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πŸ’ƒ Hiding Your Corset Under Clothes βŒ› – The Good Stealthing! – All About Corsets

November 19, 2019

so sometimes you want to wear a corset without making it obvious that you’re wearing a corset hey guys it’s Morgan with BDSM relationships and education thank you very much for checking out this video when of course its first came about they were basically a brassiere and shapewear all-in-one so they were meant to be worn underneath the clothing so it’s really only in the last say 30 40 years that we’ve started to wear corsets on the outside of our clothing as opposed to underneath the clothes so this is how they were designed to be worn originally and that’s why you’re going to see a lot of corsets in just like a white cotton or a cream cotton and other very simple designs and colors and patterns that you’ll see historically in historic corsets because no one was ever supposed to see them it was basically your brassiere or your underwear just kind of all combined into one so corsets were designed and they still are to be born in shapewear so it helped shape the waist but it also you know they were usually overbust corset sore partial bust corsets and it acted as a brassiere because sort of the modern brassiere did not exist at that point in time now we have these wonderful contraptions that hold our moves in place without you know needing a whole support structure from the hips all the way up to the you know armpits um and we have under wires and all kinds of great things like that um I can you tell I’m a big fan of bras like I know a lot of women and people with breasts do not like bras at all but I I got to tell you going without a bra is just downright painful for me so I love bras so you’ll have to have to kind of deal with the fat behind I’m sorry but I also sort of be the things that bras do for me holding me in place constricting my body lifting it up because you know with large breasts they’re not so perky anymore so you know using a broad to keep them where I would like them to be it I like bras for the same reason I like corsets which hold me in and shape my body the way I want it to be shaped but that’s another subject entirely but you guys can see I’m agreed silhouette and I’ve tried to stand in front of my white closet here so you can see and I’ve got the corset underneath and like I said I’m just going to use this elastic belt to give a bit of shape and I’ll show you with and without the belt so without the belt I mean thankfully this dress has elastic around the waist to kind of pull it in so you can see I do get a good shape there and this is the stress is designed to be kind of like a 1950’s style it’s just it’s kind of short I don’t know if I can get back far enough that you guys can see well you can sort of see the bottom of the dress there so it’s only going to the middle of my thigh so without the belt and with the belt I just like the belt because when I was a bit smaller wearing the same dress it it didn’t have nothing to hold it close to my body I also find that the belt helps hide the bit of lacing bulge that you get at the back and I’ll talk about how to hide that a little bit but anyway use you can get this great silhouette and there’s other things that you can do to sort of and this is something that women have done historically to create the illusion of a smaller waist so you can do things like I like this dress because it has full skirts if I really wanted to take that to the next level I could definitely wear a little like petticoat underneath or a crinoline just to give more volume to the skirt and so it would sit out further making my hips look bigger because I really need that but it would make my hips look larger and my waist looks smaller by comparison now another trick that you know women have been doing for ever is wearing something larger on the top something to make your shoulders look broader or just to make your moves look bigger or whatever but just to increase the size of the top part of your body which makes your waist look smaller now I tend to stay away from stuff like that I already have very large breasts so I don’t need to do anything to make anything look bigger and uh you know those giant shoulder pads kind of went out of style in the 80s and thank goodness they haven’t come back yet that I know of I don’t always keep up with pop fashion stuff but anyways I’m going to just sit in my happy little place where those shoulder pads have not come back in fashion because I remember the first time around and it was not pretty so um but you could wear something like that so you see a lot of the like fur and faux fur collars and trims coming back into style now so that would give you a little more you know size and volume up top if you are you know smaller through the chest than I am so that’s another way you can kind of create the illusion of a smaller waist the idea here is that we are trying to get that hourglass shape right so anything that makes the waist look smaller so the corset itself even if we are not taking anything off of our waist corsets will make your waist more round which gives it the illusion of being smaller even if we haven’t cinch down anything at all and I’ll do another video on that and show you guys what I’m talking about there but anything that will make our waist look smaller so again the corset wearing the belt to gather everything in and then making the top and the bottom look bigger now of course you don’t need to do that if you really want to hide your corset say you’re doing some waist training you can absolutely just hide the corset so I’m going to go a change and I’m going to wear something that will hide the fact that I’m wearing a corset a little better and that way you guys can see what that looks like alright guys so I’m back in another dress and this one still does conform to my body fairly well so you can see that I have a smaller waist compared to the rest of me on but it looks a little more natural then in the other dress where it was very exaggerated and this is the same corset I haven’t changed the corset just the dress so this dress has I’m sorry my dog is making a lot of noise and I’ve tried to record this do the it’s fine so I’m just going to kind of go with it so I apologize if he’s making a lot of noise in the background but this dress basically has a bunch of different uh you know techniques to hide flaws you know that you commonly find in women’s clothing that I can also use to hide the corset so the first thing is that we’ve got a lot of gathering and sort of looser fabric here now this gives a very nice neckline and this will work for someone like myself that is a little more generous but it also works for somebody that has a little less up top and it can give the illusion of you know a larger chest so I also like the shoulders on this dress where they just drop slightly over the the curve of my shoulder and that just gives a nice overall shape now the front of the dress and I’m going to try to show you guys you can see that the fabric is gathered all over the place here and it goes down the whole length of the dress and this dress is about knee length on me so it’s just the average all across the front and I believe this is called ruching um but I’m not a hundred percent on that but basically it’s just gathers in the fabric that make it not be a flat front and this is really good if you have any you know minor imperfections but it also helps to hide all the bones of the corset in the busts in the front now obviously I’m wearing a corset that has a small bust not one of the ones that I have they have the big buckles and everything um and you can see at the back there is a slight bulge from my laces but for the most part you cannot see the laces and those gathers if I can kind of arrange the dress appropriately will also help hide that little bulge from the you can see the curve of my hip here but there’s only a small that’s where my laces are right there so there’s all those small groups a small bump and again those not pleased they’re not pleased but they’re the ruching and the fabric fabric will help hide those kind of things so there’s a couple of different ways examples of clothing that you can wear now of course if you want to hide it entirely you could just wear a large sweater or a shirt over top or whatever you know I don’t think that I need to tell you that oh you could wear a t-shirt and that will hide it but if you do want to go to a more formal occasion or whatever then you know something like this heis the corset and again like here’s the bottom line of the corset and it’s hidden fairly well it’s nice and smooth I would also if you are a little on the fluffier side I would suggest wearing and I didn’t for this video because I don’t have any that fit me currently but the sort of tummy control shapewear for the bottom part of your body so either the shorts or like the giant granny panty style or whatever but if you wear that over top of the corset it will help blend the bottom edge of the corset into the rest of your body Plus give you some control for that part and that works you mean even if you are less fluffy too it will hide the bottom but those of us who are a little more generous tend to already have the shapewear so that’s why I mention it but that is another good trick in hiding the corset now if you have long corset laces hiding at the back on what you want to do is just tie a single bow you don’t need to like do double knots or anything crazy but take it and you can kind of tuck the extra laces underneath the bottom of your corset so just bring them down and tuck them up underneath the bottom of the corset alternately you can split them in half and tuck half down the top and half sort of up the bottom of the corset if you have somebody to give you a hand you can actually hide the excess lace is underneath the laces themselves but there’s lots of different things you could do to hide that bulge from the laces I typically find that it’s not too much of a problem um the only thing I do not suggest doing is tying them around your waist so if we wrap the laces around the waist of the corset that can damage the delicate fashion fabric so that the corset is made out of so you really don’t want to do that so just tuck your laces either up underneath the bottom or down above from the top both of those tuck it under the lacing panel whatever works for you whatever you find most comfortable and that’s what I tend to do when trying to hide my laces and my corset overall


  • Reply Shelby Harper September 13, 2018 at 11:37 am

    In love with the first dress! Do you have a link on where to buy it?

  • Reply Fucking Potatoes March 22, 2019 at 2:56 pm

    Thank you! πŸ’—πŸ’— Love your look.

  • Reply Griffith Guts September 26, 2019 at 6:22 am

    Thank you shapewear is shapewear I do equate bras with corsets and we start wearing bras at a younger age anyway

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