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Barbie – Running Fun | Ep 4 | Mummy and children run together | Family fun run | Park run

October 26, 2019

[doorbell rings]>>ROSIE: I get it! Hi Ashley. Come in.>>ASHLEY: Hello Rosie.
Is your mummy here?>>BARBIE: Hi Ashley. It’s great to see you.>>ASHLEY: I was just in the neighbourhood
and I thought I’d just pop in and see how you’re getting on in your new house.>>BARBIE: That’s brilliant but I thought
you lived a little way away? Have you moved too?>>ASHLEY: No, I haven’t moved. Every morning, I go for a run along the beach
and in the park. It keeps me fit. This time the beach was local to you, so I
thought I’d see if anyone was home.>>BARBIE: Wow. Good for you.
That sounds amazing! I think I should try that too. I need to do
more exercise.>>ROSIE: Yes you do.>>BARBIE: [gasp]>>ROSIE: Errh… I mean I’m going to go play
with Summer and Harry…>>ASHLEY: Why don’t you come
with me?>>BARBIE: Really? Well, I guess I could bring the
children with me. Okay I’ll do it. It sounds really fun!>>ASHLEY: Ok, the children can join in too! Great, see you tomorrow.>>BARBIE: Bye! Let’s see… What clothes should I wear?>>HARRY: Mummy, what you doing?>>BARBIE: Trying to find something that I
can run in.>>HARRY: Oh.>>BARBIE: [exhale] Maybe I should look online.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: His eyes are orange,
his tongue is black. He has purple prickles all over his back…>>BARBIE: Oh, lovely reading! How do I look?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Pretty mummy.>>BARBIE: Thank you Summer, Rosie and Harry. Are you excited?>>SUMMER: Yes.>>SUMMER: Maybe you could get so fit that
you fit into all of my clothes and we be twins!>>ROSIE, HARRY: Hey!>>BARBIE: I don’t think so. [children singing alphabet song from the television]
A B C D E F G…>>BARBIE: Come on. Enough TV. Get changed quickly – I don’t want to be late
for running.>>HARRY: But I thought that Daddy at work.
What happen to us if you go running?>>BARBIE: You’re coming with me.>>ROSIE: Okay, but you have to go to the sweet
shop after so we can buy some chocolate.>>ROSIE: Deal?>>BARBIE: Yes, fine. Now come on.>>HARRY: Oooh. Are we going to the park?>>BARBIE: Not now Harry. Hi Ashley. Sorry if we’re late.>>ASHLEY: Not at all. Okay, lets warm up.>>ROSIE: It is warm though>>ASHLEY: [chuckle] No! Warm up means getting your
muscles ready for exercise.>>BARBIE, ASHLEY: [fast beat music begins]
Let’s do this! [fast beat music continues]>>HARRY: Wooohoooo! Geronimo!>>HARRY: Wooohoooo! Wooohoooo! Wooohoooo!>>HARRY: Dar de da dar dar Wooohoooo! Dar de da dar dar>>HARRY: Wooohoooo! [exhale]>>HARRY: Wooohoooo! [exhale]>>ROSIE: Yee har>>HARRY: Wooohoooo!>>ROSIE: Yee har [music stops]>>ASHLEY: Now we are warmed up and
ready to run.>>ASHLEY: Let’s go!
[clap] [running breathing sounds]>>HARRY: You not running, you walking.
I go way faster than you mummy. Watch this!>>BARBIE: Hmmm.>>HARRY: Mummy, I bored. When we going to
the sweet shop?>>BARBIE: Not yet Harry!>>HARRY: I go play in park. Bye!>>BARBIE: Wait, what? Harry! Harry!
Come back!>>HARRY: Wheeeeeee!>>BARBIE: [laboured breathing]>>HARRY: Finally! You almost run as fast
as me!>>BARBIE: Harry, you can’t run off like that.
It scares me.>>HARRY: I love you Mummy.>>BARBIE: I love you too Harry.>>HARRY: Sorry Mummy, but this really
not a fun run…>>BARBIE: I think running’s fun. But to make
it more fun for you, how about you lead us? You’ll be the fastest!>>HARRY: That not sound too bad.
Okay, let’s go.>>ASHLEY: Hi again.>>BABRIE: Sorry I… [hear Harry in background]
>>HARRY: Come on everybody, hurry up! Run mummy, run!>>BARBIE: Oh Harry, you….>>HARRY: You right mummy, running is fun!>>BARBIE: Oh, my back…>>HARRY: Keep the pace up!>>BARBIE: I can do this, I can do this!>>HARRY: Faster, faster!>>BARBIE: Aargh, I hurting! Aargh…>>ASHLEY: [out of breath] Wow Harry!
I never, run for this long. I’m impressed!>>HARRY: What impressed mean?>>ASHLEY: It means that I’m showing respect to you because you did something that I think is amazing. You should be very proud.>>HARRY: Thank you. I am very good at running,
aren’t I? Mummy, I good at running!>>BARBIE: Yes, you are. Although, I think
that maybe we’ve done enough running for today.>>ASHLEY: Yes. I’m rather tired from all
of that running…>>BARBIE: Definitely!>>ASHLEY: Are you ok?>>BARBIE: Yes, yes, of course!>>ASHLEY: Bye!>>BABRIE: Bye!>>HARRY: Okay. See you tomorrow!>>SUMMER: Tomorrow? No. Not again!>>BARBIE: Right, lets go home.>>SUMMER: My legs exhausted.>>ROSIE: Me too. I too tired to go to the
sweet shop!>>BARBIE: Okay. I’ll just call your daddy.>>ROSIE: Why you calling daddy?>>HARRY: Oh, daddy running too! That good.>>BARBIE: No, it’s so we can go home. He should be home from work and be able
to pick us up in the car.>>HARRY: What? Don’t be silly.>>SUMMER: Harry, stop! I really tired.
Everything sore from running.>>BARBIE: Hi Ken. Can you pick us up?
I know you’re home from work now. Yes, we’ve just been running and we can’t run home.
>>HARRY: [interrupting] No, no, no!>>BARBIE: Yes, we’re near… Harry, please can you give
me back the phone.>>HARRY: Mummy! Mummy! Hello daddy, this Harry. Mummy just joking, we good. What? No! Hmph! Bye.
[phone beep ends call]>>BARBIE: Harry. What did you do that for?>>HARRY: Let’s start running!>>ROSIE: Harry, you mean! I not play with
you ever again!>>HARRY: I not need you.>>BARBIE: Harry. You have a warning.>>HARRY: Sorry. Now come on, get your body
moving!>>BARBIE: I can’t run. I’ve got a stitch.>>HARRY: Mummy, there’s no time for sewing.>>BARBIE: I can’t run.
We’re going to have to walk.>>HARRY: Mummy, you just being drama Ken>>BARBIE: What? Drama Ken?>>BARBIE: Oh, you mean drama “queen”.
[chuckle] I’m not a drama queen.>>HARRY: You are!>>BARBIE: [lowered voice] Am I?>>SUMMER: No, definitely not.>>ROSIE: I not even remember the last time
you be drama queen. I can actually, I just pretending.>>SUMMER: Me too.>>BARBIE: Pardon?>>SUMMER, ROSIE: Nothing!>>BARBIE: Oh, my back! I, can do this! Please let me be home!>>ROSIE: Finally! We home.>>KEN: Hi. How was the run?>>BARBIE: Don’t ask. I’m going to go lie down.>>SUMMER: I tired. I’m going to be sleeping in my room, so don’t
even think of interrupting my beauty sleep. Come on sis.>>ROSIE: Yeah. Umm…Daddy, you help me shut
curtains… and put nightlight on? And…>>KEN: Sure Rosie. Come on, let’s go.>>ROSIE: Thank you daddy.
You nice, not like Harry!>>KEN: Have I missed something?>>BARBIE: I’ll tell you later. [gentle snoring] Ahh. That was a nice sleep>>BARBIE: Where’s Harry?>>KEN: He’s just running in the garden.>>BARBIE: What? Isn’t he tired at all?!>>SUMMER, ROSIE: No way!>>HARRY: Hi mummy, I just been practising
my running skills.>>BARBIE: What? But… You… [closing music]
>>BARBIE: Aarghhhh [thud]>>SUMMER, ROSIE: Aarghhhh>>IE Adventures: Thanks for watching! IE Adventures!

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