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Audi’s crazy 815hp e-tron Vision Gran Turismo is real, in Singapore, and we rode in it

October 31, 2019

you’re watching i’m sure
you’ve heard of the Gran Turismo Vision project
where carmakers work with the video game Gran Turismo to create their idea a perfect sports
car within the game. now Mercedes, Lexus, Volkswagen and a whole
bunch of other brands have done it, but what makes Audi different is that it actually built
a real, working car, the Audi e-tron Vision Gran Turismo concept But what’s the point of all that really? Well as we know, Audi just unveiled the e-tron,
a fully electric SUV, that’s coming to Singapore next year.
and it already announced something like a real life version of the Vision GT: the e-tron GT arriving in 2020. To get a taste of audi’s blend of quattro,
e-performance of the near future, it actually flew in its factory racing
driver, Rahel Frey, here to Singapore along with the e-tron Vision concept Even better, we managed to get a ride inside it, lived
to tell the tale, and ask her some questions after. It was designed for a game, Gran Turismo,
so first there was just the vision, it was virtual, and in the end it became reality.
Because Audi thought, We love that car, we need to have it. And afterwards Audi AG built
the car to take it on track for some test drives It’s a really fast car, it has over 800hp,
with a weight of just over 1,400kg, so we will reach 0-100km/h within 2.5 seconds, that’s
really really fast, we have three electric motors on the car, one on the front axle and
two on the rear axle, the car has a lot of momentum, each electric engine has a momentum
of 330Nm so it’s a lot of power To drive it You need take the full control
of it (no electronics) which makes it really exciting to drive and
800hp is something similar to a race car, it’s something special, and really unique. It’s a
special device! It’s quite similar, basically in the game
accelerating and deceleration – the deceleration is really impressive, compared to some of
the other cars in the game. the most important part is the power, how
powerful an electric car like the e-tron can be i grew up in a car dealership, i grew up around
cars, and started in go-karting with my siblings, then i climbed up to different Formula categories,
then I started to drive with the Audi programme in 2011, in DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) in Asia it’s like Super GT,
and since then I’m driving for Audi all around the world. Right now I’m driving
the R8 LMS GT3 car in some different series, and I’m really proud of it, I’m enjoying
myself, it’s a hard world definitely as in most sport business, and as a girl you
always have to double prove yourself but when you’re competitive it always pays off. My theory is: Go fast and never ever give
up. So that’s the most important thing, never ever give up. Even if someone tells
you, “Hey, should give up”, just work harder for it. aim for it, keep working, and
it work always pays off. There are always some races which may not be successful, but just keep going – go out on track and try it again.

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