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【中務裕太】GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE x Hilty & Bosch|ヒルボのええやん!前編「全てを暴く」

November 14, 2019

Hello everyone! Time to begin the “HILBO NO EEYAN” vol.3! In these videos, we invite guests who are related to us… and do a little talk show with them. And our goal behind this… Since we just moved into Tokyo recently, the shy Hilty & Bosch wants to overcome that disadvantage. Since it’s our third try, I don’t feel shy anymore. But I do get shy against places. (Different fillming space)
Right, we’re recording on a different place than usual. Well that’s related with our guest for the day. Yuta Nakatsuka from “GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE” thanks you very much! (off-screen) Oh, you’re coming in already huh? Today’s guest
Yuta Nakatsuka I like it, I like this pattern! -Thank you for having me!
-No, thank you Yuta! -Today, as a guest…
-We’re gonna ask a LOT from you! We’re gonna expose everything about him. Well then, let’s get started! Now, let’s begin with our usual drill. There are several cards here. -Tada!
-We have some questions written here. So we want you to give us a simple answer.
Let’s go smoothly! -Take it away!
-Time for a “One Minute Questions”!! “One Minute Questions”
The guest answers a question within a minute. The questions varies in genre so that we can reveal some episodes which we don’t usually hear This never ended in a minute though… Now, let’s begin!
One minute questions on Yuta! When did you got interested in dance? My mother loved African-American music. She took me to the live show of Earth, Wind, and Fire, and other artists. And that’s how I got interested. How did you recongnized us? When I went to a dance studio where my parents recommended, you guys we’re coincidentally there. When did you decided to dance? I started when I was 6, and I was already motivated. What was your worries before your debut? I think I was more excited than being nervous. Who do you want to meet in the future? Who I wanna meet? If granted, I wanted to meet Michael Jackson. You get a good point! What’s the best thing you faced after working as an artist? The part where I can make a lot of people happy. You’re a role model of an artist, aren’t you? I wanna go into depth on this part later! Any news that’s stuck in your mind recently? One of my pet hedgehog… One of my pet hedgehog is getting fat. -We wanna hear about that later too! -We wanna hear about that later too!
-That is a BIG NEWS Note to self, Hedgehog Getting Fat. Do you have any hobbies that you’re being a nerd at? I like old clothes recently. I agree, they’re stylish. Do you have any goal or dream you want to achieve now? Well, I do want to perform with you guys on stage. I also want to dance with Yuki As an artist… I want to extend my field. What’s your expression on Zin? Justin “ZIN”berlake. Hey! He knew the meme! What’s your expression on You? Looks like my father He’s starting to resemble him huh? Lastly, what do you think we lack of? -I can’t…
-Just take it away!! We don’t care so! You can give us a request instad if you want. I want to see you do some New Jack Swing. I see… that’s some hard-core opinion. Is that all? Thank you very much! You got interested in dance inspired by your mother, right? I might’ve listened to some American music since I was in her stomach. Like, “Babyface” “Eric Clapton”, or even “Stevie Wonder” So maybe that’s why I got into it right off the bat. -Didn’t you listen to any Japanese songs? -Didn’t you listen to any Japanese songs?
-No, not at all. -Didn’t you listen to any “Yousui Inoue” songs? -Didn’t you listen to any “Yousui Inoue” songs?
-Nope. -We heard those a lot didn’t we?
-Our parents loved it so. The ony one I’ve probably listened to is Mr. Kubota’s songs. By the time I noticed, I was already asking my parants that I want to learn dance. Oh, so you don’t remember? Rather than something triggered you, it was more like it was fated. You sound like people in America.
It’s rare to see people like us in Japan. It is common overseas though… But with your childhood age… Next up, how did you recognized us? By going to the dance studio introduced by your parent… The dance studio BOOM right? Dance Studio BOOM
A local dance studio in Ibaraki shopping district, Osaka. Where Yuta met Hilty & Bosch when he was young. People are probably wondering what are we talking about now. It’s somewhere small and minor but… That’s where I met you guys. You two were my first teacher. Right, because you were so tiny.
Weren’t you like first or second grader back then? And we we’re a high school student back then. That was 20 years ago. It’s also where we had our own first dance class. And the members who were teaching there was crazy. So we said we could at least teach some acrobat moves there. And Yuta was the youngest of them all. He was called Chibi-Yuta.
※Note: Chibi means tiny. But since it was an acrobat class, he was pretty reckless! Still he was super active! yeah, his body was very flexible. I remember that! I was being very nervous watching him! Worrying that “The parents are watching kid!” But yeah, we remember that. That’s so nostalgic. You two are my master so… I got into locking thanks to you two. We had a lot of young students by then. Among them, Yuta was always the best. Oh yeah, he was far ahead. He’s small, but he moves big, his limbs are long… So he kinda showed out naturally. You had high physical skills and sense since then! Probably his past of listening to music since his childhood helped him. that might be it. -He looked like he was having fun.
-He was going all out with his solos. -You also hated to lose didn’t you?
-Yes, I really did. He was really frustrated when he failed. Back when I failed my moves in class… I was crying while I was pretending to tie my shoelaces. My parent asked me if I want to quit, But I said no. There’s this another answer here. You decided to become a dancer when you were 6. So I guess that happened back then. I don’t really remember but… It seems that I declared I will make a living with dance back when I was 6. When we were 6… We were playing fighting. We we’re mimicking Dragon Ball characters. I was doing the same too actually. You were doing that but you also had that dream? Back then when people found out you were dancing… people had some disorted view on you. It wasn’t as common in Japan back then. Those were days when people takes you as an idiot for trying to make living with dance. People thought we were just playing. So back then I was thinking “Just you wait…” and I trained everyday. That explains why you developed that quick. He was so hunger for dance back then. Compared to everyone else, his motivation was way higher. Allow me to say this but… Dance industry is so popular nowadays. And there’s more children who has high skills. There was something called “Super Kids Generation” He is definetely the First generation! (seems happy) So he is the pioneer of a young dancer! I mean, the Studio BOOM where you used to go… A small place but one of the best members were teaching there. All the technicians around there gathered on that one studio. They just had a young graduate like Yuta. And now, all the other famous dance studios are eager to train young kids to become a dancer like him. The other studios are looking up after him. The owner of the Studio BOOM trained him to be this way from back then. So he is recognized at a lot of dance studios. I… did not know that. So besides locking, you did all the other styles too as well. I mean the instructor there was top level so… It’s all thanks to Mr. Boo Boo
Owner of Studio BOOM. He granted his dream of opening his own dance studion in Ibaraki back in 2000. He went, “Take this class!” “Take that class!” I was a brat who liked nothing but dance back then. So I mindlessly accepted them all. It was a good thing since he was young and pure. I was taking Cherry from Wild Cherry’s class Rei’s (You’s father) class. and Yuki’s not knowing how famous everyone was. Come to think of it, that’s some crazy enviroment! When I was third or fourth grader.. I took Skeeter Rabbit’s class as well.
Skeeter Rabbit: Member of the “Electric Boogaloos” which became the origin of popping. A dance which Hilty & Bosch respect the most. yeah, Skeeter came to BOOM surprisingly!
Our master… He was one of the OG’s That was insane now that we think of it. That enviroment was great!
It’s all thanks to the Studio BOOM. Don’t forget to subscribe! I came to Tokyo when I was 18. You were taking classes at EXPG in Osaka weren’t you? I started taking classes at EXPG when I was 16. The reason is because the scout-man from LDH was watching the BOOM’s performance. BOOM’s crazy isn’t it?? Then the scout-man became interested in me. An I was invited. So I started taking classes at EXPG when I was 16. Then I moved to Tokyo after a while. So that’s why… Back in your teen days huh? I was trying to decide whether I should perform on small live shows, or aim for TV performances. There was some struggle in between. Oh there’s definitely some times like that. I think you debut pretty early compared to the average back then. Nowadays it’s more quicker but… Also back then, we had an image where major performers can’t focus on dance as they want. But when you faced it, LDH really concentrates on dance. Same goes with the songs. So I felt that a major idol performer isn’t bad. But the one who really pushed me back then was Mr. Yuki. Yuki
Master of Yuta’s popping. Well known as a boss of Osaka dancer. The pop team “Yuki Dojo” is formed with Yuki and few of the students along with Yuta. Won 2nd place in JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT vol.18 But yeah, JAPAN DANCE DELIGHT was the last time I danced as a member of Yuki Dojo Right, you guys earned 2nd place back then. Then Mr. Yuki told me that “I always have space for you to come back, so go get em!” God, he’s a manly guy… The Boss of Osaka cheering you on? Thar’s amazing… Mr. Yuki just said I can come back anytime… The same was with us and Mr. Cherry. When we were about to go to Germany for 3 years.
He told us “They’ll definitely need guys like you” and sent us off. Mr. Cherry is like that. Being able to say that whil being in the underground… It’s a hard thing to do. Yeah, they should have their worries of their own. So before your debut… you were more excited than being worried? I didn’t had a hunch was all though. I was excited but once you’re actually on stage… I felt I needed more work. Example? For example, not being able to do the dance I thought I could. There were times like that. Obviously there were jobs other than dance-related. So I started to wonder if this is really what I wanted to do. Mr. Hiro said “Our base is dancing” “We are a dancer to the end.” He told me I can go back to dancing if anything happens. So I believed in his words. That’s really supporting isn’t it? I noticed what I REALLY wanted to do is dancing. So that became a motive for myself. You were saying that since you were a kid. But if that changed… you’ll be confused when time comes where you can’t do it. I mean you don’t really see locking or popping on Japanese TV shows or live performance. That was painful for me as well. But I don’t feel that anymore. But you’ll kill em when you have a permisson to do a solo right? I have to explain what I did to the fans though… That’s really thankful, you know? We’d definitely need a person who can connct people with dance knowledge. We both used to share the same style of dancing. So we feel the same as well. Thankfully, the fans understands. Therefore, the “GENERATION” fans somehow know Yuki Dojo, or Hilty & Bosch. -He is advertising lol
-Thank you, Yuta! We recently posted a video of us doing some dance colab. You said you kept training your locking as well. I was waiting for that! I had a lot of comment saying that everyone was waiting for that video. So you had a response! -That’s really great!
-They wish for round two, actually. We wanna do that as well.
Let’s do it! What’s the good thing you felt after your debut as an artist? “Being able to make people smile” We need to talk about it. I see a lot of people feeling happy with my favorite dance or live shows. So that makes me happy as well. That’s one of the moment you’re glad being a dancer. I got this message saying… “I was lost with my future career, but watching you dance gave me some spirits up” So that made me happy as well. True, that is a great moment. We actually have some students, somewhere around your age… Saying that they never done locking but started after watching us dance. That made us happy as well. What’s your future goal or dreams? “Dancing with Hilty & Bosch” and also to extend your field. Ever since I became an artist. I never performed on showcases. I want to do so again when I have an opportunity. -So, you’re allowed to perform in those shows?
-Yes. But I can’t advertise myself. If I perform privately, there’s no problem. Mr. Hiro trained me to become a dancer so… So let’s do that, seriously. We did a short clip, so next time we’ll do a showcase. I believe we can make a masterpiece. People watching this we’ll be excited to see your part! Wondering “When is he coming out??” Hope they’ll become your fans as well. Let’s actually work this one out. Continued to the second half.


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