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Barbie – Triplets’ Busking Experience | Ep 5 | Nursery Rhymes | Fun music singing

November 1, 2019

[opening music]>>BARBIE: Isn’t it great that Skipper, Stacie
and Chelsea came down for the weekend?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yay!>>BARBIE: Hopefully, we can all go to the
beach as it’s such a nice day. But that’s only if getting the shoes is quick.>>HARRY: Yay! I so pleased I bring my sun
cap with me. It will be sunny at the beach!>>HARRY: Wait, I thought we were going to get some
new shoes for Summer, Rosie and me. This not the way to the shoe shop.>>BARBIE: Skipper needs to meet her friend outside some shops. She can come to the shoe shop as well. Anyway, I just need to buy some food for lunch. I won’t be long so you can stay in the car.>>HARRY: Okay.>>BARBIE: Right, I’ll only be five minutes. Stay in the car. Skipper can keep an eye
on you while I’m gone.>>ROSIE: Ahh! I not like Aunty Skipper’s
eye on me.>>HARRY: She ruin my sun cap with her eye!>>BARBIE: Hehe. No! Keeping an eye on someone
is watching them!>>SUMMER: Earth to Aunty Skipper? You there?>>HARRY: She just on her phone!>>SKIPPER: Hello? Erh, sorry. Can you say that again?
I didn’t hear you. I was…>>SUMMER: Busy on your phone?>>SKIPPER: Yeah…>>BARBIE: Do you mind watching the children?
I’m sure they’ll be good for you. Won’t you? Summer, Rosie, Harry?!>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yes, we be good.>>BARBIE: I hope so. Bye>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Bye!>>SUMMER: Harry! Where you going?>>HARRY: I forgot to ask mummy if I could
have a comic book.>>SUMMER: But mummy said we not allowed to
get out of car.>>ROSIE: Aunty Skipper might notice.>>HARRY: It ok if Aunty Skipper watch us. Anyway, mummy will probably buy her T.O.P magazine and I really want my superhero comic! So I just get out the car.>>SKIPPER: Wait! What are you doing?>>HARRY: It comic book time!>>SUMMER: I coming too!>>ROSIE: And me!>>SKIPPER: Hang on!
You can’t go without me!>>ROSIE: Come on!
[can hear singing in the background]>>SUMMER: What you say? I can’t hear you.
[can hear singing in the background]>>ROSIE: It’s that silly person singing.
[can hear singing in the background]>>ROSIE: Is that money?>>SUMMER: Hey, singing person’s
got money in that hat!>>HARRY: It annoying. [music stops]>>HARRY: I know! Let’s sing really loud then people will
hear our lovely voices.>>ROSIE: Good idea. Summer, you dance.
I’ll sing with Harry.>>SUMMER: Okay. But what about Aunty Skipper?
She not let us!>>HARRY: She just on her phone.
She probably not even realise!>>SUMMER: I know… I know! Put your cap on the ground Harry.>>ROSIE: Let’s go up there!>>HARRY: Lets sing like DJ’s! 5, 9, 16, 100, go!>>ROSIE: Twinkle, twinkle little star. How
I wonder what you are.>>HARRY: Up above the world so high,>>ROSIE: Like a diamond in the sky…>>HARRY: Twinkle, twinkle little star.
How I wonder what you are.>>SUMMER: Yeah!>>HARRY: You got money missy?>>Melody: So cute!>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Thank you.>>ROSIE: Now…>>ROSIE: Let’s sing Humpty Dumpty.>>HARRY: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.>>ROSIE: Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.>>HARRY: All the king’s horses.>>ROSIE: And all the king’s men.>>HARRY, ROSIE: Couldn’t put Humpty together again!>>ARABELLA: Here you go.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Thank you!
>>ARABELLA: How old are you?>>SUMMER: Almost three.>>ARABELLA: Oh my! You’re so young!>>SUMMER: Actually my daddy says I
a big girl.>>SKIPPER: Oh no! [beeping of typing a message on phone]>>BARBIE: Shall I get my favourite T.O.P.
magazine? [phone tone to indicate message received]>>ALESHA: Oh Wow!
They’re perfect!>>HARRY: Our next song
is.. …Old Macdonald.>>ROSIE: Old Mc Donald had a farm.>>HARRY: E, I, E, I, O.>>ROSIE: And on that farm he had a cow.>>HARRY: E, I, E, I,O.>>ROSIE: With a moo-moo here.>>HARRY: And a moo-moo there.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Here a moo.
There a moo. Everywhere a moo moo… [background singing Old Mac Donald had a farm…]>>BARBIE: Harry, Rosie, Summer!? With me now.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Sorry Mummy.>>BARBIE: I ask you to be good and you get
out of the car! Poor Skipper texted me saying you
were singing and… Wait, Summer where are you going?>>SUMMER: Harry’s cap is still there.>>BARBIE: Okay. Quickly, get it.>>ROSIE: Should I go with her to make sure
she doesn’t get lost? The hat’s heavy too.>>BARBIE: Just go and fetch it.>>SUMMER: Here it is.>>ROSIE: Okay, let’s go.>>ALESHA: Excuse me.
I’m Alesha, from T.O.P magazine.>>SUMMER: Oh. Hello. Our show’s over now, but you can still give us some money if you want.>>ALESHA: Where’s your adult?>>SUMMER: Mummy in the car with Harry,
our brother.>>ALESHA: Ahh. Is he the little boy with
the blond hair who was singing with you just now?>>ROSIE: Yes. We need to go now, otherwise mummy will
be angry with us.>>ALESHA: Ahh. Do you like getting attention?>>SUMMER: Yeah. Now we have to go. Bye!>>BARBIE: Summer, Rosie. What took you so long?>>ALESHA: Hello.
I’m Alesha from T.O.P magazine.>>BARBIE: Oh. Can I just say you’re my favourite magazine? I’ve subscribed to you.>>ALESHA: That’s great, honey.
Seeing as we’re your favourite magazine, how would you like your children to be
on the front cover? They could have a title like ‘cute triplet
troublemakers sing outside local shop’. Something along those lines anyway…>>HARRY: Can you cross out cute and change
it to cool? Please?>>ALESHA: Totally!
If you could just sign here, here, here and here. Thank you.>>BARBIE: Are they in trouble or…>>ALESHA: No, honey. Just the opposite. People
love their cute voices! And the little dance and props
just make it so adorable!>>HARRY: Where we going to have the photo
taken Alesha?>>ALESHA: I think that it would be most effective
taken where you were singing. Then, it would really give a big impact
on the readers.>>BARBIE: When exactly are they going to
have their photo taken? It’s only that we were going to go to the shoe shop and then have lunch…>>ALESHA: We’ll do it tomorrow.
1 o’clock, sharp. Bye!>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Bye Alesha!>>ROSIE: Let’s play dress-up.>>HARRY: Okay.>>SUMMER: That sounds fun.>>BARBIE: Summer, Rosie, Harry!
You didn’t tell me that you earned money from singing.>>ROSIE: Oh yeah!
Forgot to tell you about that.>>HARRY: Thanks mummy. Now I can put this
in my moneybox. Summer gave me barely any of the money. I go do dressing up now.>>BARBIE: What do you mean?>>ROSIE: We already had money.
That just the pieces that we dropped in the car. I tell you the hat was heavy, but you
not really listen.>>HARRY: That why Alesha want us for magazine.>>BARBIE: But… ohh… Never mind!>>KEN: Your bath’s ready girls.
Can you please get undressed?>>SUMMER: Daddy, be careful.
The press might be following you.>>KEN: What?>>ROSIE: We really famous now, but I can try
to fit a bath time in my busy schedule.>>KEN: Okay. Thank you. Harry, your bath’s ready.>>HARRY: Okay,
I’m just looking for my sunglasses…>>KEN: We’re indoors though.>>HARRY: I very famous though so I have sunglasses.>>KEN: Oh.>>KEN: Barbie, what has happened today? The children are saying that they’re famous
and acting strange.>>BARBIE: Oh. Well when I went shopping, they followed me out of the car and started singing for money. It ended up with them doing an interview for
a magazine. T. O. P. magazine actually. Ken, where are you going?>>KEN: Rosie, Summer wake up.>>ROSIE: Daddy? Sshh!>>SUMMER: I trying to sleep.>>KEN: Can I have your autograph?>>ROSIE: What an autograph?>>KEN: It’s a posh word for when you write
your name on a piece of paper.>>SUMMER: I know what autograph mean. Mummy tell me sometimes it a lot of money when famous people give autograph.>>ROSIE: Oh. Ummmm…. We be very nice to
you and give you autograph. But only because you my daddy.>>KEN: Yay! Thank you Rosie.
What about you Summer?>>SUMMER: Fine, but only if you give me chocolate.>>KEN: I can’t do that!
What will your mother think?>>SUMMER: Chocolate and autograph or nothing?
That my deal.>>KEN: Fine.>>ROSIE: That my deal too.>>KEN: You just…
Fine. Goodnight. [gentle snoring]>>KEN: Wow. They were tired! Harry? Are you awake?>>HARRY: I am now. What is it?>>KEN: I nee…>>BARBIE: Ken! There you are.
What are you doing?>>KEN: Errrh… Nothing.>>BARBIE: Well, why are you waking up Harry then?
He has a busy day tomorrow.>>KEN: No reason. I was just making sure
he’s alright>>BARBIE: Why wouldn’t he be?>>KEN: Errrh… He had a nightmare.>>BARBIE: Oh. Poor Harry. Ok, you have the same clothes on. Have you
all cleaned your teeth and brushed your hair?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yes.>>BARBIE: Here we are. And we still have
a bit of time.>>HARRY: Where Alesha? She taking forever.>>BARBIE: We’re early remember?>>ROSIE: She still taking a long time.>>BARBIE: No she…>>SUMMER: I hungry mummy.>>BARBIE: You’ve just had lunch!>>HARRY: I hungry too.>>ROSIE: And me.>>BARBIE: What? You can’t…
Oh, hello Alesha.>>ALESHA: Hello.
How are you?>>SUMMER: We very hungry.
You have any food?>>BARBIE: Summer!>>ALESHA: Erh, sorry no. Maybe your mummy will give you something if you’re good in front of the camera. Now, I’d like you to sing the songs that you sang
outside of the shop.>>HARRY: Okay.>>HARRY: Twinkle twinkle little star.>>ROSIE: How I wonder what you are.>>HARRY: Up above the world so high.>>ROSIE: Like a diamond in the sky…
Oooh, I really hungry.>>HARRY: We only had a sandwich for lunch.
That it.>>ALESHA: Right, but the sooner you finish
this, the sooner you get to eat.>>HARRY: But this taking forever.>>BARBIE: Children! Don’t be rude.>>HARRY: I not help it mummy. I really…>>BARBIE: We know. Now, because you’re so
hungry, I’ll look in the car to see what I have. In the meanwhile, do your best singing
for Alesha.>>ROSIE: Got it. We ready now Alesha.>>ALESHA: Great. 5, 6, 7, 8.>>HARRY: That not how you count.
It 5, 9, 16, 100, go.>>ALESHA: It’s actually 5, 6, 7, 8 and then
you start singing. Right, let’s start…>>HARRY: No, I know best because I famous.>>BARBIE: Harry! Don’t argue and don’t interrupt.
You’re being extremely rude. Sorry Alesha, I think he’s just hungry.>>ALESHA: Errh, can I have a word?>>KEN: Hello! How did it go?>>BARBIE: Would you like to explain?>>HARRY: Ummm… We very good.
Now I going to my room.>>BARBIE: That’s not what happened.
You’re not going to your room until you tell daddy.>>HARRY: Fine.. We argue and say we hungry.>>BARBIE: And then Alesha told me she didn’t have time to give rewards to people who don’t respect her.>>KEN: Oh. That’s disappointing.>>BARBIE: Yes. It is.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Sorry.>>KEN: Kids!>>ROSIE: Yes daddy.>>HARRY: What the matter?>>KEN: Here you go.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Thank you daddy!>>KEN: It’s alright, but don’t… Eat them now…
[closing music] [closing music]>>IE Adventures: Thanks for watching! IE Adventures!

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