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“10 best free places to visit in Barcelona” by Marc “Makeaventuras” – EF Guest Vlog

January 24, 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to my
guest vlog for EF Education First. I am Marc from the YouTube
channel “Makeaventuras.” I’ve been living here in Barcelona
for more than 20 years. I love traveling, so, today, I’m going to give some insider tips for all the
students who want to travel here in Barcelona. More specifically, I’m going to give you
10 places you can visit totally for free. Let’s go to the EF school to start the tour. The EF Barcelona school is located at 155 Calle de Balmes,
very close to the center of Barcelona. The first place that we’re going
to go to is Plaça de Catalunya. This is considered the center of the city. You can play with pigeons or
celebrate Barcelona victories here. The second thing that’s free is walking through
Las Ramblas, another landmark of Barcelona. The place is full of flowers,
dressed up performers and people drawing. I would try to go when there
aren’t so many people there, like at night or during winter,
as it can get very crowded. The third stop: La Boqueria,
a very colourful Catalan market. During your stay in Barcelona,
you can enter la Boqueria, a very special market full of colours, fruits, etc.
A perfect place to take some pictures. The fourth one:
the Cathedral of Barcelona. Instead of being super expensive like Sagrada Familia,
which costs around 20 Euros to visit, the Cathedral of Barcelona is totally free.
I also love the atmosphere outside of it. You can find loads of people playing music there and you’ll feel like you’re going back
in time when you enter the Barrio Gotico. The fifth one …. Do you like shopping?
Barcelona is a very good place if you like shopping. The best place for that, I would say, is
Passeig de Gràcia or Puerta del Angel. You can find both very expensive
shops and very cheap ones. And the cool thing about it is that
there are lots of flagship stores, so it is worth walking around
just to see how beautiful they are. The sixth one: La Placa Sant Jaume –
where the Catalan government is located. If you are lucky, you might even find events
such as “castellers,” a Catalan tradition. The next one: Maremagnum. If you keep walking towards the beach,
you will end up in Maremagnum, where the port lies. I really enjoy going there during the
night because it’s very beautiful to see the lights of the port mixed
with the relaxed atmosphere. Now, one of the most iconic places
in Barcelona: la Barceloneta. Continuing with our cost-free itinerary, we will go to
la Barceloneta, the most famous beach in Barcelona. You can surf, play volleyball, do sports,
or just walk around there. Having the beach so close to where I live is one
of the things I like most about Barcelona. The 9th and not so well-known
place is the Parc del Laberint d’Horta. Yes, although it’s the oldest
garden in the city and is very fun, it’s not that well known and not that touristy. Therefore, I would recommend you go there.
Go inside and then try to get outside very quickly. It’s going to remind you of being a kid. The last one, the 10th place, is not only
one of the best places in Barcelona, but, I would say, one of the
best places in the world. I have been there many times and
it didn’t use to be so famous. Now, people who go there
tell all their friends about it. The place is Bunkers del Carmel. This place was used as protection from
air raids during the Spanish civil war. Recently, it has gained much more popularity because you can see the whole of
Barcelona from there – for free. People tend to go there and relax while
spending some time talking with friends. I love the atmosphere there. I hope you like the 10 places
I’ve recommended to you. As a bonus, I’m not only going to give you 10, I’m going to give you two more places that are very close
to Barcelona and are super cheap to get to. I recommend them to you if you have time. The first one is Montserrat
and the second is Sitges. I have two more places to share with
you in the description of the video. In case you end up going to Barcelona, I would love
to know which place is your favourite. You can share it with us in the comments. In case you have any questions
about them, let me know. Bye!


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    The sound is bad 😕

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    Wow good video, 🙂

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    Grrrreat! See you in Spain this year, guys!

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    Decide tú futuro!

  • Reply Makeaventuras March 28, 2018 at 3:42 pm

    wohooo! It has been a pleasure to show you my beloved city ♡☺

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    Make ons for Paris pls

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    Your accent is beautiful.
    Gah, 4:14 looks SO amazing. Thanks for the tip, really want to go there now

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    Cathedral barcelona is 7 euro!

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