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2JZ Engine installation | Motor installation 2JZ | Frazzes_Supra

October 31, 2019

Yeah This is my new clutch Xtreme Clutch,
Australian company Been checking around a bit and people are recommending Xtreme Clutch Should be easier to drive I’ve heard that OS Giken is pretty rough
to drive on the street I’ve chosen this one because it’s relatively easy to drive 230mm solid disc (without springs) Hydraulic Release Bearings
so you can adjust pretty much by yourself Yes Specified to 1800 NM We’ll see how long it will last,
but I hope it will It’s Speeding that has helped me get this clutch It will work *background talking* Pilot bearing :3 This one….. It don’t want to fit properly It should’ve been longer,
this alignment tool Should it be… Some darn lubrication on this sh*t? I’ve bought…. One capricciosa… And one kebab pizza *stumble in the back* *whistle* I’ll fix a….. *** Do we have ***? What is it, Mathias? I’m thinking if we have one that small We have! It’s that little *Mathias saying some random* It has come a little bit obliquely Oh No :C Let me see The alignment tool? Yes, It was mounted but… Wasn’t it pushed in all the way? Yes, yes, yes it was pushed all the way but… .. the outer disc was laying a little bit oblique Yeeah… You needed to adjust the alignment tool Then it lose from the pilot bearing And just align between the two discs Ahh it won’t be centered It seems like it’s straight Yes, It’s 100% Nice! What torque on the bolts? Very low, 18NM 18??? Mmm Not more?! No, It’s a little bit sick What… This is the new transmission mounts that I’ve bought Since I will go for more horsepower I want the transmission to be stabilised So this is Polyurethane Bushings Mmmm! FROM XCESSIVE MANUFACTURING! Are you holding this? Ehhm.. Yeaa *Background talking* HOLD! What should I hold?? Aha ”Hisho” had the other That’s enough I promise!!!! I’ve actually had a torque test two weeks ago Once a year! Once a year??? Yeah… or I mean every two years Torque test?? Mmm Just to show that you can torque correct It’s just basic Mounts! *applause* Now since I’ll go for more
effect in the engine I’ll have Polyurethane Bushings
to the engine as well It’s the same company as to the eng…. Or I mean, the transmission mounts They are 65A in stiffness It’s the same as to the transmission It’s wasn’t another stiffness to the trans? No??… *Background answer*
They’re both 65A Okey! What’s the company called???????? *Hard laughing* I don’t know *Laughing* *trying to help*
Manufacturing…. XSEXSSIVE MANI… *Laughing* xSEXssive?! xD Xcessive! XSexSiv! *lmao* Xcessive! Manufacturing Come here For a better angle! It’s not easy to record!>__>Right, Now the engine is in but… We’ve some problem with the engine mounts As you can see here It’s too small amount of threads So I’ll e-mail the company I’ve bought it from And then… See if they have any solution
Or we’ll…. Drill it up and weld on a threaded rod I guess… We’re waiting for answers…. Since the company is located in another country He’s having another time-zone We don’t have time to wait so we…. Drilled up, as you saw, and… Welded a threaded rod It looks pretty good actually I’ve sent pictures to the company.
They said that It will be excellent! So I’ll run with it! My little diamond *Breaks Fingers* Yeaaa Here we have…. ‘My Little Diamond’ A Precision 6870 I’ve already been checking it out You can’t hold yourself As usual It’s so pretty, Preben! (Nickname) People surely wants to know a little bit about it It’s 68mm inlet to the compressor housing and 70mm on the exhaust side It’s Specified to 1100 HP!! But there’re people who’s getting… 1100 WHP with them Jeeez!! So how much HP are you pointing at? I don’t know…. Don’t know?? But if you could wish… What would you be happy to get?? I’ll have 1000 HP 1000HP! You heard it! So if Matte wouldn’t reach 1000 HP….. Then it’s for sale Then it’s for sale!!! You can almost do a give-away Do you dare? No-ho-ho HAAA! *Laughing* I’m just kidding People are saying that they’re expensive but… I’ve only heard good about Precision I’ve tested some other turbos
but haven’t fall for anything… Yeah, you’ve been having two other turbos before this You’re right, just looking at this…. Compressor house You can see how good calculated the turbo is It’s like… knowing how the air will flow Comparing to… The one who’s sitting in mine… It’s ball beared For those who are wondering, no Journal Bearew… What did you say?? Not? Not Journal Bearings What’s the advantage with a ball beared turbo? Faster spool… Mmm! It has a T4 flange Divide It should also give better spool Is it something you could choose when you bought it? Yeah you could choose between regular T4,
without this here, Or you go with.. Yeah, this one, or V-band Ahh V-Band… You had V-Band before! It’s hard to find manifolds. But V-Band is nice otherwise!
Since I remember your last one,. Mmm… You can adjust it after how you like it
in the engine bay Why have I chosen this turbo….? May people ask… It’s because I’ve been talking to people
who has been running them as well as my engine builder recommend the 6870 It’s known for giving a nice registry on the street The plan is to drive mostly on the street ”It’s the funniest turbo you can have” They’re saying that?? Yeah… Do you know anyone else who has
been running this turbo before? That you’ve been talking to? People around Supra’s Supra people… Yeah, Supra people likes this! Yeaaa *Laughing* That’s how it is What paper is that? In there? I haven’t checked it yet Is it like.. a warranty? Here you write who you are No, what you are doing with the turbo, right? Like if you’re happy….. or… *Reading loud* Ahh okey… That was a bit fun… Ahh I can get a shirt Shirt??? Mmm…. You have to answer it :3! So they know that you mount it in a approved car xD Mmm… Have I picked up a package for you? What have you ordered? I can’t barely remember it myself.. Buuut.. you said that it was something for the spindle? It’s bearings and others… Beeaaarings and others… For you who hasn’t been watching
the last episode about Or we can call it episode two… Of Matte’s (Frazze’s) Front End Installation It has come in some debris in the spindles
so we will open it up and check it out… See how it looks like And now he has been ordering wheel bearings Where have you been ordering it? Is it easy to find for supra? Yeah Badassparts BADASSPARTS! Package time! Where have you put your turbo? In the car Ahaaa I don’t know which package… What’s this?? Great that you know what’s been ordered *Background talking*
This looks like Badassparts Yes it is A knife… A knife??? I saw one here, Matte Fransson DON’T
record this! When I’m opening with this one No…Ok Why tho?? Because you’ve lost the knife I’ve lost the knife???! And you’re opening with a caliper When you’re having a scissor on the wall… Where?? There!! *Mumbling*
What’s this??? What is it? It’s some darn…. What the … What? He has been sending key-rings I hope that I haven’t been receiving
wrong package…. Then I’ll die… Ohh don’t say sooo :C Front wheel bearing Yeah Okey! It was just a surprise So sweet! Braaaakes! There’re a bunch of them!!!! They where actually nice What was this?
Ahh I know.. You ordered new because….??? I cracked the bushings Yeah right, we cracked the bushings instead So they will be mounted…. And replaced…. Down here It’s known as a
Tie Rod You just thread it in here Internal Thread to just assembly I can’t realise that you’ve got this things So sweet Braaaakes :3 The thought was to….
Record… Some specs
(Engine) But….. This vlog may be quite long So I think we can do it next time So you can come with some questions Yeah, then you have your chance. If it’s something special that you want me to talk about Good idea You have some more packages
to open next time as well? Yeah, Special delivery from Speeding That has come We’ve also been receiving parts from USA
that we can show! Yea *Groaning* So! This was today’s episode Yes We’ll be recording between the cars continuously. To make sure both takes part in every episode Most of the time But you’re working shift so you
can’t take part every time No… No, but next episode will be more more about the silvia I’m thinking about revealing my new wheels And un-box some stuff We’ll see how much we can do We don’t want the vlog to be too long neither But as Matte said before… Comment what you would like to know
about his engine (2JZ) ♥♥♥♥♥ So we can fix it to. … The vlog after next vlog Which one is it? I have no clue… You’ll see Yeah Wait yes! NUMBER 6! Don’t forget to subscribe and… Thumb up the video! Comment! Yes… Bye!


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