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AEM Infinity Series ECU BMW E46 M3 Features 30-7105 30-7109

October 25, 2019

Male Announcer: The AEM Infinity ECU is legal
in California only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Paul: Hi, I’m Paul Saint Claire, technical
sales engineer for AEM Electronics. We’re inside the BMW M3 and going over the
steering wheel controls for the Infinity. These were once cruise controls on a stock
ECU and we’re now utilizing for different features. First of all, the cruise up and cruise down
change mode, which is an Infinity [00:00:30] specific map control. Lambda, Ignition, VE, Boost, any of those
maps can be combined in different modes. The cruise set enables two positions of trash
control, again, software definable. The on off for cruise is now a three step
revel meter. This is also software definable to cut fuel
and or spark, and we’ll be using this mostly for pit lane speed [00:01:00] on a race car. When I key, on the tachometer points at three,
which is currently what mode we are in. And that’s changeable again with the plus
and minus, so now I’m on two, down again, now I’m on one. You’ll notice the ring around the tachometer
it is pointing at 4000 RPM, which is our current coolant limited rev limit. I’m going to start the car [00:01:30]. Again, with the car idling, we can still change
modes. It does not effect the idle and these modes
go all the way through eight. And you’ll see right now we have rev limit
set at 4000 for coolant [00:02:00] and the 3 step will be set, I believe, at 2000 by
holding. And then the traction enable shows a light,
[00:02:30] but that’s all software driven, and we can only demonstrate that while rolling. The LEDs on the outer ring of the tachometer
are programmable in the Infinity. Here we will change from the current 4000
RPM to 6000 RPM rev limit. We’re also utilizing BMW’s sport button. This gives us two completely distinct drive
by wire maps which ideally we can use for dry racing or wet racetrack [00:03:00], so
this can be curved, linear, or whatever we define in the software. Male Announcer: For more information on the
Infinity Plug and Play ECU for the BMW E46 M3, visit

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