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Ally Fashion Try On Haul | Not Sponsored

February 3, 2020

Hi welcome back to my channel my name is Sylvia and today I’m so excited to share with you a package that I got from Ally
Fashion I bought a couple of things online during the holidays and when it
was on sale and I haven’t had a chance to open it up and to try on all this
clothing so if you would like to see what I have purchased keep on watching
for the first item I would like to share with you a very cute khaki green dress
that I got from Ally Fashion it’s very cute it’s quite airy as well around the
arms area so it’s perfect during the summer and you don’t want to wet too
much clothing I got this after discount for $20.99 so I guess that’s pretty
reasonable 20 dollars for a dress now let’s move onto the next item that I’ve
got and it is this very very cute like romper is made out of
I think polyester or some sort and this cost about $25.19 and originally it was
priced for $35.99 so it’s okay it’s quite reasonable and I quite like the
pattern the florals I love florals and yeah I’ve never had
this kind of color in my wardrobe so this is something new for for myself and
next item I have is this blue color sort of like a denim color but it’s more
dusty blue this is also a romper and this is how it looks like I got this one
for $20.99 a discount so yeah I don’t mind
this at all I just thought I didn’t have a blue-colored romper I might like
something in my wardrobe like this as well and I guess for a short you can
never go wrong with this really flowy polyester material quite stretchy
perfect for someone like me who eats a lot as well and you will need a pants that
you can breathe in after a full meal oh this is perfect
this pair of shorts cost about $13.99 after discount The next clothing that I have is a
top which is the white peplum top and I bought this one for $13.99 so it’s
pretty reasonable and is it very cute white t I don’t think you can go wrong with
a white top so I’m excited to try this one out And the last item that I got is this
blue denim dungaree shorts when I look at the picture it looks really good on
the model but I have a feeling because it doesn’t have a lot of stretchiness
around this material it might not fit like I might not fit into it so but
we’ll see we’ll see how I go with it and I got this one for $25.19 yes this is how
it looks like Thank you for watching I hope you
enjoyed this video and if you do like this video hit the like button and
subscribe to my channel and I shall catch you next time bye

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  • Reply Tiffany Harrison February 3, 2020 at 4:04 pm

    Everything looks really good on you! Such cute pieces!
    Phlanx's Marketing Specialist

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