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500 different food for $39.9? [Battle Trip / 2017.03.31]

September 10, 2019

(As they head into downtown) – Doesn’t it look amazing? / – I want to go. (The night in Vegas is longer than the day) It’s really pretty at night. Right, that’s Little New York. You can see the entire world at Las Vegas. (Watch a free show) There are so many shows and concerts there. There are so many shows there. So many performers. Watching a street performance is like being part of the performance. That sounds so nice. Las Vegas! This street is the main strip. (The Las Vegas Strip) (The nicest street in Vegas with all the big hotels) Smells like America. This place is really hot and it’s filled with many hot people. You can walk along the main strip between the hotels and see a lot of performers. What’s amazing is that the city was built on a desert. – This was all desert? / – There used to be nothing? That’s amazing. It really does look bright and fancy. Look over there. Oh, so there are street performers. There are so many performances like this. – On the street? / – Yes. That startled me. We thought he was a mannequin. (Were you surprised?) – I love stuff like this. / – He’s good at singing. You could just watch performers all night. There are more performers in the evening. – In the evening? / – Yes, more than the day. I see. (Soulful playing) (That echoes through the night of Las Vegas) He’s so cool. Dasom is totally into it. Bumblebee! This is… – Thank you. / – Oh, Bumblebee. Even walking around is fun. A lot of stuff like this. But you need to tip them if you want to take a photo. – How much? / – Around how much? – Around $1. / – $1? Las Vegas has 3 great shows. Water shows, fire shows and light shows. Free shows. You end up watching a lot of them but they’re not really that amazing. But you still end up watching. Saying, “So pretty.” We’re here to see one of the 3 great shows. Yes, it’s the volcano show. Volcano? Show! Volcano… Show, show, show! (They seem like a good duo sometimes) 2 minutes left until the volcano show starts. 2 minutes left… There’s something to keep in mind. – Don’t let oil splash on you. / – Really? And it could get really hot. But it’s okay because we’re hot girls. There’s a reason why we had to travel together. I think it’s going to start. It’s starting now. – This is all for free, right? / – Yes. Here it goes. The volcano erupts at certain times so you have to go on time to see it. (Surprised) It’s really warm. (Scorching flames) There should be a dragon that pops out. That thing is pretty big. Yes, it is. We can’t have free shows like this in Korea. Right. Kids would love a free show like that. I think the kids… Would really like the fire show. They love it. A lot more families come to Vegas than you’d think. A lot of them. A lot of Koreans go in families. It’s over. Yeah! That was great. But it’s not over yet. The fountain show. We arrive and the fountain show starts! The fountain show at Dubai was amazing. – Gosh… / – Las Vegas. So epic in scale. We’re here to see the water show. For frequent visitors… It started. What is this? That’s in front of a hotel too. Oh, in front of a hotel. – You can just see this walking by? / – Yes. This is my first time finding a place to watch this. Another thing you all should keep in mind is that the fountain show changes depending on the song. – It’s different. / – Like a musical instrument. – Like it’s dancing. / – It’s different every day. They used to play a lot of classical music but now they play songs by famous DJs too. Really? Yikyung, you’re already totally into it. It is quite the spectacle. Very nice. I feel like I’m in America now. (Turns back) Kiwoo, you’re not nervous, are you? Oh… Yes… You are nervous? It looks very nice. Very nice. – This is nice. / – You really can’t miss this. They have this show every day? – Sure. / – They do this every day? During the daytime too. – During the day too? / – Yes. – Doesn’t that look like CG? / – Seriously. It’s amazing that they do this for real. I think it looks better at night. The fountain show looks amazing but so do the surroundings. I can’t stop watching. The water shoots as high as 20m. I feel like you’d feel empty after watching this. That’s 4 stories high. It’s so loud when the water falls too. Wow, that’s so pretty. (Moved) Why’s there so much to see here? The entire city is like an amusement park. It’s so bright… – And fancy. / – You know the Hoover Dam? The Hoover Dam. The Hoover Dam is nearby so they can generate a lot of electricity fast to keep all these lights on. That looks so nice. It’s like a scene from a movie. It feels like you’re in a movie when you’re in Vegas. I bet. (Morning in Las Vegas) (Where are they headed in the morning?) I know a place I didn’t get to go to. There’s a really famous buffet near a hotel there. Vegas has every food in the world. The tastiest version of every food. I’m so happy I can’t hide my excitement. This is a buffet. As you know, Vegas has a ton of famous buffets. This place has been ranked 1st 2 years in a row in “USA TODAY.” Wow. (500 types of food, 9 different stations) This buffet’s attention to detail was amazing. Very thorough. This was the hotel you stayed at? No, we just went here for the buffet. – They have a famous buffet. / – Now that’s a buffet. Wow, you really have to loosen your belt here. They don’t just have food. They have sauces from every country. Ketchup, hot sauce, soy sauce and so on… Shall we get started? Let’s do this. Let’s go. There’s more over there. (Soyou rushes over to…) (The meat station!) (Amazing) One, one, one, one, one. This looks good. It’s $40 per person. That seems cheaper than Korea. – This is cheating. / – Now that’s cheating. – They have everything. / – I always remember… To get macaroni. It’s my favorite. (All the foods of the world on one table) – It’s $39.99. / – $39.99. That’s $39.99. You can eat forever. They have the best kinds of food available here. (Pleased) I’d say this is one of the top 5 buffets I’ve been to. I was really surprised because most people don’t really pay attention to the little details like the pickles, pickled radishes, garlic… – Ginger, the sauces. / – So many kinds. – They have everything. / – Very detail-oriented. Very thorough. So with that said… – Let’s dig in. / – Let’s fill ourselves up. (Starts sawing furiously) Okay. That was so good! – What is it? / – Crab meat soup. They took a bunch of crab meat… – And made a soup. / – That’s all meat? Wow, her eyes… I haven’t seen those eyes since Seo Inyoung. The look when you have really nice food. – The eyes of truth. / – This is crab meat. Shall we get started? She’s loosening her belt. Shall we get started? I have mad respect for you, Soyou. – She’s so cool. / – For real. You have to eat comfortably. It’s uncomfortable to eat in tight pants. You have to really eat a lot at buffets. How is the meat in America? (Excited) It’s all meat. This… Tastes the same in Korea. What was that? I look so ugly. – It’s pork. / – No way, you’re not ugly. With just the right amount of lean meat and fat. But they took a lot of the oil out. It’s like smoked meat. I want to eat it with steak sauce. (Gulp) (Next up is crab) This looks so good. Didn’t you take a bit much? Just that much crab would cost over $40. And I love crab. You got your money’s worth then. It’s pretty warm. It’s warm. (Straight into her mouth) Now this is fresh. Melted butter sauce… – You need melted butter. / – You dip it in there. – Gosh, what’s that? / – Melted butter. You add some parsley. It’s a dip. That sound amazing. Even just crab meat is delicious. Okay! Got it out. Let’s see Soyou’s face. We can tell by her face. I’m excited. Her face… Her face… (Hahaha) She’s like, “How could it be this good?” There’s the face! (Soyou, this is so good) I’m going crazy here. Shouldn’t we send Kim Junhyeon there? That would really be… It’s really tasty… And it’s so easy to eat. It’s easy to get the meat out. And the crab is fresh. I can taste the freshness. It’s fresh. There’s Japanese food and Chinese food so if it gets a bit heavy I can eat veggies so I feel like I can eat a lot here. (So she ate, ate and ate) Clear. Clear. (Cleared 3 plates in no time at all!) (I’d better step it up too) (She rushes off somewhere) (She goes right to the desserts!) Wow, this all looks so good. I should start with fruit first. Chocolate, cakes and pastries have a lot of oil and sugar. – I want to taste the fruit first. / – So greedy. You’re taking one of each. – Each kind. / – Then you move on to sweeter ones. Pudding! – Creme brulee! / – Wasn’t the pudding so good? – Oh, that was good. / – Oh, that. That one. The white one. – Was it rice pudding? / – Yes. All women have a second stomach for dessert. – We do. / – That’s true. Is it near your back? It’s right here. – Oh. / – Here. I was so curious about this. The creme brulee. It’s sweet. It’s just sweet. – I’m not big on desserts. / – I’m curious about this. – I’m not big on sweets. / – You know what this is? Pudding. Not just pudding. Jasmine rice pudding. Should we try some? That stuff was really good. It was so good. – What’s it taste like? / – There’s jelly… – Made of jasmine in it. / – It’s really good. (I don’t believe you) It’s so good. This is my favorite. – I’ve never heard of it. / – I’ve never tasted… Anything like it, so it’s hard to describe. – Jasmine rice… / – Pudding. It’s really good. A bit like Job’s Tears tea. There’s rice inside. Eat it with the rice. This is unique. – We don’t have rice pudding in Korea. / – Yeah. – Kids would really like this. / – It must be really good. It really was. Such a good value. – Yeah. / – All that for $40. When I go to places like that I want to try every single thing. I got to enjoy such a nice meal at this buffet because of you. This was great, Soyou. Now… I want to go do what I want to do. Should I be excited? You should be. – We’re not going to see fish, are we? / – No. It’s more extreme than that. – Let’s go. / – I hope you like it. – Okay. / – You’ll like it.


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