Adam Sandler Played Idina Menzel’s Music on the ‘Uncut Gems’ Set

December 24, 2019

I have goosebumps. I’m such a fan of yours. Hi! Hi! It’s so nice to see you. And you’re doing an amazing job. Oh, that’s nice of you. It’s a little– I’m just going to– can we
sit on this, so nobody– Yeah, well, that’s the thing– you often been scared here. He can’t come out. I want you to– Can I just do it
all the whole time? Just sit up there. Actually do. Is that fine? Is that legal? You already checked
it out though, right? I checked it out. The scare is gone. I almost peed my pants
the last time I was here. I know. Are you easily scared? –scared the
you-know-what out of me. Yeah, right. No, I’m not that– I’m not– oh yeah, there. I’m not easily scared,
but that really got me. I can’t believe I’m talking
to you right now, because I’m a huge fan of yours. I used to run to Wicked. I would sing along and think
I could sing as well as you. Were you singing
“Defying Gravity”? What were– Yeah, “Defying Gravity.” That’s what it was. And it wasn’t as good as you. I’ll just say it. It wasn’t as good. But you probably
ran a lot of miles. Yes! It’s a long song. So I ran very fast. And powerfully. Congratulations. You just got a star
on the Walk of Fame. Oh, thank you. [APPLAUSE] I got it next to Kristen
Bell, my Frozen sister. Yes. Well-deserved. Thank you, thank you. You’re in two different
films right now. Yeah. As you saw, that
one is very dark. And I’m not playing an Elsa
type of character in that one. But it was actually so
much fun off-camera. Because it’s Adam
Sandler, and he’s just the most amazing,
generous, fun guy. And everybody should go see
it, because he’s so good in it. And I hate that– you know, funny people– I don’t know how
you feel about this, but it’s always a
surprise that they can be really great in a drama. Yes! But comedians, you’re the
most brave, courageous artists I know. You stand out there and open
your soul up, and take a risk. And– They are! Yeah! He is! I feel like Steve Carell also
does an amazing job doing that. And what is the– tell
me about this movie. Tell me who you play in it. He’s– OK, what’s it called? Uncut Gems. Uncut Gems. [LAUGHS] He’s like
the guy that sells bling to all the
athletes and the rappers. And he’s also a
really bad gambler. And he’s just a guy that
really wants to win in life. And I play his wife, who
he’s kind of cheating on. Not kind of. He’s cheating on. And she’s the only
one in his life that really tells the truth. And I’ve seen audiences– I’ve been in the audience while
people have been watching it, and they tend to
like my character, only because she says
exactly what they want to say to the character. And how was it working
with Adam Sandler? No, it’s great. He brought in like
a boombox to set. And he played
“Defying Gravity”– Oh stop– And it embarrassed me. Yeah. But it’s a tribute as well. He DJs the whole time,
because he wants the crew to just relax and have fun. So he’s always playing music. That’s so– and also,
I want to ask you if there will be–
because I have to– will there be a Frozen 3? I hope so. I mean, I don’t know. I mean– [APPLAUSE] Frozen 2 is doing OK right now. It’s doing OK. Yeah. Do you want to be in it? Yes, that’s what I’m getting at. Can I be in it? We would love that. What do you want to play? A character like a new little– A new little redheaded snowball. Yes! You will be performing
later some new songs from your Christmas CD. Do you have any great holiday
traditions that you love? I do. I am a nice Jewish girl who
likes to collect ornaments. Of course. I try to collect them wherever
I am in the world, on tour, on my travels. And so that’s my
favorite thing to do. I’m actually going to
go home and decorate the tree after I leave here. Oh, well, I have a
little something maybe you could put on the
top of that tree– Perfect! Ellie DeGeneres Show. Uh-oh. Oh my God! That’s hysterical! [APPLAUSE] I’m sure Ellen will love that. I was looking at it, I
was like, gosh, something seems a little wrong with that. It’s perfect. In many ways, yes,
you’re not wrong. I love it. I will savor it and
remember it every year– Thank you! Oh my gosh. –that we had this
moment together. [INAUDIBLE] The way you just
said that, “we had this moment,” now when
I listen to “Defying Gravity,” [INAUDIBLE]. Put it on as an earring. A little bling. Don’t come out! Is it going to come out here? The name of Idina’s CD is
Christmas, a Season of Love. Everyone in the audience
is getting a copy! [CHEERING]

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