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50 BILLION DOLLAR HABITS – Dan Pena on London Real

October 20, 2019

Most people just have piss-poor habits, and you know I’ve had these same habits for about 50 years now Okay about 50 years, and I don’t even think about it. I mean, it’s just like brushing my teeth Taking a shower. [I] just do it and And I and [one] of the other interviews [that] I did with you. I said when I do feel Wimpish which isn’t too often I just say what’s wrong with you. You cunt come on and and I just go out and do [it] And and [I] do that about my entire life everything about it and And I know That if I had to build up these habits 20 30 years ago [you] know at age 70. I certainly wouldn’t be doing this because I haven’t had to work and a long time since my middle 30s so half my life, I’ve had the wherewithal to Not have to work and a lot of people a lot [of] reelers asked me. How do you get up in the morning? What motivates you to get up in the morning? You know one of my goals for this [year] was to go to the gym twice a day? Not once a day twice a day and of course it’s I don’t go to a gym per se I have gyms in my home So I got to walk 50 feet or 50 yards or something so it’s not like I’m going to get in [a] car but you know if I did well, if I had to get in a card still do it and Because you know working out. It’s part of my lifestyle And I mean good habits are [hard] to come by, but what’s even harder to come by are? People that have good habits that you can be around That’s even tougher Why is that because you are as I’ve said before You are the average of the five people that you spent the most time with growing up. That’s normally your dad your mom but show me your friends now, and I’ll show you your future and Most of the guys not just watching this program, but most of the guys on the plan gals on the planet Let’s go out and have a drink after work You don’t say oh well. He’s a high performer She’s a pisshead he’s a that’s not how you picked the is it, but you guys get in a car Or they get in the lips go downstairs. Well, I’ll crush you the pub right? right well Next if you if you think about it, okay, well, I’m really don’t mind having a drink with those two people over there So why don’t you initiate the [request] and say why don’t you and I? The [three] of us go have a drink let’s say that they’re your supervisors [there]. They’re people that you look up to they’re there They’re more successful than you are as opposed to the way that you do it now, so people Don’t spend enough time selecting that peer group even though they have the good habits all right. That’s not enough Yeah, because they go to default okay. [what] are some of your other good habits before? We move on you said while working I [don’t] know is one of them, but what are some of them you got to pick three or four that? Highlight you is a high performance at approval What does that mean tacit approval is you say some bullshit okay? And I don’t say anything. I’m quiet, or I? I might even consciously or unconsciously shake. My head like that that’s giving you tacit approval that I either agree or Don’t disagree enough to open my fucking mouth So then now you go away to tell the other reelers Well, you know that agrees with that [well], that’s bullshit. So I go out of my way, and that’s not one [of] the things that scares [me] But I go out of my way [to] make sure that if I hear bullshit, I tell them it’s bullshit That’s a good habit in life because it just keeps you with the right people Because your message out loud and clear correct and especially in my position because a lot of people follow me It’s even more important yourself included more people follow you didn’t follow me so I mean it’s even more important, but most of the people that are what I call the Personal development game do just the opposite because [they] want to sell them something They’ve got something to sell and after they’ve sold them something brian They’ve got something to upsell them and then they got another upsell and another upsell. I have no fucking upsells. I give everything away The only place I make people put skin in the game if you want my free Mentoring program at the end of the seminar [you] got to pay to get to the seminar, but as I’ve told you before And I told with a greatest respect BBC earlier before I got here I used to do the fucking seminars for free fucking free and Put seven eight nine hundred people in a goddamn hotel Auditorium at the airport, but it didn’t work as they engage get in the game It didn’t work right and now what do they pay roughly to come [twenty] grand, okay? Dollars sterling sterling okay, and So and that’s that’s the way that works because you get them was getting the game all right. No tacit approval good Give me a couple more [well], you already said working out. No tacit approval clean my Sam Walton’s a sundown rule that means or Dad before he left the office every day until he died till he got sick he? Everything on his desk every message that came in letter ETC only it was in the emails He answered if nothing more he had one of his assistants same as argue get back and say Brian, Mr. Pena saw your message And he’ll get back to you by the day after tomorrow at least He’s saying he [got] the message, but he didn’t have time [to] answer it right now, so I clear my desk [Waltons] Sam [Walton] Sundown rule every day and some days. You know I normally go to sleep or Between 11:30 and 12:00, but the days that you get emails or people that get emails from me at 1:30 1:45 or [two] that’s because I was implementing Sam Walton sundown rule, so that that’s a great habit sounds like [over-Communicate] that’s what you do you like. Don’t give tacit approval you get back to people quickly. I get back to people call Good what what in that line? or I can’t begin to tell you how many times I I get through one of my three assistants or personally I Can’t I couldn’t believe how quickly got back to me now. I? I went on this is a lot of years ago one of the big guys that runs one of the big Banks here in the City 69 Days to get back to me God allah Buddha the president in the fucking United States doesn’t take Shouldn’t have to take 69 days to reply and it was a yes or no. It wasn’t some thing he had to think through I Jumped on [that] Cocksucker. I mean, I remember [it] [was] sally and I took him out to dinner it took me another four or five months to get a dinner and All I did was give him a bala Keane the [whole] fucking time I Busted his balls. He said he wanted to bring two or three people with him fine. Why do you want that and he says because It’ll be a learning experience for them He didn’t really know how about much of a learning experience, and I said I’m going to be myself so and so so you can bring as many as you want and I ripped him a new fucking rectum, and those people around him had never seen him respond or not Respond to gain a bala key does everybody in symbolic ain’t a ballbusting yeah, and in sally He’s just my riley was all black and blue because that was sally kicking me under the table and she says you know dan And then then I got up [before] dinner and made him pay I got up Normally, you know that’s not how I do it but sally we got to go well the checks I had so he’ll take care of it. Don’t worry He brought three of his stooges anyway all right, so over-communicate and other people should too, okay? Here’s a rough example, and this isn’t anything proprietary, but this is a rough example of what one [of] your communications? Look like it’s just all caps and reds if anyone can see it here to watch the rest of this fascinating interview click on the link below and go to London real Academy [comm] there you can sign [in] [with] your social media log in and watch the [rest] of the episode for free Along with all of our episodes on London real my webinars and all of our premium content all located over at London real So click on the link below you’ll be directed there, and you can watch the rest of this fascinating interview, and I’ll see you there


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    You tend to find that bullshitters keep inflating their own ego. Jeff Bezos would just sit quietly. High blood pressure doesn’t make you a billionaire.

  • Reply Michael Shatravka February 3, 2019 at 9:48 pm

    As a kid I always had some smart shit to say and it only got me into deep trouble, like behind bars. Over the last couple years I’ve learned to just STFU
    if I had nothing nice to say, and surprisingly all the BS in my life disappeared! But this tacit approval got me thinking that maybe by me letting it slide, i’m actually doing more harm than good. I like this insight and keeping it real no bs attitude!

  • Reply j00 February 4, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    Dan Pena has a net worth of $20M lol

  • Reply Thank You February 6, 2019 at 3:35 am

    i have amazing fucking habits, i work when i want, i eat when i want, i shit when i want, i fart when i want, i sleep when i want, i ejaculate when i want, i exercise when i want, i play and have fun when i want, i decide who i associate with and when and for how long, i am psychologically and intellectually empowered, what more could i possibly want? An exaggeration of wealth isn't going to make me do those things any better, on contrary just going to bring more unnecessary headaches that i don't need in my life and take away my freedoms and replace them with unnecessary responsibility and make me into a useless fucking system stimulating drone. So what the fuck i need tonnes of millions for?

    oh what's that? To change the world? Listen, plenty of men in the world have more than enough money and power to change the world. And how are they going at it? Exactly, they aren't doing very well. Why would I do any better? I wouldn't. This is the clueless mistake all your disciples make. They think they can change the world. Then one day too late. They realize they wasted their life away on a crusade that was pointless, and then what they really truly desired, is to live like me. A free man in peace, out of sight, out of trouble, and just enjoying the good things in life without the heavy burdens and responsibility and stupid lofty dreams.

    A great mans secret desire is to be a humble simple man, meanwhile the simple man desires to be a great man. In the end both are fooling themselves. You just have to own and accept your decisions and choices and life for what it is. You do what you want to do, and don't do what you don't want to do and have no regrets about it. No matter where that takes you on your journey.

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    How is global warming a scam when science has verified it and physics community knows whats happening. You deny science?

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    Upon Tacit Approval:
    You said I never give a tacit approval 3:00(+)

    But you also said that:
    Your parents dont understand, they will never understand, so dont waste one microsecond tryna get them understand.

    Brian Rose, Sir please help me answer to a stupid, cheap ass moron like me, by Sir Dan S. Peña

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    2. Call people’s BS to make sure your goals are clear
    3. Sundown Rule: answer all email, texts, and calls before day is over
    4. Overcomunicate! Be honest with yourself and others
    You’re welcome

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