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Apps For Singers and Performers | Actions for Actors with Ashlee Espinosa

December 8, 2019

Welcome back actors this month we are
talking about technology and how you can utilize technology to advance your
career last month we talked about the nuts and bolts of musical theater so if
you missed any of those videos I’ll put them at the very end in the cards for
you to check out so let’s jump right in to today’s video today I’m gonna take
you through some of the applications that I have on my cell phone and I’m
using an Apple phone so if you have an Android it might be a little bit
different and I’m not quite sure how the Android is compatible with some of the
applications just to give you a heads up but let’s get right into my cell phone
and the applications I use as a theater artist one of my favorite apps that I
use every single day is piano tracks now this application is available on not
only your phone but on your computer it’s a subscription-based so it does
cost about $9.99 a month but I feel like it is absolutely worth every single
penny you can literally scroll through there
are hundreds and hundreds of albums they have for musicals and you can click on
one and you can for example let’s say I’m working on gentleman’s guide to love
a murder I can click on that album and I can see
that they have all of the songs listed and it’s just the accompaniment but they
also have the melody track so if you want to learn the songs and you need to
hear that melody if you don’t play piano too well it will have it on here for you
you can also save my tracks and you can write now for example I’m working on fun
home the musical and so I have a lot of the fun home songs in here for example
you can see I have the melody line for telephone wire on here and then I have
the same song with just the piano version great way to practice learn new
music and not have to go directly to you the person that plays your songs for you
and record songs for you on a weekly basis so it really does save money and
time so check piano tracks out the next
application is going to be apps that will help you learn your lines so there
are two in here that I’ve used before line learner is a great one the lite
version which is the version you’re seeing on the screen next to me here is
free and you can literally go in and record your dialogue and the dialogue of
the other people in the script and play it back and forth and it makes it really
easy to learn your lines when you’re working on a new show also script
rehearse ER is a great way to learn your lines you can type your script in here
and the dialogue pops up and then you hit play and it will say the lines for
you the computer will so you don’t have to actually record it and you can click
like what person you are playing a really great app to again learn lines so
check those two out if you have trouble learning your lines on your own and it’s
a great way to learn your script I’m always recording my rehearsals my
lessons my voice lessons my coaching’s any type of music that I’m working on
when I’m working with an accompanist I use my voice memos application that’s
free in your iPhone it is easy it is simple it comes with your iPhone the
best application to use when you’re working on a show learning music and if
you’re also recording your lessons which is a great way to go back and to view
later because I am such a social media geek and I’m always posting new images
and pictures with text on it I use canva it’s a free app and it’s really easy to
scroll through find a template or a design that you like click on it and
then edit the text for what you need it to do I use this all the time when I
want to just post oh I’m in a new show or here’s
the available lesson times that I have to offer private coaching’s this week I
will use canva to just create create a quick image it looks professional it
looks nice it looks sleek and it looks like you paid a lot of money for it when
really it’s from a free device so check that out that’s canva because we as
artists are always interested in listening to new albums and Broadway
musicals I like to use the app right on your phone if you have an an Apple
device for your Apple music you can get a subscription and I have the
subscription I like it I think it’s worth every single penny and you can
download all of the albums and stream them without having to buy them singly
or spend money on an individual album if maybe you just need one song it also has
great flail it’s so if you want to warm up or if you want something in your
walkin it’s a great way to stream your music so Apple music is definitely worth
the investment another Apple investment and I know I keep talking about Apple
but that’s because for me it really works it’s device and it’s a platform
that I find is user-friendly especially for artists I also use Apple podcast so
I can go in here and for free you don’t need a subscription to the podcast
platform on Apple and you can listen to all of your podcasts that you enjoy I am
an a podcast fan my husband and I just started a podcast it is called breaking
the fourth wall and it is one of my favorite ways to find new material to be
able to hear interviews to be able to learn what’s happening and get Broadway
news so if you haven’t never listened to a podcast before check it out there are
some really great podcasts that are out there and
it’s a great way to stay connected to Broadway news as well so the Apple
podcast app because I just changed from my Wix website to having Tony house
develop my new website I went and switched to Squarespace what I love
about Squarespace is that it also comes with the apps on your phone so you can
literally go to Squarespace on your phone here and you can edit your website
wherever you are even if you’re not at your actual laptop or computer or device
now you can also get your analytics so if you want to see where you are on your
website how many people have viewed it how many people have clicked to
subscribe where they’re looking at your website from all of that information is
available in your analytics for Squarespace because I switched from
using Wix to my website I also switched to using G suite so I could have my
email address be at Ashley Espinosa com versus at gmail now I am able to use all
the G suite functions and I switched over to using gmail calendar and the
Gmail application on my phone versus using the Apple email I find it easier
it is more convenient and it just makes everything more streamlined for a
theater artist that’s running a business off of your email and you’re waiting for
emails to come in about work and you can put a lot of information into your
calendar a lot easier and I just like that platform so I use those
applications on my phone every single day because I’m very focused on
nutrition and being a healthy artist I use the daily dozen application on my
phone every single day it allows me to go through and check off if I’ve had
enough of fruits or veggies or Green’s and it makes it very easy to
kind of keep up to date on what I’m eating healthy how much am i eating and
gives me a guideline that makes it a bit easier on a daily basis to eat a healthy
nutritious diet as artists we are always looking to get tickets and not only just
tickets to musicals but tickets at a really great price and I use today tix
to be able to access any musicals and at a really inexpensive price so that I can
see more and get more bang for my buck I don’t use this one on my phone but I use
this one on my iPad on the computer this application is called stage right and
what it does is it allows you to document your staging and your
choreography and make it something where you can send PDFs to your actors or your
design team you can share with the choreographer and it makes it a way for
you to document the movement within a musical we see a lot of Broadway shows
using stage right a lot of Tours a lot of cruise ships and if you’re someone
that’s a really a director or a choreographer I would really encourage
you to invest in this application because it makes your job much easier
and gives you a way to document it versus keeping it us on pad and paper
especially if you’re just citing that you’re gonna do the show again gives you
a way to save it for later if I missed any applications that you use on a daily
basis go ahead put them in the comments down for me below so I can check them
out next week we are going to be talking about technology and what musical
theater and theater podcasts you can listen to to further your career have a
great week I’ll see you next week take the actions you need to gain progress in
your career

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