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Banksy’s 10 Most Amazing Works Of Art!

September 7, 2019

Banksy is an England-based graffiti artist, political activist, and film director of unverified identity, and this is his 10 most amazing works of art! Number 10. Stonehenge. At the 2007 Glastonbury Music Festival Banksy made of Stonehenge replica comprised of port a loos or as we call them in the United States porta-potties. The piece was immediately frowned upon because people felt it mocked the ancient ruins. According to the Guardian Banksy had this to say about the art installation, “a lot of monuments are a bit rubbish, but this really is a pile of crap.” Banksy’s “toilet-henge” and was later taged and vandalized by visitors. A small-scale recreation of this work appeared a few years later during an exhibition at the Bristol Museum. Number 9. Cardinal Sin. In December of 2011, Banksy unveiled the new sculpture titled “Cardinal Sin” at Liverpool’s Walker Art Gallery. This work appears to be a replica of an eighteenth-century stone bust priest with a pixelated face, and is meant to be a commentary on the sexual abuse scandals that have been popping up in the Catholic Church. Banksy was quoted commenting on this piece, “at this time of year it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity- the lies, the corruption, the abuse.” Number 8. Di Faced Tenor. In 2004, Banksy printed 1 million pounds of altered bills that he dropped into a crowd at the Notting Hill Carnival, and later that year at the Reading Festival On the altered bills he substituted the Queen’s face for Princess Diana’s and he added “Banksy of England” across the top of the bill. When Banksy did this it led to the altered bills being misused as payment in London. Most of Banksy’s works can be authenticated by his authorized company, Pest Control, with these being the exception. Since these bills are illegal fake currency Pest Control keeps its distance from any authenticating. Number 7. You Have Beautiful Eyes. In march of 2005, Banksy hung his own work up illegally in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. The work of choice was “You Have Beautiful Eye.” A simple portrait depicting a woman sporting a gas mask. That same day Banksy also placed works in New York’s MOMA, and the American Museum of Natural History. Banksy told Reuters at the time, “My sister inspired me to do it. She was throwing away loads of my pictures one day and I asked her why. She said it’s not like they’re gonna be hanging in the Louvre.” Number 6. Sirens of the Lambs. In 2013, during Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” New York residency, Banksy made this strange mobile installation called the “Sirens of the Lambs.” This work of art features a slaughterhouse truck lined with squealing stuffed animals and it was spotted driving through downtown Brooklyn, the Meatpacking District, Williamsburg, and other neighboring parts of the city. All the stuffed animals heads turn and they each had their own signature squeal. Two or three banksy associates had to sit in the back of the truck to operate the stuffed animals. At the peak of the sound level, someone inside the truck would bang against something repeatedly as if to quiet the animals. Number 5. Guantanamo Bay. In 2006 Banksy shutdown Disneyland following a stunt where he placed a life-size replica of a Guantanamo Bay detainee inside the fence of the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at the California theme park. Thierry Guetta, also known as Mr Brainwash, went along to document the stunt. After the piece had been up for about an hour and a half various parts of the park shutdown. Banksy was able to escape authorities by changing his clothes in a bathroom, but Thierry, who has seen filming and taking photos, was taken into custody by park officials for numerous hours. Banksy was impressed by Thierry’s ability to get rid of and hide evidence will also remain quiet during questioning. The entire piece went viral a short time later, and it can even be seen in the documentary “Exit Through The Gift Shop.” Number 4. Central Park Stall Sale. In October of 2013, Banksy set up a stall outside of Central Park in New York where he commissioned an elderly gentleman to sell some of his original works of art. This stunt was part of Banksy’s “Better Out Than In” residency in New York. At the stall the asking price was only sixty dollars for pieces that could bring in up six figures at auction. Many people passed up on the opportunity assuming that the canvases were knockoffs and by the end of the day the stall had only made $420. The first sale didn’t take place for over four hours, and one woman even negotiated the price down to $60 for two of the smaller pieces. A man from Chicago made out the best by purchasing four of the original Banksy pieces explaining to the salesman that he was “just looking for something for his walls. Number 3. Paris Hilton’s Reworked Album Cover. During the first week of Paris Hilton’s album release, Banksy pranked the singer by replacing some of her cds with an alternate version he made featuring remixes by himself and Danger Mouse. The tracklist featured satire songs such as “Why am i famous?” “What have I done?” and “What am I for?” Banksy also changed the CD booklet to display pictures of the singer topless or pictures where she had a dog’s head. What made the prank works so well is the fact that he left the barcode, allowing the fakes to be sold. Hundreds of CDs were altered in cities such as Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham, Glasgow, and of course London. Number 2. Vandalized Phone Booth. In 2006 this bent and broken British Telecommunications phone booth with a protruding pickaxe appeared in an alley in Soho London. Banksy has used telephone boxes in his work before, but this piece sparked a passionate debate between Londoners. Some thought it was simply a case of vandalism while others thought it was a piece of artistic visual commentary. The “Vandalized Phone Booth” was auctioned on February 14, 2008 by Sotherby’s in New York and fetched $550,000. Almost doubling the highest estimated price. Number 1. Elephant In A Room. In September of 2006, Banksy’s three-day “Barely Legal Exhibition” in Los Angeles opened with a bang. The event was marketed as a “three-day vandalized warehouse extravaganza.” At this exhibition Banksy unveiled Tai, a 37-year old elephant who was painted pink and gold to match the wallpaper in the exhibit. Tai’s fresh coat came courtesy of a very large amount of non-toxic children’s face paint. According to the exhibits leaflets a simple message read, “there’s an elephant in the room. There’s a problem we never talk about.” The problem banksy attempted to get across was world hunger. The Department of Animal Services issued a permit for the elephant to appear at the exhibit, but the “Elephant In A Room” piece lasted only two of the three days due to complaints from animal rights activists. So for the final day of the exhibit Tai was washed by order of the Department of Animal Services. That concludes Banksy’s 10 Most Amazing Works of Art! If you enjoyed this video make sure you subscribe to my channel, Waddle’s World, and check out some of my other great top list videos!


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    Maybe the second most amazing thing is an image of Banksy himself. People are always wondering who he is / what he looks like.. when it's already known – not well known you understand, the media like to retain his anonymity; after all the sense of mystique sells big copy.
    But if anyone's actually interested in seeing Banksy aka Robin Gunningham unmasked for real…. copy paste & search; London Dada Banksy Unmasked for Real

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    Also "MoMA" not Mo-Ma or museum of modern art? That's the first time I've heard it pronounced like that.

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