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압구정에서 만난 지디 카피추?? 어머… 나이스..!! [ON스트릿] (+이벤트)

December 8, 2019

My friends call me retarded… (abruptly) It’s -7°C today The world is trying to stop us (day of shooting: the temperature went down to -7°C) (whiny) My toes are frozen (So we have something for you)
huh? What is this?
Jyunghyuk begins with yet another PPL Is this the product of the day? We have sneakers from Anderson Bell todayThese sneakers have thick platform, so they give a bit of support with the height when you wear them You can turn the knob for adjustment and get them perfectly fitted to your feet Alright that was my pitch (We have another one) What is this now? (step tracker) For every 1000 steps you achieve, we’ll give you a 10% off coupon Ah! I’ll test if this actually works (cheating) (no chill) We won’t count that No No No I was just testing if it’s working come on~ (no cheating allowed)I got 30 steps… (reset) Alright let’s get started….(shake shake) You said 10% off for every 1000 steps I get How about another 10% off for every person I find with strong shoe game right? right? Speaking of which, you have a strong shoe game Could you introduce yourself? Hi my name is Yuna Chun, I’m 24 and I work at a hair salon in Hongdae I see that you went for the black&white look I like black, so I based everything with black and I went with leather My shoes are the highlight wow shoes on point Where are your shoes from? They are from Vans Oh are they… Do you board? …..I’m not that good Oh I see… then let’s just go play some boardgames (what the…) (was that a joke…) Do you see that my hands are frozen? You guys made me work in this weather they make me work even when it’s -7°C outside it’s too cold to talk Do you think I should still work even it gets down to -10°C, and -20°C? yes (no hesitance) (bye forever)
I’m so cold wait! where are you going? Mr.Stylist! where are you going? (he met someone he knows)
I’m on my way to the office Is that so? Can I interview you really quick? We actually met at the “Player” He used to be a stylist for someone else Can you introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Hyunbo Shim. I’m 26 years old, and I work as a stylist I see I see! then you must know a lot about fashion Your outfit says it all look at them shoes!! wow they’re so cool I’m wearing all my favorite items I think short coats are going to become trendy again short coats are not in these days long coats are boring (no fun) Do you say No when everyone says Yes? are you rebellious? No that’s not it Short coats are starting to appear in some collections of overseas brands take notes everyone Actually I was supposed to interview people with strong shoe games I asked to interview because I liked how you matched your shoes with the rest of your outfit Do you have any tips for matching shoes with outfits? I match the tone for top and bottom, and add different color with my shoes You sure are a shoes guru You carry around two extra pairs of shoes Can I ask something? How am I different at work? I’ve never seen you being this loud I’m normally like this sure Where are my fashionistas at (there’s a crowd)
oh! there must be someone Hello! What are you doing? This is a photo spot oh really? Do you want a picture with me? (yeah sure) Hi my name is Dongjun Choi, and I’m in high school (bit surprised) you are in high school? Do you play sports? (buff)(buff) I played football football? football is… (football) (defense) (dog fight) it’s like this right? yup Oh then you must speak good English (artist boy) (american boy) football man~ Can you explain what you are wearing? Because this is the district of designer brands I wanted to look rich So I’m wearing a lot of white to give off rich vibes wait I think this fainted a little it’s cause my mom washed it wrong… Mommy hand-washed! just like hand wash damn oh my goodness ok ok Do you wear this kind of look often? It’s bold yep you can check my instagram feed why are you pitching your insta here? @Ferrari1017 follow me #like#feed#first (wth) wow it’s so cold today I’m so cold! Give me some hand warmer!! (shake) (shake) it’s so cold X2 (passion) can I see that hand warmer? (give me the step tracker) what?? no!! I’m not cheating why are you accusing me (changing the subject)
Watch out for the car X2 Come this way! watch out! (gesture appraising his style) Is it okay to interview you? alright Can you introduce yourself? Hi my name is Youngjin Lee wait aren’t you cold? I’m freezing (-7) (celsius) right? then I feel bad for holding you up in this cold weather right? for so long yeah it’s kind of rude yeah then I’ll just be rude Let’s talk a little longer maybe 10 more minutes so today, I was looking for people with strong shoe games your shoes…..are….amazing! I just threw something on when I woke up oh so grab n go yeah… stop lying Look at how many necklaces you are wearing! it’s true If you keep lying, I’ll hit you with this! with this!!! with this!!! do you understand? oooops!!! Should we check the step count? midpoint check? let’s see X4 whoa! 2767 steps! Does it mean that I get off work 27min early? (nope) That was it for today’s on street! See you next time~ (barking) That was a friendly bark right? He was wagging his tail! Look everyone’s inside coffee shops Why would anyone be out here in this cold weather (lonely) Who would be out here in this weather!!! There’s no point in walking around… No one’s out here sigh.. I wish people would…. whoa!!! (passing by) Excuse me!!! wait!! (arrested) wait isn’t this?? (GD’s shoes) Isn’t the re-sell value around $8000? That’s like a car on your feet This was meant to be. Wait! Wait You look familiar… I’ve been on ‘Shoe World’ For real? your name? Happa Is it Happa? I run a fashion channel on Youtube No wonder… You have a really good sense in fashion I was in a rush this morning, so I just put on things that are black And your shoes are the highlights right? yes. They are one of my favorites yes yes the GD shoes Your hat is also from… peace…of…mind? (nope) peace minus one (corrected) Peace minus one I admire G-Dragon I’m wearing GD’s shoes GD’s hat and I just bought rings that GD wears What the… Are you a little GD of this town? No.. it’s just that I like GD’s fashion style copychu! copychu! (I wanna go home) I don’t vibe well with On Street you think so? How much did you flex on buying these? Around $1300? Can I just take a look? It’s a ring and bracelet set I need to extend the ring oh this is pretty I can get it fitted There’s no way this fits you (dgaf) does this cost $1400? for a set Can I try this on? This won’t fit you you can rip it… you can rip my skin a little Can you put it around my fingers? As a fashion statement I’m not gonna steal them Do you not trust me? (guard) I have nothing special to offer, but This is precious to me I’ll gift you this what is this? It’s a step tracker A step tracker? Since you gave me a present I should return the favor We have on street raffle event (this swindler) Let’s see what you got one two three! Matching shoes…!! really? Matching shoes with Junghyuk!!! Wow!!! Anderson Bell shoes Let me ask you a last question This is a bit personal Which is the most expensive shoes you own? This might sound annoying… but You’ve been annoying the whole time Most of my shoes are expensive They are all special to me Amongst them, I especially like Off-White Nike series How much does that cost? ummm around $4000? May I ask where you live? I’m gonna freeze to death… My toes are frozen! However, Anderson Bell sneakers will always keep your toes warm! I highly recommend these Anderson Bell sneakers! (Done with PPL) Excuse me! Where are you headed? I’m returning to the base Oh really? Are you on duty somewhere? Are you stationed somewhere? (here) Oh! Here? Wait a second, before you go back in, hold up hold up Wow these shoes! You matched them perfectly with the rest of your outfit Can you introduce yourself? Hi my name is Doobin Noh and I’m 29 years old Doobin! We’re the same age! You look so much younger I’m so curious about your style Doobin I only emphasize one article on my outfit each day And today’s the shoes It seems like you started off your outfit with these shoes and then you picked out your top and bottom to match your shoes These pants, I made them because I was bored You made them?? Just like you handmade? Actually not only your fashion, but also your hair style is so unique It reminds be of GD’s sushi hair style Are you a fan of G-Dragon? Yeah I like him Then, I should do this now “My friends call me” (lyrics from GD’s song) um…… “My friends call me” It’s inappropriate… go ahead retarded… Do you got any talents? (confused)
Talents? Do you dance? I think I talked long enough… I’ll write an acrostic poem with your initials JH Go ahead J! Junhyuk you are… H! (cut) So we interviewed fashionistas in Apgujeong How many steps did I get? I walked 3210 steps today! and with 6 interviews I did today so 60% and 32.16% each, So I earned 92.2% off discount total only 30% will count Oh you are rounding down? Alright everyone apparently that’s it Please criticize them on comments If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like, subscribe, and set an alarm Where to next? Please save me (from cold) Then see you next time! Let’s down!! (next ep)
I’m here at Hannam where we shot the video with most views New MC? I saw you on’s so cool (never ending) And then this is the highlight MC JungHyuk struggles A girl version of Junghyuk? Please let me talk Coming next week!


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    정혁님 되게 눈썰미가 좋으시네요👀👀 이번엔 특히 신발이라서 더 찾기 어려웠을 것 같은데 다양한 스타일 볼 수 있어서 넘 좋았어용 GD신발 발견하셨을 때 저도 같이 헉…! 신발이 주제라서 그런지 이번 영상에서 특히 자신만의 스타일링이 있으신 분들이 많이 나오신 것 같네용 정혁님이 첨에 소개해주신 신발도 너무 이쁘고여♡^♡ 이제 추워졌으니 패딩으로 정또피 찍어주시져.,,, 정혁님은 모델이시니까 롱패딩도 스타일있게 소화해주실 것 같아 기대가 됩니다☺ 정혁님 영상마다 일찍 퇴근하실 것처럼 말씀하시지만 한 분이라도 더 인터뷰 하려고 하시는 모습 정말 감사해요 날도 추운데 몸 잘 챙기세요ㅠ.ㅠ 와중에도 구독자들 위해 만보기 열심히 흔들어주셔서 감사하구용 ㅋ.ㅋ
    그 쿠폰 제가 가져갈게요-☆,., 길거리 인터뷰도 좋지만 너무 추우실 것 같은데 실내에서 촬영할 수 있는 방법은 없을까요😭 인파가 몰려서 힘들 것 같긴하지만 ㅠㅠㅠ 실내촬영하는 날이 오길 기다려보겠읍니다^!^ 밤이 될 때까지 촬영하신 온스트릿 촬영팀분들이랑 정혁님 정말 고생하시는 듯,,,👏👏

  • Reply 베가본드 December 8, 2019 at 8:43 am

    정혁님이 하빠님 지디 착용 팔찌 손목에 찰때 너무 웃겨요.
    `작으면 내 살 좀 찢어도 되요.'~ㅋㅋ
    무신사아이디 jejelove79

  • Reply gh k December 8, 2019 at 8:46 am


  • Reply 고양이키우고싶다 December 8, 2019 at 9:14 am

    경희 국제캠 와주세요 ㅠㅠ 옷잘입는 친구들 많아요!!

  • Reply 오션 December 8, 2019 at 9:30 am

    날이 갈수록 인터뷰 실력이 느시네용

  • Reply 조성현 December 8, 2019 at 9:35 am

    친구들이 나보고 병ㅅㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    정혁 진짜 또라이같애

  • Reply 양승국 December 8, 2019 at 9:50 am

    정: 정혁은
    혁: 시 멋있다


  • Reply Louter Shut n December 8, 2019 at 10:26 am

    무신사 할인 좀 짜긴혀ㅜ같은 제품 찾아보면 네이버에 1~2만원 정도 싸게 팔던데 그래서 내가 찾은 앱은???!!!

    그래도 무신사💜

  • Reply 바다다해변이다 December 8, 2019 at 10:53 am

    정혁씨는 이젠 냉동고에서도 인터뷰 가능할거같아요

  • Reply 연두 December 8, 2019 at 11:02 am

    형이 한남동 cdg주변을 돌아줬음좋겠어
    골목골목 개성있는 옷잘러분들 많으니까 와서 인터뷰하면 좋을것같아 항상 저새상드립 재밌게보고있고 날도추운데 귀마개라도 하고다녀 화이팅!

  • Reply 이예진 December 8, 2019 at 11:34 am

    앤더슨벨 신발 나도 정혁씨와 커플로 신고 싶으다.~ 정혁씨 나랑 커플할래요?^^
    무신사아이디 jjie4c000

  • Reply 주희 December 8, 2019 at 11:40 am

    만보기 시작하기 전에 계속 흔드는 것도 웃기고 편집도 웃겨요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    무신사 아이디:juhee6249

  • Reply 랄라블 December 8, 2019 at 12:01 pm

    정혁님 옷빨 지린다,,, 없는 부랄탁치고감,,,;

    무신사아이디 qtt7789

  • Reply 김지윤 December 8, 2019 at 1:05 pm

    정 : 온스트릿
    혁 : 무신사


  • Reply 덩기덕 December 8, 2019 at 1:18 pm

    형은 가만히 있어도 조각이네…
    난 가만히 누워서 조각피자나 x먹는데….

    ID: dhalszld00

  • Reply you-in choi December 8, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    gd 삐딱하게ㅇ잉

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