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AWKWARD KISSING! America’s Got Talent | Got Talent Global

November 10, 2019

I’m Joanna Kennedy I’m 47 years old and
I’m from Boulder Colorado and I am a passion and intimacy expert as a
passionate intimacy expert I am coaching singles and couples on what it takes to
have a really hot relationship I am actually going to be teaching kissing I
think my performance tonight has the potential to inspire everyone in America what’s your name hi I’m Joanna Kennedy
Joanna tell me about yourself what are you gonna be doing tonight I am a
passion and intimacy expert and what that means is that I help put the hot
and happy back in romantic relationships and I’m gonna teach everybody in the
audience how to have a great kiss right there this is a business of yours and
you think Heidi calm down all right what is the biggest mistake that people make
when they kiss is too much tongue is that it actually that’s a big problem in
other words you would say it’s sexier to kind of hold back a little bit
sensual slow build the anticipation told you Howard yeah last year I kissed Howie
and how he is a good kisser I have to say he held back just enough tongue that
I really like Johanna I guess I’m gonna turn it over
to you and take it away I know of someone who recently became single I’m going to nominate our very own Nick
Cannon way to go I like it
I appreciate you thinking of me Howard but I don’t need any help in this you
probably do you just don’t know it no listen you are divorced somebody didn’t
like the way you were kid there’s always room for improvement
there’s always room for improvement all right I need to grab my friend your
friend yes I have a friend that wants to I’m like in this now right jingle Nick
oh my god I want you to meet my friend Rachel I’m supposed to kiss the doll
yeah would you does that work for you no Joanna would be all right if I went into
our audience and found someone to kiss Nick I think that would be awesome
therefore you want for that would that be all right Oh hey 2015 baby I’m winning let’s do it
hold it I think I found someone think I found someone you’re gonna hate her I
just found someone that you have no chemistry with isn’t this a match she
has amazing teeth I’m getting out of here thank you thank you our I think you
guys did have a great first date and so would you guys be willing to have your
first kiss as part of a kissing lesson hey Nick you owe me anything that gets
you through absolutely thank you so much just for me right we’re not gonna touch
yet just look at each other say hello with your eyes is now your job is to
make her feel really pumped and say yes one of the things that you
guys are look you gotta be looking at like yes and now take one step closer
Knicks you come in first take one step closer sure the kids leave the room now
the kids are safe I’m gonna invite Nick to put his arms around you you’re doing great I feel like we
shouldn’t be here take one of your fans so we’re actually gonna adjust here’s
where you don’t want to put one hand behind her heart interesting moving our kid look at each other gently gently well you did yeah it was horrible well liens give it up for us yet
actually was breaking is there a chance at a second date anything I do feel


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