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ASOS, Aliexpress | Unboxing Haul | TRY-ON

January 22, 2020

Hi guys, welcome back to our channel so, this time we’ll have Aliexpress and Asos Huge Asos unpacking haul okay, so from which should I start this one or this one what do you think…? So let’s try from the smallest So, as I can see what we have here oh, it’s a yoga block Very nice color Ha ha ha….Pink one ok, it’s another bag, I’ll scratch it faster I’ll show you, that you can see it’s very soft one very nice one Ok, so it will be very good for my yoga practice Great! So, Aliexpress this time was great it’s comes in a month time So, I am really glad with this one this package Ok, so the second round is Asos! I’m very excited! It comes Asos packages comes really fast usually in 5 days, 5 working days so, let’s see what’s inside Oh, it’s trainers Trainers for my husband black one it’s Puma, it’s original Asos has lots of products original products So, I can see there is some papers inside I’ll just take it out Yes, really soft Good one The sole The sole of the shoe it’s soft one So, it would be really good for our travels We really like to travel! So, what I can say about Asos That it’s Really good products I really like to order from them Ok, so the next one And, what we have next?! Ha ha… I am really excited! Oh, It’s Reebok! It’s for me! Trainers for me Ok Oh my god! Oh, really nice really nice color just like blue, like gray Second one Ok It’s Reebok, the original Reebok Training shoes really good one it also have some details interesting details here white… so, it would be really good for summer time really good for our travels so, GREAT!!! I will try mine Snickers! So, guys, if you are thinking to buy one of these items this one was from Aliexpress, these from Asos I just put the links down below and I would like to tell you that you should hurry up because, when I was ordering the trainers it was left only few of them in their stocks So just, hurry up! So, thank you guys for your time
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    Hey subscribed to your channel. Do visit and subscribe to my channel too.

  • Reply LEGO JOEY September 12, 2017 at 8:11 pm

    cool vid

  • Reply Tony Phan September 18, 2017 at 12:37 pm

    I tried aliexpress before. It really depends on the sellers on that platform. Sometimes you will have a great deal with the right seller. Sometimes, you get some really awful cheap stuff

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