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버스킹 녹음 음질 높이는 법,주변 소음 없이 버스킹 녹음하는 법How to improve the sound quality of busking recordings

August 25, 2019

Hello, I’m Neoul Kang Today I’m going to show you the equipment that I use for busking Also, someone asked me how to improve the recording of busking. Today’s video is about how to improve the sound quality of busking. Let me introduce my by one First of all This is the amplifier AER . It makes a really good sound for an acoustic performance. This amplifier needs electricity. There is also a battery amplifier, but it needs electricity. Second Can you see it well? TC Helicon Play Acoustic Vocal Effect Use this together. It is a good equipment for busking. Good It is a recently purchased guitar-wireless transmitter and receiver. I tried it. And it looks like this. Cool. The equipment was also good. Press, and the light will come on. transmitter and receiver. Connect to the guitar and amplifier. I’ll try it in a minute. There were many lines, so I prepared a bag that looked like this. I arrange the lines like this. This is a wire. It is used to tie the cables. It’s a claw to keep the wind out. It is a variety of cables and Looper equipment. It’s a useful piece of equipment. It is a generally used SHURE Mike. Today’s video shows a high quality sound. The outdoor performance has many variables. Even outdoors, you can record good sound if you record it with an amplifier and a line-out. This is necessary. four pole 3.5 stereo Y cable We need a cell phone that we don’t use to record busking and this. Green is connected to earphones and red is connected to microphones. Red is the connection between the microphone and the amplifier. It’s a connecting jack made of 5.5 cables. Connect to the microphone line. Connect the 5.5 cable to the amplifier. Reconnect with cell phone. There is also something important. Among the apps on the mobile phone is the voice recording app. voice recording app. When you press an app, it looks like this. If you connect the cable in this state, This message comes out. When this message comes out, it means you’re ready to record. Connect the 5.5 cable or the Canon cable to the red microphone terminal. And you can record it. If you look at the back of AER, you will see the terminal DI. There are various terminals. The 5.5 cable connects to the line-out terminal. Connect to the place that says Line Out. Connect it to the red microphone terminal and record it. in this way 5.5 cable, red microphone terminal and cell phone I record in this way. It also connects Canon Cable that uses DI terminal in the same way. You can connect and record. Now I’ll connect and record. Let’s look at the difference between cell phone recording and line-out recording. Connect the receiver to the amplifier. Connect the transmitter to the guitar. Turn on the power. Increase the volume and master volume. Listen again and compare. How is it? Do you feel the difference in sound quality? Today I explained to you how to improve the sound quality of my busking equipment and busking recording. This is my personal method. In the next video, I will upload detailed video of how to go outside and connect the amplifier to the microphone guitar. If you like the way I do it, you can try it. In the next video, I will upload detailed video of my personal busking setting. If this video is helpful to you, I hope you will subscribe and meet again. Please subscribe and Like It’s been Kang Neoul. Thank you. Let’s meet again in the next video.

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