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A Look Inside Ellen’s Gorillapalooza Fundraiser

October 19, 2019

WHAT I LIKE”] (SINGING) Gold jewelry
shining so bright, strawberry champagne on ice. Lucky for you, that’s what
I like, that’s what I like. Lucky for you, that’s what
I like, that’s what I like. I gotta say, it’s amazing and
beyond my wildest imagination to have you all here. Dian Fossey left
an amazing legacy. She began her work saving
an endangered species 50 years ago, and here we
are with an opportunity to continue her work. There are only 1,000
mountain gorillas on Earth. 1,000. And tonight, we’re here to make
it possible to see this species rebound. Ellen and I both thank you
so much for joining us. Anyway, so Ellen said
to me, look, we got to– something about the monkeys. We got to get the
monkeys back together or something like that. I don’t know if I
understood correctly, but this is by the
monkeys, and we’re wishing them all the best. [MUSIC – CHRIS MARTIN, “I’M A
I saw her face. I’m a believer. Without a trace of
doubt in my mind. And I’m in love. Ooh. I’m a believer, I couldn’t
leave her if I tried. So Ellen and I are not
professional auctioneers. We’re not. But what we’d love
you to do now is, just so we know where to be looking
and to keep our eyes, we’d love on the count of
three, all of the tables to point to the richest
person at that table. OK? All right. One, two, three. Oh, wow. This is an amazing night we’re
having because of my wife Portia de Rossi thinking
about the gorillas, realizing how
important it was to me, and the Dian Fossey Fund has
been amazing for 50 years. To put my name with
it is just incredible. It’s an honor. OK, Ellen, kick us off. What are we bidding for? Tickets to my 12
Days of Giveaways. This is a show that
everybody wants to go to. $25,000. Who’s saying $25,000? $25,000. Shelly says $25,000. Diane Keaton says $30,000. Sofia Vergara says $59,000. Colombian pesos. Colombian pesos. No, no, no no. No. $50,000. 50 down here for Julia Roberts. Good, America’s sweetheart
Julia Roberts, $50,000. Any advance on 50? Sitting on her lap
with her husband. 55 on Sofia Vergara. $55,000. Yes, it’s for the gorillas! Oh my God. She’s going to take
America’s sweetheart down. It is on. She says, $55,000, I got money. 60 at the back. 65. $65,000. Sofia says, do not
push me around. And that was aimed at Julia. She looked at you and said 65. $80,000? $80,000. Julia Roberts says $80,000. Oh my god. Wow. $85,000! $85,000. Sofia Vergara says $85,000. Good for you. Both of you can come together
for 12 Days of Giveaways. Done. [MUSIC – CHRIS MARTIN, “SKY FULL
OF STARS”] (SINGING) Cause you’re a sky,
you’re a sky full of stars. Guess what we raised tonight? Over $5 million. [CHEERING] Over $5 million! It’s an amazing experience. I hope you all get
to go to Rwanda. We open the campus in
’21, spring of ’21. I hope you all get
a chance to go. Thank you so much, everybody. Thank you so much. Good night!


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  • Reply Yan Cz October 15, 2019 at 4:04 pm

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