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All About NHRA Car Racing : How to Be Patient with NHRA Racing Sponsors

November 10, 2019

TINA STULL: Hi, I’m Tina Stull and I drive
the Top Dragster for Interstate Batteries. On behalf of Expert Village, today, we’re
going to talk about the basics of racing. You also need to make sure that your sponsors
don’t have any conflict of interest. Where if they sell the same product, that might
be a problem. But all of this builds up over time and if you go out tomorrow and do an
event, don’t be discouraged if you don’t see something happen right away. It takes a long
time. A lot of times, I don’t see the results of maybe an event that I’ve done until I am
back in that area the following year. And that’s when I meet kids coming up and saying,
“Hey, I remember you from last year. Do you remember me?” And there are the little opportunities.
Talking at the track, there are a lot of times where people come, they’re interested in the
sport; obviously, they wouldn’t be there but they might be a little intimidated. You’re
a driver and to them, you might be the biggest celebrity that they’ve ever met. So you need
to be a little bit more open, maybe make yourself a little more vulnerable to speaking with
people and talking with them and sharing a little bit about your one-on-one experience
in racing.

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