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Aaron Marshall (Intervals) – Guitar Power

November 19, 2019

(electric guitar music) – Ladies and gentlemen
it’s Aaron Marshall. (Aaron laughs) This is Guitar Power and
thank you for being here. – Dude, pleasure man, that was sick dude. – How did you choose the
guitar as your instrument? And what was the very first
thing that you can recall that made you want to play? – Uh, I wanted to be a drummer. – Perfect. (Aaron laughs) – So I wasn’t allowed to
have a drum kit in the house cause I don’t think I’d proven
my prowess as a musician. And my dad was like, uh, we’re gettin’ you an acoustic guitar from the pawn shop. And we start there sonny
boy, kind of thing. – Yeah. – I actually had like very
minimal interest in it, and I came home from school one day and found my dad had
like a Mel Bay book open and he was playin’ like Greensleeves. And I was so frustrated that he had learned something before I did, that I put that Takamine on
and I just could barely get my arm over it and I started
playing like Ode to Joy or something out of the same book, and it’s like I’ll show him, kinda thing. – Do you remember the first riff that you, yourself, listened to and figured out on your own and you said this is it? – Definitely Smells Like Teen Spirit. – Alright. (plays Smells Like Teen Spirit) – I mean ad nauseum, everybody loves that. – Yeah. – Yeah, but that was the
first thing where I was like, okay, it’s rhythmic, it’s like I’m kinda doin’ the drum thing, and like… – Yeah. – Power, I definitely didn’t
even have the octave in there. For sure, it was just
like root fifth, you know? – Nice. (Aaron laughs) Well, I mean that’s kinda what
the original was, you know? – Yeah, absolutely, yeah he probably didn’t either to be honest, so yeah. – So the drums, that’s
an interesting thing because the music that you create now is very rhythmically specific. – As a like a composer, I think that, um, especially in this realm
of guitar-centric music, the music that excels
or shines the most, um, is the stuff that considers
the rest of the band. And drums are, I would say
the most important thing in terms of dictating
how a composition moves. And of course, like linking
up a fill on a guitar with a fill on the
drums, and being mindful of those sort of symbiotic elements, that’s like really important to me. – Well that’s cool, now
let’s talk a little bit more about how do you describe the
music that you play because there’s, there are a lot of
up and coming new genres… – For sure. – And there’s this term
djent, which is another one of those terms that people
are like what is that and why do I hate that word so much? Or why do I love that word so much? – Yeah, based on my
lineage, with Intervals and what I’ve been doing with
this music, it definitely started under the umbrella
of the d-word, for sure. – Yeah. – And I still definitely
borrow elements from that and that’s that rhythmic drums like a hand in a glove with
the guitar type thing. – So if somebody’s never
heard the term djent, like give, give the definition for them. – Well, it essentially
refers to, it’s like an onomatopoeia for the
sound, very particular sound that a guitar can produce,
we’ll see if what I have, – Like palm muting? – Yeah, I’m a little dark
for that right now, actually. (rhythmic guitar music) – But it’s that, rhythmic
thing that happens when you choke up, but
genre-wise what does it infer? You know like what Misha’s
done with Periphery and what John Browne’s done with Monuments and Acle with TessaracT,
those are like the three bands caught, Between the Buried and Me, who get lumped in with that sound but they’re not really you
know that kind of thing, but that’s what was sort of
influencing me at the time. Protest the Hero who are from Canada, um, good buddies of mine who
I grew up listening to. That’s more of the technical metal or progressive metal type thing, but really at the end of the day, it’s an amalgamation of these things. I like technical,
riff-driven, guitar music. – Yeah. – But I also grew up on pop punk and a lot of stuff that’s like got a really sweet melodic top line, so my stuff was definitely
more tuned down and aggressive in the early days, but it’s
migrated to a place where, um, I wanted to challenge myself with the instrument tuned in standard. I also wanted to get away
from that relationship of, you know, just having a power chord that you can carry with one finger. – Yeah. – But also what’s really important for me is creating a background for a song… – A melody. – Yes, a melody, but more, but
that gives way to the song. – And that goes back to more
of what you were saying also with allowing the drums to create a groove that you can feel and connect
to so it’s not just like, hey I wrote a song it’s
like seventeen disconnected body parts and then, you
know, yeah, let’s do it again. – And there’s some flashy moments, I like to use some techniques
and do a few things, but to me it’s about serving the song. And what’s the feeling I get from it, and you know, what’s the feeling that I can potentially give the listener? I like that this type
of music is interpretive in that capacity, and
for me it’s just about making cool songs and cool music. – Tell me a little bit about this guitar, maybe you could do a run
down of all of the features. – Sure, this is a Suhr Modern
Custom, uh, made by John Suhr. Everything to do with this
instrument is basically what aligns with my, my
preference and the ability for me to get a lot of
sounds with one instrument. Basswood body, maple
top, roasted maple neck, which is a must these days and this one has a pau ferro fingerboard. Volume tone and five way, two humbuckers, so the way it works is, in position two, you get these split coil
sounds which basically, uh, negate a row or a
coil from each pick up, and it gives you that,
so you can go from… (electric guitar) – Like a mid-driven kind
of humbucker sound to… (electric guitar) – A little bit more of a like a half-clean kind of quacky almost
pseudo-strat kind of thing. Which is great, and I need that a lot. And then this is, to my knowledge, it’s both pick ups and parallel, fourth position is just the
neck tapped into a single coil, which is good, a little noisy, but it’s got that nice fluty, kind of… – Let’s hear it. (electric guitar music) – Right, and then you just
have your neck pick of course. (electric guitar music) – Now one thing is you’re
using that vibrato bar a lot and there’s no locking nut, so how is it staying in tune as well? – For sure, it’s all about how
the instrument’s calibrated. I’ve only got two springs in
the guitar as well, which is, you know, this thing is really
sensitive and I like that, um, cause there’s a lot you
can do, you can flutter, which you can’t do if
you have a tight treb. But if I want to get a
little more in your face, (electric guitar music) a little more honk in
it, and then of course, for more of a vocal approach,
I’ll do neck pick up. (melodic electric guitar music) Yeah, it’s a lot of variation. – So there’s a lot of colors just right there from the
guitar, which is good. – Something that I really
like about the split sounds in terms of that almost like,
I’ve been trying to find an adjective lately to describe
it, it’s almost like a, feels like an AMSR quality to
the way the pick just drags on the, you know what I
mean, really sensitive? And fingers as well, love
that, it’s like crystals. – Yeah, picking-wise, uh, you
use hybrid picking sometimes, so maybe you could give people
a little bit of an example. – Hybrid picking, so for
people who don’t know, it’s a combination of using
the pick, and your fingers, so it’s kind of like a classical approach if there was no thumb, so we
do away with the first finger and then you can use your ring finger and your middle finger, kill my delay… (upbeat electric guitar music) With something like
this, just a little etude where I’m using the
D-string and the B-string, and what I’m doing is I’m
replacing an upstroke, you would have down, up, down, up, and I’m replacing that
with a pluck of the finger. (melodic electric guitar music) You can also… (faster paced electric guitar music) This kind of thing and play
around with the math of course, but my hand doesn’t have to move at all, I’m barely working and the left hand can change the tonality, the
right hand has no idea… (electric guitar music) That’s the same device,
but, I’m just, you know, the left hand is kind of steering and the right hand is
kind of the gas, yeah. – And so then what you end up figuring out is how you want to sequence the notes, but you have a sort of automated, your right hand can just be on autopilot. – For sure, so that’s where it starts and that’s a really good place to kind of get your head around just
sequencing and groups of you know, one, two, three, four, one, two, one, two, three, four, one,
two, so it’s a group of six. But when it starts to
become more about a riff or a sequence, that’s a
little more calculated, so… (electric guitar music) This kind of thing where it’s obviously a little more calculated. – You have a little bit of
a change in the dynamics from the pick to the fingers so, everything doesn’t have to be
hard and even all the time. – Exactly, you know, you
never operate at eleven, although as guitar players
we want to, there’s a, a riff from a song called I’m Awake. It’s the first song on my album
the Shape of Color, where… (fast paced electric guitar music) This kind of thing where,
I’m definitely laying back on the faster mutes, and
then I really give it gas on the hammered notes for that intensity. And if I’m playing any lead stuff, or if I’m playing anything
that’s a little bit more, um… (slow melodic guitar music) Where you can pull certain notes and you can just take
your time on other ones. – It’s always in control, whereas some, some things that people
are playing, it’s like, you know, there’s so much
energy that it’s like. – You run out of gas and then
there’s no musical, uh, range. – There’s nowhere else to go. – There is nowhere else to go. – Are there any guitar
players out there that, uh, that you’re listening to now
that you are inspired by, or what do you think the future
of guitar is going to be? – I think the ones pushing things are, there’s this guy from
Poland, named Yakov Zeteki, I think is how you say his last name. He’s incredible, there’s a
guitar player from Australia named Steven Taranto,
who’s very underrated, but he’s probably the deadliest
guitar player right now. A good buddy of mine from
Norway who worked on my record, who did some sound design
and keyboards actually is a phenomenal guitar player, his name is Owayne, he goes by Owayne. There’s a kid from Atlanta
named Simms, Cashian, he’s young, like metal
shredder kid who’s amazing, who everyone will know about soon. I wanna give a leg out to
the underdogs, you know, like those are the guys I
think that you’re going to see in the next couple years who are… – And those are guys
that you hear about how? – Peers, really at the end of the day, um, Simms has been coming to
Interval shows in Atlanta for however long and
Yakov’s been doing his thing on the internet, and uh,
Owayne’s been making some waves but more people deserve to
know about him as well so. – And are you using Instagram as your main thing of getting fans to connect? – I think it’s gone there, yeah, I believe it to be the superior
platform for engagement. – It’s like the only
place for guitar-centric radio like short little snippets. – You know, guitar on demand,
really, it kind of is. – There’s people that you see
and you think there’s no way that’s humanly possible,
like a guy like Rick Graham. – Oh man, Rick, dude
absolutely who’s a good buddy, and yeah, Rick’s amazing, but
there’s a slew of other guys once you open the door
on the Instagram thing. I’m thinking there’s
this guy Todd Pritchard who’s unbelievable neo-soul and RNB guy, everyone needs to check out Todd. There’s this kid from the
UK named Bo, I don’t know I can’t do his last name,
Deacowitz or something. – Yeah Bo Leakowitz, yeah
I know who he is, yeah. – Unbelievable type stuff,
I found him on Instagram and then of course guys like
Mateus Asato and you know, guys who’ve been really
doing the Instagram thing with a lot of, uh, you
know yeah, intent, so. – Well that’s all good stuff maybe we should play a little bit more. – Pick a key and we go. (electric guitar music) – Ahhhh. – Yeah, Aaron Marshall,
ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much. – Dude it’s a pleasure man, thank you man. – Check out Intervals,
this has been Guitar Power.


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