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5 Popular Music Video Effects Vol. 1 (Lil Nas X, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars) Adobe Premiere Pro

January 14, 2020

Hey what’s up you guys and welcome back
to Gal today we’re going to be breaking down five cool music video effects for
you using Premiere Pro and if you guys are new here please consider subscribing
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tutorials each week for the first music video effect I’m covering how to create
an animated letter box as seen in the music video Old Town Road by lil nas X
now I love this effect and it’s pretty simple to do so let’s go ahead and jump
in what we want to do is create a color map first to create the letterbox so go
down to new item then go to color mat and it will automatically choose the
width and the height of your current sequence that you’re working in so hit
OK and then you can choose the color in our case we’re going to choose black
that’s typically the standard color for a letterbox and then hit OK and then we
can name this letterbox then hit OK now we’re going to drag and drop the
letterbox on top of the video here in the timeline
now we want to go to the time in the playhead where we want this black box
the letterbox to completely disappear so we’re out the three-second marker that’s
a good amount of time for the animation but first what we need to do is create a
mask using the effect controls so we’re going to go up here underneath opacity
and select this four point polygon mask and we’re going to get rid of the
feathering so we don’t want any feathering and we’re going to invert it
and now we can use this zoom level here and go to 25% and we’re just going to
move this rectangle to go beyond the frame here so I’m just going to quickly
do that so this is the point that we want the animation to stop now we want
this to start out completely black so to do that we’re going to hit the stopwatch
here because we want this to be the keyframe of the last point of the
animation at 3 seconds right so now let’s move this playhead back and then
this is where you’re going to click on the mask name here and then we’re going
to bring these down we’re going to bring this down to the center right because
it’s animating from the center outwards towards the top and the bottom
and you’ll have to play around with it until you get the alignment right
unfortunately Premiere Pro doesn’t have an easy way to align masks right now I
hope that they do this in the future so it’s completely straight but for now we
just have to wing it and now let’s zoom in let’s say around 100 percent and
let’s make sure these lines are straight here let’s get this 75 percent there we
go and now I’m just going to bring these
lines together like they’re overlapping completely I’ll do it on the other side
here too and then we’ll just zoom out to make sure that this is in the center it
looks about right now if we click outside of this mask
you’ll see that there’s a slight sliver now to get rid of that all we need to do
is on the video clip is right-click and select apply default transition and then
this is a cross dissolve so you can make it shorter or longer I’m just going to
make it slightly shorter and now when we play this back
there’s our animating letterbox it’s that simple
and because the crosses all we don’t see that sliver in the beginning and for the
second effect I’m showing you how to create a film overlay as seen in troye
sivan bloom music video where you can see loss of film burns and textures and
that 4:3 aspect ratio and same with Miley Cyrus’s recently music video
mother’s daughter you also see this frame that’s happening even though it
was shot on a sixteen by nine likely 4k camera if not higher and you’ll also see
film overlays and textures used in famous music videos by Lana Del Rey as
you see here summertime sadness there’s lots of texture and grain so for this
film overlay effect I’m using film overlays from a smashworkshop they’re
pretty cool you can import them as a folder of asset so they have film burn
loops they have textures they have super 8 loops and frames so there’s this HD
frame overlay I’m just going to drag and drop it on top and you can just kind of
see what it looks like so this is actually a real film overlay now if we
wanted to replicate the effect that we saw in Miley Cyrus’s music video as well
as troye sivan’s we want to Center this now if we center it
and we move this over you can see that there’s a little disconnect here
and we need to scale it down just a tad bit here to give it more of a frame look
so to fix this white gap here what we can do is we can also add another color
mat on top just like we did with the letterbox so let’s go ahead and let’s
create a new color mat and hit OK make sure it’s black and let’s go ahead and
drag and drop this on top now what we need to do is also create another four
point polygon mask and then we can invert this and now what we’re going to
do is just place this mask around this area here so we can just see the rounded
edges like so we’ll just make a few more adjustments we’ll get rid of the
feathering as well we don’t need any feathering and let’s just get this just
right so it looks like it’s in the center here and we can click away just
to see if it looks right all right cool so that looks pretty cool now the next
thing we want to do is we want to add in some texture and some burns so I’m going
to move these layers up because we want the burns and the textures to be within
so let’s go ahead and just double click and we can play this back you can see
this is some texture here some film grain so let’s just drag-and-drop this
underneath and we need to add a blend mode so select it then go to effects and
let’s choose screen to get rid of all the black so now we have some texture
and now we can also add in some Burns so while this is plain we can roll this
back and we can add in a burn so here is a couple burns let’s double click to
show this one the ones pretty cool there’s also this burn effect here so if
I take this down drag it down here we can apply a multiply effect and so then
it kind of looks more cool here like that which is pretty sweet
I can add in a different burn there’s this burn effect and for this one we can
also add a screen to get rid of the black like so so you know these textures
are only so long but if you wanted them to repeat you know you can take this one
hit alt/option key drag and drop it to duplicate it and with this frame and
the color matte to the color matte you can extend out as much as you want as much
as you need it to but for the frame overlay you also have to hit alt/option
to click drag let go to duplicate it and then you can roll it back and then you
can just take these two as well hit alt/option drag and drop them over
to duplicate it as well and then you can just align everything here like so and
you can just repeat these overlays throughout the duration of the music
video that you want and in the third effect I actually haven’t seen this
effect specifically done in any specific music video but it’s a filmstrip overlay
effect so it’s similar to the one before but instead we’re actually going to use
a 4:3 aspect ratio so to start we’re going to create a new sequence in a 4:3
aspect ratio we’re going to go to new sequence and we’re going to create 960
by 720 and you’ll see that that’s in a 4:3 aspect ratio and we’ll just call
this film strip look and hit ok so now you see it’s in a 4:3 aspect ratio so
I’m going to take this clip here of this guy opening his eyes drag it into the
timeline keep the existing settings and we’ll just have to reposition this in a
second and then we’re going to take the second one of the guys singing with the
microphone here so we’ll just drag and drop this down here as well now we’re
going to reposition this down in the frame so we’re just going to scale this
down like so and same with this one we’re gonna scale this down so we can see his
microphone and frame so just like before we’re gonna take the frame overlay and
we’re gonna drag and drop it on top we have to scale this down to see it so now
because this is a filmstrip we’re going to make sure that this fits
in that 4:3 aspect ratio so now we have the filmstrip look right now the next
step is to duplicate this frame so we’re going to alt/option click alt/option
click like so we can even select all of them the alt/option key and drag it over
so now we have this loop here but now I’m going to drag this up I’m just going
to take these layers up like so and what we’re going to do is fit this video
frame inside of that first frame here like so just like that and now I’m going
to duplicate this I’m going to click alt/ option again drag this up I know I’m
going to move the position up so it’s in the second frame right here like so
and I’m going to duplicate it one more time and I’ll drag this one down so it’s
in the bottom frame here like so so now we have them playing in a filmstrip like
this which is pretty cool let’s do the same thing quickly with this second
video clip now it’s out of super 8 loop on top of
this frame overlay so we can choose any one of them I like this one here so
let’s just drag and drop this on top and now we have to rescale this down as well
so it fits in the 4:3 aspect ratio then let’s hit screen and now it looks like
an actual film strip which looks pretty cool so right here actually at this
moment when it there’s a transition we can actually cut this we can take this
clips and we can hit shift to select all of them and drag this over and then
we’ll bring over this clip of the man singing so as soon as that burn happens
you get that transition here which looks pretty cool now if we want to add some
more texture we can certainly add some texture as well so you can go into the
texture loops and say this one’s pretty cool we can go ahead and drag this down
here and we can change this to be a screen so now we have some texture there
to bring out some of the color with this singer part of doing music video is to
bring out color as well what we can do is use lumetri color so we can go down
to the looks and we can choose maybe this Kodak look and we can decrease the
intensity a bit bring out some of the vibrancy and then we can also use curves
to bring out some more contrast so now that looks so much better in through the
before and after and then we’ll just copy this clip hit command C on a Mac or
ctrl C on a PC and then we can select all of these other Clips here by holding
down shift and then right click and paste attributes so we’re going to paste
lumetri color and so now all of them have this more rich color texture so
this next effect is from a logic music video you can see that there is a video
within another video screen on this is done by masking or using green
screen effects so that’s what I’m going to show you how to do in this next
effect the easiest way to do it is to film whatever object that you have or
let’s say you have a room full of screens I’ll put a green screen saver on
that screen or put you know some sort of green paper on top of that screen so
that way you can key it out so what we’re going to do with this clip it
already has a green screen this is just a stock video clip and you guys can use
other different types of stock video to achieve this because we’re going to go
to the effects and we’re going to search for ultra key and I’m going to double
click to apply to the clip and then from the effect controls we need to take this
dropper tool and select the green color here and then what you can do is you can
go into the Alpha Channel and make sure that everything looks good you can see
there’s still some gray area here so we can do is we can go down to matte cleanup
and we can play around with the contrast here to get rid of that so now it’s a
perfect key we can take it back to composite now we need to place a video
inside of here so just drag this a video clip up to video layer two and then we
can go into our stock video here and I’ll take the dancer clip and just drag
and drop it down here now we can scale this to be within this video frame which
is pretty cool and so that is the final effect on how you do that and lastly but
certainly not least I’m going to show you how to create hand-painted elements
on top of video as you see here in Bruno Mars famous video so let’s go ahead and
jump on in so I use the handcrafted smash pack part of smashworks of course
you can use tablets and create your own animations but that takes a ton of work
so what they’ve done is they’ve made a whole pack of these little illustrations
that are animated that are hand-painted you guys can overlay I mean they’re
motion graphics templates so you’ll install them in your essential graphics
panel and they appear like this if you need to install them you would just hit
this little install motion graphics template button in the lower right hand
corner and so then what you can do is you can just drag and drop them in so
the first thing that I use just one of there
transitions here so if I just drag and drop this on top of the timeline it’ll
just take a second to install and you can kind of see all the different
transitions and elements that are within this motion graphics template so the
first one that I use is number nine if you’ll just select this and then you’re
going to go up to edit here and just type in number nine so from here you can
change the position on the color I like the yellow color so I’m actually going
to keep it but if you need to change it you just select that and change the
color here to speed this up what you can do is see how it’s a little bit slow for
my liking so once it gets down to the full color bleed I’ll just cut there and
what I typically like to do is I hit R for the rate stretch tool to speed this
up I’m just going to speed this up just by dragging it and now it’s quicker and
then what I can do is to the moment that it starts to bleed back down I’ll just
cut there so I’ll go back to C for the cut tool then I’ll hit B for the arrow
tool and it’ll just close that gap there so then it starts to go much faster and
you can also speed this up again here you can hit the rate stretch tool R on
your keyboard and speed that up a bit so then it goes down like that so then here
is where you can start to play with different elements right so you know if
he’s kicking here let’s say we wanted a bubble to have him pop right here with
his foot we can find one of those elements here so we can drag down
hand-painted elements too just take a second to import so number seven is a
good one where it pops so we’ll just go ahead and hit number seven
and then what we can do is reposition this to time with his foot there and now
we just have to align it with the time so when his foot comes up there we want
it to pop so here in the timeline what we can do and this is one of my favorite
tools hit alt/option and then use the arrow tools the little arrow bracket
tools to move this until it is at that right moment when he kicks it starts to
pop now if we wanted to duplicate this to have the
the bubble pop here when he kicks his leg right here we can just duplicate
this by hitting alt/option clicking and dragging and then we can move this
bubble element down to when his foot is here so we can move this down and then
to the left a little bit more and then we just play with the timing again so
he kicks it right there is when we want it to pop so we’re gonna hit alt/
option and use the right bracket and let’s see if that looks good yep
so all I did was then I just duplicated these elements I also went in and found
different elements they have lots of lines and you can start to build really
cool animated sequence like I have over here in the final product where there’s
a bunch of overlaid elements and it creates dynamism just like you saw in
that Bruno Mars music video and yeah that is how you do these music video
effects I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys did be sure to give it a thumbs
up if we get to 5,000 likes and I know that you guys like these types of videos
also if you guys have seen any cool music video effects in a recent music
video that you want me to teach you how to create just leave a comment below
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from this video and you guys will win a handcrafted smash pack that will include
all of the film overlays and the dancing element so leave a comment below
and I’ll be sure to select them and let you guys know who the winner is and
lastly a huge shout out to my long-standing patrons Io Nemo
Jhappys Email Jon Simon Florian Fries Christina P. Nami M. and Rick Levine
thank you guys so much for your support and if you’re interested in my patreon
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perks thanks for watching everyone and I’ll see you next time


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    Easier way to do letter box opening is just put crop on your clip and make the top and bottom even then keyframe them

  • Reply Gavin Matson October 23, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    Honestly an awful tutorial

  • Reply Edukasi Faedah October 24, 2019 at 4:04 pm

    Very Good .
    I am From indonesia

  • Reply He Aries October 25, 2019 at 5:59 am

    Hi. I'm wondering does the Vintage Film Overlays support to Davinci Resolve ?

  • Reply Wil Tucker October 29, 2019 at 9:10 am

    Do the effects in Travis Scott – HIGHEST IN THE ROOM, , effects at 0:15, 0:48, 1:53, all or one of them is fine

  • Reply Raheem Euphrakaltis November 8, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    crop tool key frame on an adjustment layer is much easier and faster

  • Reply Hunters Joris November 10, 2019 at 10:13 pm

    what's the track on 3:28 background?

  • Reply CORI KIM November 12, 2019 at 8:59 pm

    as a beginner at premiere this is really helpful !! i hate all those other videos that have all the movements sped up –_

  • Reply Hunters Joris November 13, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    Track 3:28 Cannons Round and Round

  • Reply Luka Bešlić November 16, 2019 at 9:56 pm

    I want to know how they have done effect in Getter- Head Splitter

  • Reply Manuel Barelli November 19, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    you should use guides to get the first one right

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