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Adam Sandler Gets Choked Up and Really Choked Out in Uncut Gems

November 6, 2019

-I got to say, congrats
on this film, “Uncut Gems.” -Thank you, pal.
-It’s unbelievable. It’s getting insane reviews. “Sandler’s supernova presence
radiates.” — “Variety.” -Yes.
-Some say, “It’s a hell of a part.
And Sandler aces it.” “A career high.”
I mean, there’s — It’s getting Oscar buzz. And —
-Yeah. -How’s that feel? I want to ask
you, like, are you, like, did you ever think you would
get Oscar buzz? -No.
[ Laughter ] No, no, no.
I think when I was young, I thought “Billy Madison”
or something had a shot. [ Laughter ]
And then I — But they — They took that away from me.
So I stopped dreaming. Yeah.
-Yeah. Who — The directors are
the Safdie brothers? -Safdie brothers.
Two great guys. Josh and Benny. Man, are they good.
-God, this — I saw their movie “Good Time.”
-Yeah, yes. -Robert Pattinson.
And I just saw that movie. And I go, “Ooh.”
And it put a knot in my stomach. -Oh, me too. Me too.
-So I was excited that you were working
with these guys. -Yeah.
-And doing a dramatic role. So I was sitting here.
This is a true story. I was talking to Lorne.
-Yeah. -Lorne Michaels who —
-Yes. -And he says, “I’m going to
go see Adam’s movies.” -Right, right.
-Some big film — New York Film Festival thing. You’re a part of this
film festival. So I go, “Great. I’ll go.”
I go, “I have a double taping. It’ll be great.”
He goes, “All right, I’ll see you there.”
I go, “no problem.” He goes, “You going?”
I go, “Yeah, I can’t wait.” I go, “You waiting for me?” He goes,
“No, I’ll meet you there.” “Okay, great.” So he goes.
Lorne goes ahead of me. I do — I double tape
the show that night. I get in the car.
I go down to Lincoln Center. Go down this big theater,
I go down. Someone brings me down.
Open the doors. Giant theater full of people.
And I look for Lorne. They — I see Lorne’s
in the middle of the row with Chris Rock and Ben Stiller.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Light laughter ]
-No room for me. No seat saved at all.
[ Laughter ] Nothing. I go,
“What — guy, I mean, didn’t we have a thing?
I mean, what’s going on?” So I go, “Hey, what’s up.”
And then I go, “All right,
I guess I’ll just sit.” So I sat at the end of the row
by myself. -Yes, yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And so I was there
next to woman. -Yeah.
-And I said, “Hi, nice to see you.
I’m very excited about this. I’m a big — So I’m,
like, getting ready for the — -Small talking.
-Yeah. -Yeah.
-So then the movie’s about to start.
The lights go down a little bit. And this woman stands up.
And she leaves. There’s an empty seat. And who
sits in the seat next to me? Adam Sandler.
-That’s right, baby. [ Cheers and applause ]
I saw you. I saw you. -The Sand man.
The Sand man came in! -I saw that his little heart
broken eyes, “Nobody loves me.”
[ Laughter ] And daddy showed up.
And then — Can I tell them
what you did to me? -Yeah, sure. -He pulled the popcorn trick
on me. [ Laughter ] I couldn’t believe it.
Jimmy, when you — -No, no, no, no.
-And it was the best popcorn I’ve ever eaten in my life.
-But it — no. How was I as a seat mate? As a seat mate,
how was I though? -You were the best guy
to watch this movie with. By the way, you know Jimmy’s
enthusiasm is incredible. And he —
If you sit next to Jimmy, and you have a movie coming out, he is the proper man to make you
think that you did a great job. [ Laughter ]
Because you were so — This movie is very, like, it
gets you a little upset. And you’re nervous
throughout the thing. Jimmy was so nervous
and so excited. And every line I said,
I’m watching the movie. You know,
I don’t love watching myself. But Jimmy would grab me
and be like, “Oh, my God, I loved that.”
And I’d be like, “Yeah, yeah. That’s right.
It was good, wasn’t it?” [ Laughter ]
Yeah, you made me feel top there,
buddy. -I honestly —
that was one of these movies I couldn’t believe it.
First of all, after, like, I want to say, five minutes into
it, I don’t see you anymore. I see this character
that you’re playing. -That’s great.
-Is it Harvey or Howard? -Howard.
-Howard. -Howard Ratner. Yes, yes.
-Howard Ratner. -I looked different.
I dress different. -You talk differently.
And everything — and, like — I just feel bad
for this guy, man. -Oh, yeah.
-And he’s kind of a gambler. And he works in
the diamond district. -Yes.
-Which is right here on 47th Street.
-Yes, yes, yes. -Did you get to hang out
and meet those guys? -I got to — sure.
I mean, I did research
for the character. The Safdie brothers
brought me there. And I got to know everybody
on the block. And they all let me
in their lives. And allowed me
to work with them and — you know, I didn’t do any work.
But I watched them work. [ Laughter ] And they taught me
about jewelry. And they taught me about how
they do sales. -But it’s a tight knit
family that — -Yes, nobody get’s in there.
-It’s a little area. No. -It really is a cool block. It’s amazing when you go there. It’s just been the same
for so long. And they just —
It’s family business. And they — They taught me a
lot. And I did — this is —
if I can — they — I couldn’t let the character go. They gave me a loop.
They gave me a loop. So when I shot the movie,
I was so in — excited about getting to know
jewelry and stuff. And they gave me one of —
you know the loop thing? -That magnifies the —
-That magnifies the thing. And so, yeah. I started
looking at everybody’s jewelry to see if it was good or bad.
[ Laughter ] And then — this is the weirdest
thing I discovered. Because of the loop,
I have a penis. I had no idea.
[ Laughter ] I was so excited.
-Congratulations! [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah, yeah. -Congratulations.
-It felt cool. -That’s awesome.
Yeah, that’s fantastic. -Thank you.
And, guys, it’s also uncut. [ Laughter ]
But I have to report to you, sadly, it’s not a gem.
[ Laughter ] It was trying, though.
-Oh, my gosh. So I’m watching this thing. And there are some funny scenes
in it. -Yes.
-You have some good things. But it is really riveting.
And seriously, there is a knot in your stomach.
And I’m watching your character. And I’m like,
“Oh, just don’t do it man.” Just like,
“Oh, just go home, dude. Just go home. Just stop.
What are you doing?” And you just push it.
And these directors are great. -Yeah. Oh, yeah.
-The soundtrack is killer. -Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
-And it just gets better and crazier and just awesomer.
And now — and the ending — I don’t want to tell anybody.
But it was so — but anyways — I’m happy.
-Yes. -Last five minutes of the movie, you had to leave to go do
a Q&A. -I know. I went —
I had to leave you. But — -I’m happy you did.
-I know. I know. -‘Cause I loved —
-We had — We went to the party after,
though. -Yeah, what a great party
that was. -They had a party
at Katz’s Delicatessen. -It was great.
-And everybody was, like, so funny.
Usually at a party after a movie is a drink and celebration. This was just people eating
corned beef sandwiches. [ Laughter ]
-Biz Markie was deejaying. -Biz Markie was incredible.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. -It was great.
It was such a fun party. -It was fun.
-And I got to meet these guys from the film that are, like,
real people. -Oh, yes, yes.
-They’re not actors. They’re kind of characters
in real life. -They’re characters, yeah,
yeah. They’re a lot of the people from
the jewelry district are in it. And then there are some guys
after me in the movie who are — the Safdie brothers are really
into the right cast and who has the right look. And there are all these —
a lot of them weren’t actors. And these guys who beat me up
in the — I get beat up throughout
the movie a lot ’cause I owe money and stuff. But these guys who were beating
me up were really good guys. But they didn’t ever do
a movie before. So there was a stunt coordinator
who would say, like, “You know, you don’t
have to really choke at him.” [ Laughter ] You know, it was like —
and then they were all like, “Yes.” Nodding along nice. And, like, “You know, this looks
like you’re choking him.” And they were like — They
literally didn’t hear anything the guy was saying.
[ Laughter ] And they would talk to me like
they love me. Say like, “‘Mr. Deeds’ was
incredible.” I was like, “Oh, thanks, man.”
And then, “Action!” And then just full choke.
[ Laughter ] And I was, like,
trying to tap out. I’m punching the roof.
And they’re like, “Adam’s in character.”
And I was like, “No, I really am getting
choked right now.” [ Laughter ]
-It is unbelievable. And I just — I gotta say,
dude, I just love seeing every single thing you do. I followed your career
through everything. But — and the comedy special
was great you had this year. “SNL” was fantastic.
-Thanks. -You hosting — that was great. -You being on there with me
was sweet. -No, that was great.
-Thank you. -But this thing is like — Dude, you deserve all the praise
for this. -Thanks, buddy. -“Uncut Gems.”
Adam Sandler, everybody.


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