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★ How To Play Go Your Own Way on Guitar ★ Fleetwood Mac “Go Your Own Way” “Guitar Lesson”

December 7, 2019

In todays lesson we are going to learn go your own way but Fleetwood Mac work well am do them them welcome back glass let’s learn Kray partly with that therefore he sat
at work although we lose in court you click the link below as always you
can download pdf and prettier December or apply to iraq that a cause
must do a version they don’t hit GE do I plants lol energy I Casey to or play a lot of military to
the bay circle police around vision a which is a Husted down from the estate no vision but that’s alright on and Lance Bates you get one interesting
I will vision for Casey as well as an analyst I go your own way for the pain and how much Citra now the best in us yes begins is that it
releases were called and that’s it Draft House say I really this is like my uncle his
son camp at okay let’s start with this on its do the neighborhood I’ll yeah this is the show it would learn the
all the rest the Colts one he ready mine 0 do do go your own way diarrhea they said for example the same shy there we getting so then I i do do day do do do and that’s it parasitic or so it’s
actually a has been running around them that guy is this a shower on the perfect
yeah do makers I day I day go your own way I be back into their 0 so that’s the whole saw hey guys that’s
how some 1 cor check this decision and its credit
for electric great for Casey with the to see him in a
I’ve been the a in the the this issue is that eighty he it as an awesome live up to
their schools a say graphic great up in Virginia Inc a I’ll they suck blood velocity certainly
%uh this appreciate a lot I’ll if you want less like this every
week we need to do is cases driving all said a lesson to you
every way I think system but I really appreciate it go your own way yeah i gay guys because it was such a short
lesson or do not suck it and know the cake that isn’t then says k worth it for it and start to the day the meaningless do do do do nice today do 0 do do so that’s the verso gotta day I yeah can we go the chorus but got they mine J do them the die and that’s pretty much it on that’s not station a Scott you can do
that do sister which is good let me know that the ancestral land nothing he could do is if this is too
hard because its core hacia is that you can take the caper or UK
detained Danika french-speaking take of my IP
lower say it is I think he did a do that nasa do and I’m good name today do and so on down so that’s a nice way
really Katie Anne here am outta class though yeah if you
feel about actually get hola just take the cato up so that’s a good
version as well and in in of of go your own way


  • Reply flaco gordo December 22, 2016 at 1:53 am

    you look like Ramsey's

  • Reply Nessie May 13, 2017 at 1:47 am

    Your B is a Bsus4. Your A is an A9. Why do a tutorial without properly naming the chords you're playing?

  • Reply Alan D Mcleod July 3, 2018 at 8:12 pm

    Excellent! I was searching for a version without a capo and here it is 🙂 The open strings give the chords a lovely full sound. Thx for posting!

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