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Barrio Maulap townsfolk lends Mang Ruben a helping hand | Starla Recap (With Eng Subs)

November 8, 2019

– Careful. Get him in.
– [SOBBING] Dad! [SOBBING] Thank you, Doc Philip.
Thank you, Attorney. – Get in. Go.
– Dad, hold on! Doc Philip, Attorney Tere,
we’ll take things from here. Thank you. Get moving! You know, Ruben is
such a good person. I don’t know why he can
never catch a break. Wouldn’t that
make us look like we’re taking advantage of them? Let them suffer first. They’ll run into debt to pay
for their hospital bills, buy medicine,
and pay for the surgery. Once that happens,
they’ll be desperate and they will go to us
to sell their land. We won’t look like we
took advantage of them. Instead, we’ll be
their lifesavers. And let’s start with Ruben.
Let’s help him. How can we do that? We’ll pay his hospital bills? I can’t even pay for my
daughter’s school project. Angel, why are you crying? Did someone pick on you? Then why are you crying? My grandpa is sick. We don’t have enough money
to buy his medicine. Mister Ruben is sick? Yes, Tonton. He’s in the hospital now. I need to get money
for his operation, or else he’ll die. We neighbors should have
each other’s back, right? This is a nice idea, Apol.
This will help them a lot. – What’s going on here?
– Attorney. Mister Apol has an idea
to help Mister Ruben. Look. Our spare change can go a long
way in helping Mister Ruben. Who else would help us
but each other, right? Don’t you agree? A little change will
go a long way, Attorney. Please? Alright. Here’s my share. Thank you, Doc. Thank you. Thank you, Doc. You’re right, Mister Apol. Who else would help us but
each other, isn’t that right? [PHONE RINGING] Hello, boss. Dexter. Change of plans. What should I do, boss? Talk to his daughters. Give them double
the price of their land. Double the price? I need to get his land.
I need Barrio Maulap. No matter what it costs. Alright, boss. Sure thing. We learned just how serious
your father’s condition is, and that you can’t afford Mister Ruben’s hospital fees. That’s why Miss Teresa
is offering to buy your land for
double the price. Double the price? Yes. We’re now buying it
at a rate of 100 pesos
per square meter. Meaning we will pay you
four million pesos for your four-hectare
plot of land, twice the two million
we first proposed. Good day, everyone. You too, Mister Dexter. – You too, Doc.
– Good morning, Doc Philip. I’m just here to visit
your father. As you can see, Doc, our Dad’s
still unconscious. I’d like you to know that
everyone in Barrio Maulap is chipping in for your
father’s operation. Really, Doc? Yes, Dexter? We have a problem. What is it this time? I already doubled the offer.
That’s a lot of money already! I know that, boss.
Mister Ruben’s daughters were about to accept our offer.
They were really tempted. Then what happened? Doc Philip came and
messed things up. What?! I’m betting you five bucks
he won’t. Is everything a gamble to you,
Ambo? You know what I mean – that man just doesn’t care
about us. Unlike his daughter, Teresa. It wouldn’t hurt to try,
Mister Ambo. – He’s right.
– Let’s go. Ruben’s sick. I was hoping
you could chip in to pay part of
his medical bills. What happened
to Mister Ruben? He’s in the hospital
right now. He was diagnosed
with emphysema. – Is that right?
– Yes. We don’t have much,
but I think it’d be nice to get together
to help a friend in need. Wouldn’t it be great to have
your neighbors to run to whenever you’re in need? By the way, Miss Teresa’s
already chipped in. Yeah. Did she? Yes, Mister Greggy –
she shouldered a large amount already. Go on, Mister Greggy. Here. I hope this helps. Thank you, Mister Greggy. Told you! Apol and the others
dropped by earlier asking for donations. Really? They’re helping raise money
for Mister Ruben, too? Tell Angel that her grandpa
will be alright, okay? Because the whole town’s
doing the best they can. Wait, I want to help
Mister Ruben, too. Why don’t you give yourself
a bath first before even thinking
of helping others? But I can still donate money. And you can help me, right? [UNHEARD] What’s Buboy
thinking of this time? I’m giving Ruben a way to
pay for his hospitalization. Use your brain! You’re not fooling anyone. What do you mean by that? You’re taking advantage
of their situation. You know that
they’re desperate, and you want to
take their land? Excuse me. Stop it
with your accusations. Unbelievable. You’re making lots of suman . What’s that for? Buboy wants to sell them. Really, Buboy? Yes! That’s nice. You’re still young, but you’re
already business-minded. That’s right, Teresa! This will really help
Mister Ruben’s family a lot! Yeah, thank you. I want to help Mister Ruben too,
since he’s Angel’s grandpa. I’ll give them whatever
I’ll earn from this. You’re doing this for Ruben? Yes! Daddy Greggy and I made
suman yesterday. I’m selling them in school.
The students will love them. You’re carrying all of that?
Can you manage? That’s my worry too, but he wants
to sell all of them. If I sell a lot of them, I’ll earn more money
for Mister Ruben. Okay, if you say so. They will double their
offer for your land, but this promo is only
available for one week! If you want to help
Mister Ruben, but don’t have the means,
this is your chance! Once again, residents, this promo is only
available for one week! – Good morning.
– Good morning, Ester. Ester, hello!
Are you here to eat? No, Lolita. Mister Apol, Tonton has
something to tell you. What is it, Tonton? Here! I earned it
at the market yesterday. It’s for Mister Ruben. – Wow!
– Such a nice kid. Hold on. Go ahead and add it
to Ruben’s fund. Go ahead, son. – There.
– That’s great, Tonton! You’re exploiting
Mister Ruben’s condition to convince residents
into selling their land. That’s wrong. That’s wrong. – What are you talking about?
– I heard the announcement. If they want to help Ruben
but don’t have the means, they can sell their land. – What’s wrong with that?
– That’s called exploitation. How could you take advantage
of a sick, old man? Exploitation? Philip, these are good people.
You know that. They all want to help
Mister Ruben, but they can’t raise
money for him because times are tough
in Barrio Maulap. So, I’m giving them
the means to help. That’s called empowerment. Hey, everyone!
Get some delicious suman here! Buboy, are you really doing
this for Angel’s grandpa? Yeah! I’ll give everything
I’ll earn to Angel’s grandpa. Angel needs all
the help she can get. That’s right! So go on and buy
Buboy’s suman , classmates! And if you can,
just tip us the change, so we can help Angel’s
grandpa some more. [CLAMORING] We’ll be sold out in no time! – I’ll buy one!
– Me too! – Sure! Bye!
– Wait, Attorney! What is it? Can you spare some cash
for Mister Ruben? – Come on, Attorney.
– Please, Attorney. That’s what I’m
talking about! You’re the best, Attorney! That’s Attorney Dexter for you! This will help
Mister Ruben a lot! But I can’t give you everything
since I have my expenses too. Come on, it’s alright!
Any amount is fine! – That’s right!
– It’s fine! But I’m sure Attorney Dexter
will donate a lot, because he really loves
Barrio Maulap! [CHEERING] Any amount is fine, Attorney! There we go! Apol and the others will
stop their ridiculous plan. Once Ruben has enough money, he won’t need
anyone’s help anymore, and they’ll go back
to how they were, worrying only about their
hardships and suffering. We will only get Barrio Maulap
once we’ve torn them apart. Okay, Dexter. What do we need
for that to happen? That old man needs
to sell his land. Exactly. – Hey, Buboy! Tonton!
– How are you? Buboy has something
to give you. I earned this from
selling suman ! It’s for Mister Ruben. They both worked hard
to earn that! [CHEERING] You can put that here. You can put these in
the coin bank, Buboy. Go on. You’re such a good kid! Looks like you sold a lot. Can’t you leave
some for me? – Hey!
– [LAUGHING] [CHEERING] – Good evening!
– Please help our sick neighbor. – Please help us.
– Help our sick neighbor. – Any amount will do.
– Help our sick neighbor. Let’s sing them a song. [GUITAR PLAYING] [SINGING] We collected a lot
of money for Ruben. They were moved by
Kanor’s singing. Oh! Who are you? – Give us your money.
– Why? This is a stickup!
Hands up! Hand it over! Instead of stealing this,
you should be helping us! I’m not asking! Scram! You better run! Gosh! – Hey! Pedro?
– Pedro! – Jerks! That’s for Ruben!
– You monsters! Your guns are fake! Yeah, you better run! – It’s fake!
– You’re the best! – You’re amazing, Pedro!
– [CHEERING] – I also brought breakfast.
– Hey, buddy! Do you know what happened
last night, buddy? A group of robbers almost took
Mister Ruben’s coin bank! What?! Oh no! – Really?!
– Yeah! Someone wanted to steal it? Yes, Mister Greggy. A group of armed men robbed
Mister Apol and the others. What?! They were lucky Pedro
was there to save them. He sent those robbers running. If your henchmen got caught
and ratted us out, everything we worked hard for
would go down the drain! Boss, I just did what
you’ll do in that situation– I don’t work that way, Dexter! I’m not as sloppy as you are. If those men got caught, we can get disbarred
and lose our license. We’ll lose the right
to practice law. If that’s what
you want to happen, then leave me out of it! I’m sorry, boss. Just get out. Get out! Mister Apol and the others
came by earlier to give us the money
they collected for my dad. Chairman Domeng also
handed us a check from Mayor. That’s good to hear. The truth is,
it’s nowhere near enough. We can’t afford
his hospital bills. I know that.
We’re all working together. You don’t have
to face this alone. What if they need help
right away? [RUBEN GRUNTS]
Dad! Grandpa! Help! Grandpa! He’s having a heart attack.
Call for help! Nurse! Doc! [CRYING] What’s his blood pressure? Doc, eighty over sixty. [HEARTBEAT] His heartbeat is stable, but we need to transfer him
to another hospital. [CRYING] – Doc.
– Don’t worry, we’re here. We’ll help you. Yes. George!
[PHONE RINGING] Chairman wants to buy bread. George, give me one bag. Hello? What? Mister Ruben had
a heart attack? I’m on my way. – I’ll go with you.
– Ruben had a heart attack. – Wait, we’ll go with you.
– Let’s go. I have bad news. Angel’s grandfather’s
condition got worse. That sounds bad. They can’t afford
his treatment as is, and now his condition
got worse? Class, before we start, let’s take a moment
to offer a prayer for your classmate’s
grandfather. Dexter, call Frida. And tell her to call
Doctor Morales of Cortezano
Medical Center, okay? Okay, boss. What for? Who needs to go
to the hospital? Are you sick, boss? No, I’m not. They’re taking Ruben there.
Use your brain. We’re taking Mister Ruben
to that hospital? Are we going to
pay for his bills? No. His children
will take care of that. Where will they
get the money? They’re going to
sell their land. They’re going to do that? Yes. But they
don’t know it yet. Hold on, boss.
I’m not following– Please try to keep up. Try using your brain for once. I will make sure that they’ll
be forced to sell their land. Do you understand now? Okay, boss. Okay. They’re going to take Ruben
to Manila anytime today. Tell Frida to make
the necessary arrangements. Don’t waste any time! Yes, boss. I’m on it.


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