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【SUB ES/ENG SUB】 BOY STORY’s Vlog: OMG BUSKING in Kunming 190508

August 25, 2019

Hi, hello everyone. We’re on our way to the place where we are going to perform. Do you think there will be many BOSS? I think there will be a lot of BOSS. The more I think about it, the more I feel excited. It’s my first time in Kunming. The weather it’s nice. The temperature is 26℃. BOSS, you have to use sunscreen. Besides, the ultraviolet rays are really strong in Kunming. So you can get burn easily. It’s so hot that I’m wearing short pants. Our special girls can not get burned, right? Right. Our little Jiejies. We have definitely prepared a very special and visual performance. Hope BOSS can enjoy it. Wait for us. After the performance we’re gonna give away three things and we are signing them. We’re signing a fan, t-shirt and a towel[?] (I’m not sure about the name of those things). The towel is here. -Gougou. -Yes. I think this picture can be on a pillowcase. To decorate. BOSS will make sure to give it a good use. If you touch it… If we touch too much the signatures will be deleted. Yes, it will not make sense. BOSS can get these three amazing things. Excellent. This is what we’ll give to BOSS as a present. First we’re gonna dance our… “Everybody handz up”. And now it’s time to warm up. I’m sweating. Wow, there’s a lot of people down there. I just saw Gougou’s meimei. She’s so cute. Are you nervous? I’m not. Honestly I am a little bit nervous. -Now it’s my turn, right? -Yes. The gifts are: signed fan, towel and t-shirt. It wasn’t bad, uh? The last time we did a busking, first we read some fans letters, so this time we’ll do the same. -Let’s go. -Ok so, Qi Ge, you go first. BOY STORY, eat well, sleep well, be happy. It’s still a long way to the future, but we’ll always support you. By the way, also work very hard at school. I will always love you. I want to thank this BOSS. Look her letter. Who is it? It’s this BOSS. I will read mine. BOY STORY, jiayou! Jiabao, Qiqi, Xinlong, Xiao Yu, Gougou, Yang yang. I hope you do well in Kunming. You’re amazing, for real. Wow~ this BOSS knows how to make compliments. I’m BOSS. That person that they mentioned, doesn’t share the same style with me, ok? (Can’t Stop lyrics). You’re such a wonderful persons that fight really hard for your dreams at the same time that you work hard at school. You have to eat well, health it’s the most important. (Mingrui didn’t read well and Zihao corrected him). You surely gonna be the best boy group, such a big artist. Fighting. Well said. This BOSS wrote something wonderful. I appreciate it. I wish this performance in Kunming to be a success. Let’s get it. 3, 2, 1, jiayou! Today we came to eat bridge rice noodle What do you think? Smells good. I never thought there will be a real bridge. Such a big plate. Oh, I just remembered something. (Talking about a song). I know it. Look at this plate it’s big and round. Today we came to eat bridge rice noodle. Today we performed and when we finished we came to eat something delicious. Feels good. We are not the only ones. I think right now BOSS are really happy. Adding the fish to the hot pot, it’s good. Those are rice noodles. Ah, right~ Rice noodles. I bet that watching us eat made BOSS hungry. I’m happy. Say how do you feel. How do I feel? Well… Today I’m wearing short pants, so I’m feeling fresh. BOSS was very excited. And I’m sure that many gege and jiejie met us for the first time. I’m very happy. Even if I’m tired I feel a big motivation. Today the weather it’s warm, but our BOSS were warmer. I’m talking about the enthusiasm. BOSS was very excited. I hope we can perform again in Kunming and in many other places and meet a lot of BOSS. Please, wait for our next stop. I’m sure it will be in an amazing place. I hope our performances can reach to every corner of the world. Here there are the Flower Cakes that BOSS recommended us. At first sight looks delicious. I haven’t eaten all the cake, right now I’m just tasting the upper layer. Has a sweet fragrance. Has a slight smell of roses. It’s kinda like the moon cake. Taste mine. Shuyang! No, you can’t. You don’t want to eat it. I want to eat it. You don’t want to eat it. We finished our workday. We’re still filming, mama. There’s so much I want to write. He pasted two in his diary. Let me see. Why are you laughing? Done! Let’s see first DaGe’s. This is DaGe’s. This is ErGe’s Don’t you want to paste this? Oh, you can open it. Like this. Creative. This one’s mine. Can you open this one? -No. I want that too. Gougou wrote a lot. Gougou handwriting it’s small and he wrote a lot. Yangyang’s. Now I have a task for you: Enjoy being handsome boys. Enjoy it with all your soul. I’m already enjoying it.


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    (English Subs are now available! Active CC. 🙂 )
    Credits (BOSS México Staff):

    Chinese-Spanish: BTSarmySTRAYKIDSstay

    Video: BTSarmySTRAYKIDSstay & ~J.

    Spanish-English: ~J.

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    Love zeyu 😍😘

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    Como amo a estos bebés
    Se preocupan tanto por BOSS:"3
    Aun no supero todo lo que cambiaron sus voces

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    Gracias por la traducción c:

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    9:48, solo hambre >:v?

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    Muchas gracias por la traducción

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    Si no fuera por vos no entendería nada de lo que dicen❤️❤️❤️

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    Omg ? Boy story luv u

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    YangYang: Creo que al vernos comer a BOSS le ha entrado hambre

    Y siiiii jajaja todo se ve rico!!
    iré a prepararme un maruchan 🤘😂😂😂

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    Awww que hermosos 😍😍 espero que pronto podamos conocernos todas las Boss, son tan lindos y tiernos me encanta boy story

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    Me pueden decir que cancion es plis❤ 3:43

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    I wish Boystory will come to Mati city here in the Philippines😘

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    Muestran tanto amor al fandom los amo tanto😭😭❤❤❤🇦🇷

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    Wow, they dance super well.!!😊

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    we're all whipped for xinlong and he knows it

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