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2020 Democratic Debate in Houston | The Daily Show

October 19, 2019

With ten Democrats lined up
and ready on the stage, it was time to begin the third
Democratic presidential debate. And while most of the candidates
used their opening statement to pitch
their version of America, Kamala Harris decided
to fast-forward straight to her debate with Trump. First, I have a few words
for Donald Trump, who we all know is watching. So, President Trump, you’ve spent
the last two and a half years full-time trying to sow hate
and division among us as– and that is why
we’ve gotten nothing done. And now, President Trump,
you can go back to watching Fox News. (cheering and applause) Ooh, Kamala,
coming with the fire. You hear the crowd?
Hear how happy they were? You know Trump is pissed off
wherever he is right now, right? Yeah, he’s probably shouting
at the TV. “Joke’s on you! I got picture-in-picture!” He was super furious.
He’s like, “You know what? “Actually, you’re fired again,
Omarosa. I’m done with you!” So, Kamala Harris
used her opening remarks to go directly at Donald Trump. But Andrew Yang… Andrew Yang
went with a different approach. He just went
with cold, hard cash. It’s time to trust ourselves
more than our politicians. That’s why I’m going to do
something unprecedented tonight. My campaign will now give
a Freedom Dividend of $1,000 a month for an entire
year to ten American families, someone watching this
at home right now. If you believe that you can
solve your own problems better than any politician,
go to and tell us how $1,000 a month
will help you do just that. This is how
we will get our country working for us again,
the American people. Oh, look at Asian Oprah
over here! Just giving everybody money? Yeah. And clearly,
Yang’s not willing to wait for the presidency
to enact his policies. He’s just gonna do them now. Uh, and I mean it was
a cool moment, but I’m glad none of the other candidates
went with this approach. Can you imagine
if Bernie was like, “And I…
Okay, I will do my health care, “free health care right now!
Drop your pants! “Everyone’s getting
a prostate exam! “You getting an exam!
You getting an exam! Everyone’s getting an exam!” Speaking of free health care, I hope
Bernie has a voice doctor, because something was definitely
off with his throat. (with a hoarse voice):
This country is moving into an oligarchic form
of society where a handful of billionaires
control the economic and political life
of this country. No! Bernie! What happened to your voice? Sounds all raspy
and scratched up. It sounded like someone gave
Bernie a comb, and they’re like, “Sir, I think this could help,”
and then he swallowed it. (laughter) Yeah, I’m sorry,
but I miss his voice. Bernie with a diminished voice
is just not the same, man. It’s like Luke Skywalker, but
with a butter knife, you know? Or O.J. with a butter knife. (laughter) And I’m not the only one
who missed Bernie’s voice. I bet he did, too, because
the most contentious topic at tonight’s debate was
Bernie’s Medicare for All plan, specifically
whether it’s a good idea to replace all private
health insurance with a government-run
insurance plan. When it comes
to our health care and when it comes
to our premiums, I go with the doctor’s creed,
which is, “Do no harm.” And while Bernie wrote the bill,
I read the bill, -and on page eight…
-(audience clamoring) On page of the bill, it says that we will no longer have
private insurance as we know it. The problem, Senator Sanders, with that damn bill
that you wrote, and that Senator Warren backs, is that it doesn’t trust
the American people. I trust the American people to
make the right choice for them. Why don’t you? Yeah, Bernie, why don’t you
trust the American people? And Bernie’s probably thinking,
“I’ll tell you why. “Because one in five Americans
believes in Bigfoot. “That’s why. You want those
people deciding health care? That shit is crazy!” And while Buttigieg
and Klobuchar were going after Bernie’s
health care proposals, Julián Castro decided
that this was the perfect moment to try and take down the king. The option I’m proposing is
a Medicare for All in… Medicare for choice. If you want Medicare… If you lose the job
from your insurance comp… from your employer, you
automatically can buy into this. The difference between
what I support and what you support,
Vice President Biden, is that you require them
to opt in. And I would not require them
to opt in. They would automatically
be enrolled. They wouldn’t have to buy in. They do not have to buy in. -You just said that.
-No. You just said that
two minutes ago. They do not have to buy in
if they can’t afford it. You just said two minutes ago
that they would have to buy in. You said
they would have to buy in. Your grandmother would not have
to buy in. If she qualifies for Medicaid, she’d
automatically be in for it. Are you forgetting what you said
two minutes ago? -(audience groaning)
-Are you forgetting already what you said
just two minutes ago? Damn! Castro took it there! No, because he knows
Biden’s battling the narrative that he’s a forgetful old man. Yeah, so he jumped
on this opportunity to make Biden look old. “Are you forgetting
what you just said? Are you forget…?” And it didn’t help
that Biden seemed confused. ‘Cause he couldn’t hear, right,
so he couldn’t come back. So then Biden was like,
“What did you just say to me?! “No, really.
What did you just say? I forgot.
What did you just say?” So that was health care. The next topic of the debate
was criminal justice reform, right, which was one part
of the debate that had all the Democrats
pretty much on the same page. Uh, they all agreed
on reduced sentences, uh, the need
to fight racial bias and that snitches
should get stitches. So, it wasn’t
the most exciting topic, but things did get tense when the moderator shanked
Kamala in the yard. Also a concern
for people of color is criminal justice reform. Senator Harris, you released
your plan for that just this week,
and it does contradict some of your prior positions. Among them, you used
to oppose the legalization of marijuana.
Now you don’t. You used to oppose
outside investigations of police shootings.
Now you don’t. You’ve said that you changed
on these and other things because you were,
“Swimming against the current, and thankfully,
the currents have changed.” But when you had the power, why didn’t you try
to affect change then? (applause) Ouch. I didn’t believe in
black-on-black crime until now. (laughter) ‘Cause that question
was hard-core. In fact,
it was less of a question and more of just,
like, a public shaming. And Kamala was
clearly not impressed. I mean, that’s the face you make when someone walks into
the middle of a staff meeting and just starts reading
your browser history. It’s just like, “ “, Myspace…”
You’re like, “Take that back! -I was never on Myspace!”
-(laughter) I mean, just look
at Kamala’s face. You can see she was like,
“I don’t lock anyone up anymore, but I’m willing to make
an exception tonight.” And another topic, another topic
that had Democrats, uh, on the same page was the need
for stronger gun control laws. But one candidate stood out
amongst the rest. You said, “Americans
who own AR-15s and AK-47s will have to sell them
to the government, all of them.” You know the critics
call this confiscation. Are you proposing
taking away their guns, and how would this work? I am, if it’s a weapon
that was designed to kill people -(cheering)
-on a battlefield. Hell yes, we’re gonna take
your AR-15, your AK-47. -(cheering) -We’re not
gonna allow it to be used against fellow Americans
anymore. That is a ballsy statement
from Beto O’Rourke. ‘Cause I don’t think any other
candidate has said flat-out they’re gonna confiscate guns. And he said it
with such confidence as well, which is not the way
I would talk about taking away assault rifles
from people who like to shoot. (laughter) Yeah. If I was gonna take
someone’s AR-15, I’d be a lot more sneaky
about it. Be like, “Trevor,
are you here to take my rifle?” I’d be like,
“Oh, no, no. No, no, no. “We’re just here
in the neighborhood, you know. “Just hanging out. Just, like…
Oh, what’s that? -Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”
-(laughter) So, that was guns. Next up came immigration. All right?
The candidates told the audience how they planned to undo
the policies enacted by Trump. No more kids in cages.
Increase legal immigration. Uh, give everyone free ladders
to climb over the wall. But when it came to Joe Biden, the moderator was more
interested in hearing his opinions
on President Obama’s policies. You served as vice president
in an administration that deported
three million people, the most ever in U.S. history. Are-are… are you prepared
to say tonight that you and President Obama made a mistake
about deportations? Why should Latinos trust you? This is a president who came
along with the DACA program. No one had ever done that
before. This is a president who sent
legislation to the desk saying he wants
to find a pathway for the 11 million undocumented
in the United States of America. Yeah, but you didn’t answer
the question. Well, yeah,
I did answer the question. No, did you make a mistake
with those deportations? The president did the best thing
that was able to be done -at the time.
-How about you? I’m the vice president
of the United States. Oh. That was not a good look
for Biden. Because…
This always happens, right? When Obama is being praised, Biden jumps into the picture
with him But then when Obama
is being criticized, Biden’s like, “Look, man,
I was the vice president. “I didn’t do shit.
Vice president doesn’t do shit. “Yeah. They don’t even give you
the keys to the White House. You have to wait for someone
to come unlock it for you.” But, like,
you can’t take all the credit and avoid
all of the blame, right? It would be like if people
all of sudden came to Robin, and they were like,
“Batman is a deranged vigilante “destroying Gotham
with his rocket-launching cars. He’s a bad man!”
And Robin’s like, “Hey, man,
I’m just the sidekick. “Like, do you see Robin signals
in the sky? No, no. “It’s not the Robin-mobile.
We don’t have a Robin-cave. Yeah, yeah.
By the way, I’m underage.” This is actually creepy
when you think about it. But even though Biden was happy to run away from Obama’s record
on deportations, for the most part,
the candidates on stage tonight wanted to make one thing
very clear. They roll with Barack. I want to give credit first
to Barack Obama for really bringing us this far. We would not be here
if he hadn’t the courage. We all owe a huge debt
to President Obama. What I favor is something that
what Barack Obama wanted to do from the very beginning. Well, I’m for Barack. I’m fulfilling…
fulfilling the legacy of Barack Obama, and you’re not. -(laughter, gasps)
-Wow! That’s the power
of Barack Obama. Almost four years later,
so many Democratic candidates are still trying to wrap
themselves in his legacy. He was getting so much love
at tonight’s debate, I bet Michelle
was looking at him, like, “Is there something
you want to tell me?” Huh? Were you smashing
all these candidates?”


  • Reply Jerome Baker September 30, 2019 at 1:53 am

    Joseph R. Mine is great also! I was just being sarcastic!

  • Reply Jay Morgan September 30, 2019 at 10:48 am

    Lol didn't donald trump already do criminal justice reform?

  • Reply roxasxiii380 September 30, 2019 at 4:19 pm

    Sanders was in several speeches and yelled most of the time. Give him some slack! It just means that hes going everywherr unlike money handing, "that little girl was me" and "i read the bill" bitches don't fucking try.

  • Reply roxasxiii380 September 30, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    "Biden, can you admit that you did wrong on immigration" "….IM BATMAN" Thats What it sounded like

  • Reply francisco Castillo September 30, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    Dude, Obama's legacy is all the Democrats got going. Donald Trump will get his 2nd term and probably a 3rd.

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    i see two different views and one actual truth. why isn't anyone saying anything about doing something actually useful rather than complaining, i don't like him or her, sounds like a bunch of sissy school yard drama, fighting over who has the better master. what is being done for us and our community. what i hear is a whole bunch of drama that has no value in helping me put food on the table, clothes on our back, and happiness within our hearts. what can you offer our community, our neighbors, the people who struggle their whole lives just to die. what solutions can we come up with to help our beloved american people succeed with the least amount of problems? because i see a state like California that has 33 prisons that were just filled up and had to send me out of state to Arizona to do most my time. and once you do your time your ruined, i can never own a gun, i can never work for the government, i cant join the military. its so difficult to make it what can we do? ill tell you what ive done, ive went out there and worked my ass off trying to start my own detailing buisness, sacrificing every moment of free time for work just to barely survive, knowing that one bad situation will destroy me. just to pay money to the same governement who wont help me at all, with taxes, and licenses and bullshit. i dont understand how you are taxed then taxed with that same money more for example my loved one worked, you took taxes out from that, then they went and sent money to me while incarcerated at which time they took 55 percent so 90 bucks out of 200 then i bought stuff and you taxed that. does anyone else see this? is everyone okay with that? yeah i understand roads and citys taxes, but then we start getting taxed for all kinds of bs. its a problem with me. im just rambling about how i feel as it comes but its all my truth. how i see it. why you guys so worried about whos master is better you idiots. your votes dont matter to the whole system. we just front the bill.

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    Pro choice and pro the constitution at the same time. What to do?

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    Democrats have no values, except the insatiable thirst for power over you, me, and everyone else.
    That's why they love Big Government. They can use it to impose their will on the rest of the population.
    It's also why they hate the Constitution, why they want to pack the Supreme Court, and why they want to disarm America…because these three things effectively limit their power over the people.

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    The Asian Advantage
    It’s no secret that Asian-Americans are disproportionately stars in American schools, and even in American society as a whole. Census data show that Americans of Asian heritage earn more than other groups, including whites. Asian-Americans also have higher educational attainment than any other group.

    The Asian American stereotype

    I myself is Asian, but not American, just born and raised Asian, it’s like when Obama ran for president, they said he was mixed and almost everyone didn’t like him, until he won, then people started calling him “black” because he succeeded. You have to be liked and successful first before your own race acknowledges your existence.

    So, “what if” Andrew yang won and become president? What would happen next? Because obviously Asian Americans whether born or raised in America are immigrants? Please correct me if I’m wrong thank you. Which trump hates “illegal immigrants”

    What now? What next? Is he the candidate that would help the American people get good terms or in the good side of China and North Korea?Is that the plan?

    Because if that’s jus it.
    Then it’s just nothing, I hate to not give you guys hope. China already owns most of New York. Well, obviously not the government, but the Chinese billionaire mogals that’s who.

    So what is the real objective here? Just asking, please do not be offended by this comment.

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    I watched my best friend of 15yrs turn to dope when her doctors abruptly stopped her Percocet prescription of 4yrs, and they just left her, a single mother, violently sick… Unfortunately she knew some douche that introduced her to relief cheaper than her prescriptions.

    Not only is she the only one I knew that made the jump to dope, but statistically, 80% of dope users started with prescription dependence.

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  • Reply L. A. Gothro October 17, 2019 at 4:12 am

    Yes, but look with whom Mr. Obama has to compete, just within this century! It's not like he's followed right after FDR, Truman, JFK, LBJ (!), Carter, or Clinton. Oh no, he had a Bush and a Drumpf; not too hard to look good compared to them!

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