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5 Unbelievable Shark Attacks That Actually Happened

September 15, 2019

The SS Cape San Juan was a US troop transport torpedoed by a Japanese sub while unescorted enroute to Australia during WWII. An SOS was sent with the message “torpedoed, ship sinking fast” before the radio was inexplicably ordered destroyed. As the ship slowly listed into the Pacific, her crew and 1,340 passengers leapt overboard in life jackets and rafts. With no radio, it took a Navy flying boat until night to locate the burning ship, and a rescue was delayed until dawn… …when, flying in low, they noticed 2 packs of sharks with 25-30 sharks each were menacing the survivors in the oily water. To “occupy” the sharks, the PBY5’s Air Gunner let loose with his browning machine gun and armor piercing bullets. Wounded sharks reportedly flung themselves out of the water before falling back in a bloody mess to be devoured by the pack. Approximately 115 sailors drowned or had been picked off by the sharks while clinging to their rafts overnight. In 1985, Shirley Ann Durdin was snorkelling in only 7 ft (2.1 m) of water in Australia’s Peake Bay… …when she was viciously struck by a great white shark that was so powerful, it ripped her in half. The gory scene was witnessed by her husband and 4 children who watched helplessly from the shore… …as the 20-ft (6 m) long great white left only Durdin’s headless torso bobbing up and down in the water. Rescuers attempted to retrieve the gruesome remains, but could not reach them before the shark returned for its leftovers. The incident is thought to be the first Australian shark attack by a man-eater that actually devoured its victim. After the 1942 Battle of Java, some Australian and British troops headed to the hills to form a guerrilla resistance. An enraged Kempeitai hunted down and rounded up nearly 200 of the soldiers for imprisonment and torture. The Japanese secret police force then packed the soldiers into 1 m long (3 ft) cages built to transport pigs… …and reportedly paraded the “dirty animals” around before sending them by rail to waiting boats on the coast. Witnesses at a war crimes trial recalled seeing the cages stacked on top of each other as the ships headed off to sea. Off the coast of Surabaya, the cages full of soldiers were then cast overboard into shark infested waters. It is said that those who didn’t drown were eaten alive, as the sharks broke open the cages for their meal. In 1916, the Jersey Shore was overflowing with people trying to escape a heatwave and a polio epidemic in the north east. But rather than avoiding danger, they were plunging into the hunting ground of a young great white shark learning to kill. It started with an attack on Charles Vansant, who was dragged to the shore by lifeguards but bled to death on a hotel desk As 3 more people were killed and 1 injured in the jaws of the Jersey man-eater, sensationalized panic set in… …and shark hunters hit the seas with rifles and dynamite while steel nets were erected to protect the beaches. Attacks finally ended when Michael Schleisser killed the shark with a broken oar as it tried to sink his boat. The 7.5 ft (2.3 m), 325 lb (147 kg) shark was found to be full of “suspicious fleshy material and bones” identified as human. When the USS Indianapolis was split in half by Japanese torpedoes in July 1945, its problems were only just beginning… …as the 900 men on board soon discovered that the water was filled with hundreds of circling oceanic whitetip sharks. The rescue operation didn’t arrive until 4 days later, by which time 579 men were dead, many devoured by the sharks. Sailors recalled the nightmarish dread of dehydrated hallucinations and feeling the bumps of probing sharks in the dark. Survivor Woody James said, “Everything would be quiet and then you’d hear somebody scream and you knew a shark had got him”… …and Loel Dean Cox recalled, “Thank goodness, there were lots of dead people floating in the area” to satisfy the sharks.


  • Reply 1scott921 July 16, 2017 at 4:31 am

    Much more gruesome would be a video about worst human attacks on sharks.

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    I have a sharkphobeia but here I am 😧😧

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    What a terrible vid in every way. Oh..Dark5, that's why it's shit.

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    The 1916 attacks were NOT a Great White! They were one or more Bull Sharks!!!!

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    Their nose is the weakest part of a shark so if you are attacked by a shark if you can hit him hard on the nose.

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    The Japanese were ruthless back then, why can they unleash there furry the way they used to do back then on North Korea. What happened?

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    Cuz sharks are naughty by nature not cause they hate ya

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    It was not a Great White at the Jersey Shore. It was a Bullshark. They why it was able to attack in the river.

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    It is said…..? Was it a medieval legend?

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    When I heard that sharks may go extinct I think it's a good idea they have no place on earth with humans in fact all animals that deadly should be caged up and used for food

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    Most sharks only attack if you give them a reason to.

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    New Jersey was probably two sharks,not one. A Great White at the beach and a bull in the creek. Great Whites have never been known to spend much time at all in even brackish water.

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    Is there a source for the image at 2:40 uncensored?

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    I know this is late, but has anyone yet mentioned the Matawan Creek maneater?

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    "Durrrrrrrr sharks don't eat people! Sharks are completely harmless and friendly! Sharks are more afraid of you than you are afraid of them! Sharks eat seaweed and tofu!" Omg vegans shut the fuck up.

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    This was a particularly great video. Your music really sets the mood. Oh and the weapon I’d want to use against a shark is a wasp knife.

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    As opposed to five unbelievable shark attacks that didn't happen.

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    I watched this cuz i thought it was gonna show a shark attack on tape

  • Reply joe arias January 3, 2018 at 5:48 am

    Seems like animals had their fair share of casualties during WWII between the 3 shark stories in this vid to one of the worst recorded crocodile attacks eating an estimated 1000 Japanese soldiers, to stories of wolves and the Russians, Tigers and the South Pacific, snakes, poisonous insects and mosquitos also in Asia and Elephant stampedes in North Africa.

  • Reply Nicholas Death January 6, 2018 at 12:24 pm

    Sharks broke open their cages. That’s BS! why didn’t they sink? They soldiers would have drowned if they were inside a cage thrown overboard.

  • Reply Lynn Kayee January 7, 2018 at 7:50 pm

    Screaming over the Jersey one getting killed by a broken oar as people patrolled with guns and dynamite!

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    damn sharks killed a woman in front of her kids F#@! Dem Sharks

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    These stories are brutal, but I hope people realize that sharks aren't like mindless killing machines. Every year, more people are killed by land predators, like bears or even dogs.

    Sharks naturally investigate when a ship sinks, or a larger animal like a whale is clearly about to die, but under normal circumstances they almost always avoid people.

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    The Jersey Shore attacks were by a Bull Shark (and potentially several), not a Great White. How much of the rest of this video is bullshit?

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    As the sharks 'broke open the cages for their meal?' … What?

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    What about the bull shark that killed people in a fresh water river in NJ I believe

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    Damn, the dude at #2 who killed the shark with a boat oar is a real savage considering that most people can't even kill a shark with a gun, at least in the movies.

  • Reply Kp Derailed July 20, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    #2 was thought to actually be a bull shark by experts today as it actually did the majority of it's killing in a fresh water Creek/river called Mattawa I believe.
    Bulls are well known for taking excursions up river.

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    Meanwhile, about 100 million sharks are killed by humans each year, for the delicacy of shark-fin soup, etc.
    Humans are the mass-killing monsters.

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    The Japanese were every bit as inhumane as the Germans in WWII. U just don't hear as much about it.

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    I sure did

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    Ten Signs that a Sharknado Apoclypse is coming

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    The 1916 attacks were the work of a bull shark, not a great white. White sharks can't go into fresh water, no matter what The Asylum's movies may say.

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