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3 “strange” secrets about making progress in your guitar playing – INT 182

February 28, 2020

Welcome to this episode of ask the
guitar coach. The only podcast where you get answers to all your guitar related
questions. If you are interested in developing your guitar skills and
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can let you know about all the different packages of a elite guitar coaching and how
you can get private coaching by me. Without further ado let’s go to our
question for the day. Today we don’t have a usual question but we have a subject
that have been wanting to talk for a long time.
Three unusual or rarely mentioned secrets about progressing in your guitar
playing. So this is what we’re going to talk about today the three different secrets I
don’t know if they’re secrets but we don’t hear about these things very
often and I think it’s very important that someone who’s a practicing guitar
player and who’s trying to get better knows about those things. So that he
doesn’t have like unrealistic expectations because expectations and
then failing to meet your expectations that you have is one of the reasons that
most people give up or at least get disillusioned and stop playing guitar so
let’s see them three different reasons let’s start with reason with secret
actually number one. So secret number one progress is not linear that means that
if you start working on something now you cannot really know how much you’re
gonna progress each day. It’s not like putting bricks one over the other where
you know if you can do it for 10 bricks a day you will do 10 bricks the next day and
so on and so forth. When we say we have continuous progress progress
actually looks like little steps that go you have you jump up a little bit then
you stay stagnant for a few days then you jump up a little bit more and so on
so and what happens at the end of the period you say okay it’s been in one
month so now I’m thirty percent faster so so that’s like one percent per day. Oh
cool continues progress one percent per day. It doesn’t work like that! So what did
we learn from that you will learn that you should be logging your progress
but don’t become a micromanager don’t think that every day you’re going to
have the same amount of progress. Just make sure you give it enough time that
you can make your statistics and see if you are progressing or not. If you try to
take measurements every day you will definitely I can guarantee that you will
definitely fail and you will get disillusioned and you get sad and you’ll
just give up. So let’s go to secret number two and this is something that
feels very counterintuitive and here it is. How many years one plays guitar is
totally irrelevant? Now obviously I’m not start talking about a complete beginner
so someone who has been playing for two months and someone who is playing for five
years obviously the person playing for five years is gonna be better but like
after the first growth spurt in your guitar playing so after the first couple
of years it doesn’t really matter how long the person has be playing. It
doesn’t mean that just because someone has been playing for thirty
years he’s gonna be better than someone who is
playing for six years. Why is that? For the very simple reason that most people
never correct their mistakes they don’t have the actual skill to see what their
weak points are or find out what their blind spots are and then find ways
to correct those things. They just learn the first two things that they learn
guitar and then they keep rehashing the same things over and over for the next
20 years so that’s not 20 years of guitar playing that’s 2 years of guitar
playing and 18 more years of playing the same
things that we were playing during the first two years just maybe it’s a
slightly five or ten percent better. This is the reason why you have guitar
coaching. A guitar coach would see you would watch you play would listen to you
play and he would start making a list of things that need to be developed and
then every year you would be consistently better than the previous
one but if you don’t have some kind of similar pattern that gives you
consistent feedback and good materials for you custom-made for your specific
playing then it doesn’t make a difference how long you’ll be playing. Let’s go now to secret number three
which is also a very important one. Most people seem to think when they start to
play that having good technique and being able to be a virtuoso or close
to a virtuoso in the instrument is something that’s done to show off and I’m not
going to deny that in several cases especially when we’re talking about the
young kid this can be the case. This is something that may be done because he
wants to show his friends that he can do it to show off to girls and things
like that. However the real reason we’ll learn a
good solid dependable high level technique is to be able to put out there
in music whatever musical ideas we have inside our head. If you have an idea in
your head a musical idea and you cannot perform it this is where the trouble
begins. In my opinion I have noticed that the most unfulfilled and least happy
artists are those that never took the time to develop their technique so they
might have like a million musical ideas but they cannot play them they cannot
perform them because they never took the time the discipline and also the
expense of hiring someone to help them so they would develop this solid
technique that would help them externalize the music. So it’s very
important to understand that we don’t use technique to show off
we use technique to play the music that we have in our head so if you
never develop your technique the music is gonna be very underdeveloped. There is
no way around it you’re only limited to playing stuff that’s technically easy
this might still be melodic stuff no doubt about that. There are several good
guitarists very melodic guitarists with very limited technical abilities but if
it’s enough for you no problem but if you’re not happy with it you really
should do something about it and forget about the idea that technique is about
showing off because that’s not the case. So there you have it three unusual
secrets concerning your guitar playing progress and your guitar playing in
general. So hope this was a helpful video and I will see you on the next episode
of ask the guitar coach. Until then keep these questions coming and keep shredding. Bye-bye! you

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