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Affordable Summer TRY ON Haul 2019 / OOTD / LOOKBOOK | Moxeay 😎

December 11, 2019

Affordable Summer TRY ON Haul 2019 / OOTD / OOTN / LOOKBOOK | Moxeay by Natalie Nightwolf huh oh hello my gorgeous friends I hope
you are well my name is Natalie Nightwolf and welcome to my show please
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more today’s video is a collaboration with the website mocks yay so I have
five outfits that I’m gonna try on for you and review and we’re gonna check
them out and see what they look like there’s also going to be a 10% discount
code with the coupon code Natalie oh wow you don’t say it’s true the first one
I’m wearing right now I really like it it’s a two-piece err so the top is like
is is an is and as such I’ve got like this top leg that goes like this and
then it goes like this it’s off the shoulder it’s super cute this skirt is
like a wrap skirt and then you tie it on one side so it’s definitely these are
all basically like summer outfits really awesome really cute summer outfits I was
actually listening to the Beach Boys before or while I was getting ready
because I don’t know this outfit inspired me to have kind of like a surf
party so I had an entire a surf party right before starting this so if I’m a
little low energy it’s from the surf party that I had and
I had it on my patreon so I think this outfit is super cute the
next one is going to be this kind of like lavender silk dress so let me put
it on and I’ll give you my impressions of it be right back
alright so here’s how this looks on I think it’s super cute I love collabing
with clothing brands like moxie a different ones like this because I get
to pick different things that I would have never ever worn this is great for a
night to the Olive Garden you know or the Opera pigtails at the Met of course
it goes on pretty much to the knee I’m not sure you can see the bottom of it the next item that I’m going to review
is like this tube top dress very summery looking let’s see what it looks like on
whoa how the heck did that happen does anybody know how that works
I think it’s witchcraft I’m scared this is super cute it’s just a regular kind
of like tube top type dress it fits really good on the top
I think size small or extra small whatever the smallest size was as I
always do and dresses I was a little bit worried about the length but I don’t
think the length is that bad it’s just a little bit above the knee if I don’t
feel comfortable I could wear I have these like little biker shorts that I
wear and they’re white and then the bottom is lace so that ends up looking
always super cute with dresses anyway yeah love this perfect for the summer then excited is this cute basic black
skirt it comes right up to the waist and fits perfectly on my waist yeah it’s
just like a basic cute kind of like I think it’s called a skater skirt fun
flirty cute summer skirt pair with any top you want care with a body suit head
down to the beach and don’t forget to bring your metal detector folks I’m kind
of thinking of a career change and I’m thinking hey by a metal detector better
yet borrow a friend’s metal detector you’re good as gold right as rain you
know oh my goodness I think my Achilles heel just snapped so the last item is
this skirt it’s actually the same as the black one another you like the skater
skirt I got it in a light blue if you check out my fuse website they have this
skirt in a variety of different colors and it’s so cute and kind of want
anymore colors it’s perfect that’s just perfect
it makes you know picking up clothes so simple when you have things that are you
know kind of basics that are cute that are available in multiple colors and
that fit well so thank you so much moxie a for collaborate with me on this I
thought the items were all very cute and beautiful you guys will have to let me
know what you think of the items as well and don’t forget the 10% discount code
and Natalie it’s listed in this description below pause for breath if
you like this video give it a like when you comment letting me know these stuffs
but I subscribe to my channel click the notification bell and I’ll see you next
time bye


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  • Reply Corey Chatman August 12, 2019 at 4:12 pm

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  • Reply Natalie Nightwolf August 12, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    πŸ”₯Get bonus content at πŸ”₯

  • Reply John Chiasson August 12, 2019 at 4:14 pm

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  • Reply Ignacio Herrera August 12, 2019 at 4:16 pm

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  • Reply Lo Kei August 12, 2019 at 4:21 pm

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