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Barbie – Library Visit | Ep 3 | Toddler fun reading books | Find out library purpose

October 20, 2019

[opening music]>>BARBIE: Harry, Rosie, Summer.
Can you get ready for bed?>>HARRY: We’re ready for bed Mummy.>>BARBIE: Brilliant! Would you like me to
read you a bedtime story?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yes! Yes!>>HARRY: I’ll get it
It…>>SUMMER: No! You chose it last time and
I choose it tomorrow. So, it Rosie’s turn.>>HARRY: Oohh!>>ROSIE: Yay! Now let me see. Umm… this one. Hello! Is that Grandma? [giggling] It has a funny
sign on it though.>>BARBIE: Oh. This book doesn’t
belong to us.>>SUMMER: Who it belong to then?
Grandma?>>BARBIE: [laughing]
No silly! It’s from the library.>>ROSIE: What’s the library?>>BARBIE: The library is a place where you
can borrow books instead of buying them. If you don’t return them on time, you get fined, which means that you have to pay money. As we haven’t been to the library in about
two years, this book definitely has a fine. The library has lots of books for grown-ups,
to babies.>>SUMMER: Can we go to the library? It sounds
fun.>>BARBIE: Of course Summer.
We can go tomorrow.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yay!>>KEN: Goodnight Rosie. Night Summer. Did you enjoy your bedtime story?>>ROSIE: Yes, and we going to the library
tomorrow. I not wait. Do you want to come?
Mummy said there are books for grown-ups and you a grown up!>>KEN: That would be great. Thank you. It’s
been ages since I’ve been to the library.>>KEN: Have a nice sleep Harry. What are
you going to dream of?>>HARRY: The library. We’re going to get
new story books from there tomorrow.>>KEN: Yes. I’m going with you.>>HARRY: Yay! I going to pick the best
book ever for when it my turn to choose book for bedtime story.>>KEN: That sounds good. Hopefully, I can
get some good books too.>>SUMMER: Hi mummy. We’re looking for our
library books so we can take them back.>>ROSIE: And get new ones.>>BARBIE: Why are there three piles?
There are only two of you.>>ROSIE: Well, Harry putting his
books in here too.>>HARRY: Hello mummy.>>BARBIE: Wow! I’m impressed.>>HARRY: Bye mummy. You need to go and get
your books so we can go to the library.>>ROSIE: Now! Chop chop missy!>>BARBIE: Okay!>>BARBIE: Wow, they’re keen!>>ROSIE: Woah! It like a world of books in
here!>>BARBIE: Yes, would you like to… Natalie?
Is that you?>>NATALIE: Barbie, hi! It feels like ages
since I last saw you. [laugh] How are you?>>BARBIE: Good thanks. I love your dress,
it really suits you!>>NATALIE: Thanks Barbie. Its new.>>KEN: Barbie, I’m just going to go and
look at some of the books in the grown up section. Is that okay?>>BARBIE: Just a second Ken . I’m talking
to Natalie.>>KEN: Did mummy hear me Rosie?>>ROSIE: Ummm… I think so,
yeah!>>KEN: [pondering] Mmmm, now let me see. Interesting I wonder what’s over there? I could sit here… Oooh, that looks even more comfortable! I think I’ll sit here. Aaah. This is perfect.
I need to do this more often.>>BARBIE: The children really wanted to go to the library. It’s strange how you’re working here. Anyway, please can I pay these fines for
the books?>>NATALIE: Of course! This one’s…>>HARRY: Pirates! Dinosaurs! No. No. Boring.
Where’s the good books?>>ROSIE: Adventure book. Magic book.>>SUMMER: Princess books. That’s a big castle!>>ROSIE: I bored, where’s mummy?>>SUMMER: She’s still over there… talking.>>ROSIE: Oh. Boring!
I going to climb these wooden things.>>SUMMER: Well I’m going to look at the animals
in this book. [chanting loudly]
cat, sheep…>>BARBIE: Thank you Natalie. Bye!>>ROSIE: Wheeee!>>BARBIE: [gasp] No! They wouldn’t!>>HARRY: Yippee! Yippee!
Look at me mummy! mummy?
yay!>>SUMMER: [chanting loudly] Dog, pig..
Oh, hi mummy.>>BARBIE: Rosie get down from there! It’s
dangerous.>>ROSIE: It fun though.>>BARBIE: Well, not for me! Rosie, I don’t want to take you to hospital because…
>>SUMMER: [chanting in background]
Cow, giraffe, frog…>>BARBIE: Summer, sshhh, will you stop that?>>SUMMER: I trying to name the animals.>>BARBIE: Well done, but you’re supposed to
be quiet in the library because people need peace and quiet when they’re reading, otherwise
they can’t concentrate.>>SUMMER: Oh.>>ROSIE: Move Harry! I can’t get down if
you in the way!>>HARRY: Just go the other way then!>>BARBIE: Harry… move the books.>>HARRY: But I getting books out like you
say.>>BARBIE: No, you’re meant to hold the books,
not throw them all over the floor!>>NATALIE: [quiet voice]
Excuse me Barbie. I’m sorry that I have to do this, but…>>BARBIE: I can’t believe we got
thrown out of the library! I’m so embarrassed!>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Sorry mummy.>>BARBIE: If you do something naughty, you get fun things taken away from you. If you were good in the library, we could have had lots of lovely books to read at bedtime. But you misbehaved.>>SUMMER: We see Natalie instead of library?>>BARBIE: No way! I don’t think I could ever
bear seeing her again, let alone speaking to her!>>SUMMER: Oh.>>BARBIE: Well that was something I hope
never happens again. You can go and play in your rooms,
I need a bit of peace! [doorbell rings]>>HARRY: Doorbell ringing mummy. Are you
going to answer it?>>BARBIE: It’s probably just a salesperson. I don’t feel like buying anything now, so don’t… [door click] open the door! Harry!>>HARRY: Auntie Natalie, hi! erhm.. [awkward pause] so…>>BARBIE: Oh. Phew! I forgot they know
never to invite anyone in.>>SUMMER: [whispering] Invite her in!>>HARRY: Oh, thanks sis.
Come in.>>BARBIE: Argh! Oh no, not Natalie! What must she think of me after the children’s behaviour earlier? oh!>>ROSIE: Come in>>SUMMER: Make yourself at home>>HARRY: Everyone welcome in our house,>>SUMMER: [in background] especially you!>>NATALIE: What polite children!>>ROSIE: Let’s go in the lounge. It nice and
comfortable in there.>>SUMMER: Now, why you here?>>NATALIE: Your mummy and I were talking
earlier and…>>ROSIE: Mummy?>>BARBIE: Natalie… I….
didn’t know you were here!>>NATALIE: That’s alright. I’m here to pick
you up.>>BARBIE: Pick me up? For what?>>NATALIE: Don’t you remember?
We made plans to go to the theatre.>>BARBIE: Oh. I completely forgot!>>NATALIE: You didn’t make other plans, did you?>>BARBIE: Oh no. I’ll just get Ken to look
after the children. [shouting] Ken! Ken! [voice in distance] Ken! Ken!>>ROSIE: Why daddy not coming downstairs?>>HARRY: I go upstairs and tell him. His hearing not very good these days. [calling] Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? [clock ticking in background] Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? Daddy? [clock ticking stops]>>HARRY: He not there.>>BARBIE: [gasp] Oh no!>>HARRY: What the matter?>>BARBIE: I know where he is!>>SUMMER: Where?>>BARBIE: We left him at the library!>>NATALIE, SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Ohhhh!>>ROSIE: We go and get him?>>BARBIE: Erh, no. I’m sure he’ll be fine.
In fact, he’s probably relaxing and reading a book.>>HARRY: Where we go then? We not allowed
to stay at home by ourselves.>>NATALIE: Erh, they can come with us. I think there’s a children’s show on just after
the one we were going to see. I heard it’s very funny.>>BARBIE: Oooh! Would you like to go to the theatre?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yes please!>>BARBIE: It’s sorted then. We would have
been late for our show anyway.>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yay!>>NATALIE: Ok, let’s go. [door clicks shut]>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: Yay!>>BARBIE: It was amazing. Wasn’t it children?>>SUMMER, ROSIE, HARRY: The best thing ever!>>SUMMER: [giggling] Oh yeah, it was a really funny show.>>ROSIE: I want to see it again, again! [giggling]>>HARRY: I loved it when Bonkers tripped
over his shoe. He so silly!>>NATALIE: Haha. That was funny. Anyway,
I should probably get going now.>>BARBIE: Oh. You can stay for dinner if
you would like to?>>NATALIE: Really? That’s kind of you.
Are you sure?>>BARBIE: Yes. We love having you around,
don’t we children?>>HARRY: [whispering] I thought Mummy hide
from Natalie though?>>BARBIE: Harry! Sshh. That was just because I was embarrassed. But Natalie doesn’t seem to mind that you made
a lot of noise in the library. It’s fine now.>>NATALIE: Yes, I don’t mind at all. [chuckling]>>LIBRARIAN: [speaker announcement] The library
will be closing in 5 minutes.>>KEN: Barbie? Harry? Summer? Rosie? Anyone? Barbie? Harry, Rosie, Summer? Where are you? Barbie? Where is she? Where are the children? Where’s Barbie? Where are my children? Where has everyone gone?>>LADY: Come on dear.>>GIRL: But mummy, that man?>>LADY: I know it’s strange, but try not
to stare. [closing music]
>>KEN: I guess they aren’t helping me home…>>IE Adventures: [children’s voices]
Thanks for watching! IE Adventures!

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