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【ESP/ENG】 BOY STORY’s Vlog: TOO BUSY BUSKING in Tianjin. 190805

September 13, 2019

English Subs by “BOSS México” (Mandarin-Spanish: ~CJ, Spanish-English: ~J), don’t forget to follow us in our social media. What are you doing? I’m editing my vlog for BOSS. Because I want to share my life with BOSS. FORBIDDEN reupload and the use of the subtitles (for the translation to other lenguages or other uses) without permission. Always share with credits. Today I’m going to show you the outfit that they did with my own idea. In a beginning I didn’t have this sleeves and I saw that they cut this from Mingrui’s clothes. So I put the sleeves on. Automatically became mine. The outfit of this busking is really cool, isn’t it? In a future I could design my own clothes, right? Design clothes like Jackson Ge. Qi Ge has planned to eat a lot in Tianjin… without paid. He’s ready to leave the dish clean. I finished. Qi Ge’s hair is goning to fall out. Qi Ge is going to be bald. Shuyang, I’ll help you. I don’t know why this one is more bitter than the last one. Huo xiang zhengqi shui. (Name of the medicine.) Why are we drinking this? To avoid getting a cold. To avoid heat stroke. This one has a color similar to the Coca Cola. Is better if we drink Coca Cola. It’s stronger than the last one. Jiabao Ge, let’s make Long Ge suffer. Why are you talking so loud? Here. Do you have to record it? It stings a little. If you can drink all of it, you’ll be a genius too. Long Ge is holding it just because we’re recording him. Are you still recording? Yes, haha. (You two, make the same facial expression.) (Second one.)


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    I love it best,,💞

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    La música del final instrumental tiene algún canal donde encontrarla?

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    You're the best👍🏽❤❤

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